Adventures with a Boxer
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Maximillian at 5 Months

4-14-13 :    39.7 lbs on 4-22-13  
  Max at 5 months

4-18-13  He has gone 2 weeks without an accident.  A new record.


4-22-13  He's still been good!  Also I'm letting him sleep in the family room which is adjacent to the kitchen.

22 days without an accident. 


4-25-13 Reset!  He did ring the bell very softly last night, but he'd been ringing it a lot.  He did have a small piddle in the kitchen.

4-26-13 Reset!  Another piddle in the kitchen.  I was in the loo.  DH may not have heard the bell but had no inclination to get up quickly enough.  "I'm not as in tuned as you are." he said to me about the accident.  He did clean it up though.


He is destructor the backyard.  Has pulled plants from containers and chewed the spider plant plantings from the stalks.

chewed the wire for the sprinkler system

pulled up the hose from the sprinkler system

chewed the wire for the cable

dug up a cast iron post

chewed the hose and the nossle off.  Caused a water puddle in the dirt and proceeded to dig a hole full of mud.  Had dirt up past his knees and I had to hose him off.

I sit at my computer and look down.  This is my view! So cute

He such a sweetie!


Max at 5 months



It's so weird to have people stop their cars or turn them around to ask me if they can meet Max.  This has happened more than a few times!

I have a lot of boxer lovers in my neighborhood.  It's good though as he has met a lot of people and kids and really loves them all.  He's also real good about meeting other dogs.  They usually find his over exuberance too much to handle and he gets growls or barks, but he doesn't care and loves them anyway.


Food:  still feeding him the puppy kibble along with the wellness puppy, with a raito of about 2 to 1 as the wellness will give him the runs if more than that.

Feeding twice a day now:  1.5 cups in the am (about 7am) and 1.5 in the evening (about 6pm)

treats during the day for good behavior or obedience.

2 weeks without an accident










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