Adventures with a Boxer
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Maximillian at 6 Months

5-14-13 :   50lbs  
So Max is turing 6 months old and he's going into the Vets to be nutered today.  


We put him in the crate for the night.  Had to squish the cone to get him in but he only had a small whine during the night.  Still pretty whiny today as well but he went #1 and #2 outside and ate a full meal 6:13 AM.  Got his pain pill crushed in peanut butter.  Had to feed him in the small bowl while I held it up for him.  Same with the water.

7:49am and he had finally gone to sleep.  Here he is just before he dozed off.  Great (sarcasm)  he back up at 7:52am and the whines againg.

He is very swollen in his testicle area it's larger than when he had them!  I trust all this will go down with healing.  He should not jump or run for 2 weeks!  They don't want me to walk him either, but she said just a block is all we should do.

It's going to be a long 2 weeks! Then we go back to have the stitches removed.

8:59 and he is back down.  He is shivering which to me, means that he is in pain.  He only gets one pain pill a day.  I'll see how he does and will ask for more if he continues to have pain.


5-20-13  He is feeling so much better and the swollen part is shrinking.  I trust it will shrink up completly as he heals.  Still cannot let him run, although he has when we let him off leash in the backyard.

He is frustrated and whines a lot because of it.  He hit the bell so hard that the wall behind the bell is now chipped up.

Still 9 more days till the stitches come out.....



5-21-13  Made it on week 1 (no walks, doing his business with a leash on)

What a royal pain in the butt...

One more week of this crazyness.  I mean crazy!!!


5-23-13 So I started to walk today and did a short trip around the block without Max.  I need to get myself back into shape.  The back has a flare up this week and the past few days it's been very hard to stand up and no twisting at all.  Taking asprin to keep the pain down and it helps.

He is healing very well and so I'm letting him outside without the lease.  He runs around a bit, so be it.  He'll feel better and so will I.  
5-22-13  Re-Boot....he had a piddle yesterday.  He gave the smallest of wines and I didn't turn around and he started to go!  Longest yet at almost a month since the 26th of last month was the last time he went in the house.  

5-31-13 The cone has been off since Tuesday and I'm very happy and so is he.  I've put a baby gate at the foot of the stairs, so the cat has a safe haven. Max still loves to chase said cat, but the cat, bless him, still comes down the steps and socializes with the humans.

So I was gone from the house from 11am to 5:30pm and Max didn't have any accident in the kitchen...bless him!  7.5 hrs!

He's happier now that he has more of the house to explore.  A lot less barking in the evening than before.

6 months old

1st dog park visit

On Saturday the 8th, Max went to the dog park for the 1st time.


Went back on Sunday as well, about an hour each time.  He had a lot of fun.

Day before his 7th month and he has come down with an eye infection.  Yellow goop and his eye is red...trip to the vets.  







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