Adventures with a Boxer
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Maximillian at 4 Months

3-14-13 :   4 months old:  32.5 lbs  
  Going Monthly from now on.

3-10-13 3rd and final Vaccination shot in 1 week, he'll be safe from Parvo and distemper and can meet strange dogs and go to the pet stores with me.

Dr. says we can do all dog socialization now!  He is very happy with his growth and looks.  He got his rabies shot as well. 

Projected size is 65 lbs when fully grown.

I'm to keep up what I've been doing with Max.  All is going really well.  Not to expect house training to be completed till 5 months anyway.  Max is already ahead of the game.  He rings the bell when he needs to go out.  He sleeps through the night from 10pm - 6:00am

4 Months Old
on the scent hide and seek
I have only 3 more puppy classes left.  Tomorrow will concentrate on the walk, but we have mastered that already.  DD commented how well he walks.  Even though we have puppy class, I'm using Cesar Millan's methods for training.  It works for me to use few words as I do see that by repeating a command the energy escalates.

3-12-13 Last night I put Max into the kitchen and I did not let him outside for a final pee...That will teach me as this AM there was a puddle on the floor.  He did not ring the bell last night that we heard.

Reset again.

Going to puppy class solo tonight as DD is out of town.

Wow, Max was totally cool at Puppy Class, like actually calm but happy!  He even laid down a few times.  Greeted all the non fearful puppies with a lot of gentleness.   So proud of him.  We also demo the 'come' command and the walk we were the champs.  Distractions during the walk were mostly OK.  Another puppy being the most challenged part.

2 barking puppies were put in the separation areas, not us this time!

Must remember to take the Sargento String Cheese more than 2 of them.

Take water as well.  He was very thirsty when we got back home.

3-13-13 a good night.  6 days and going good.

He is getting fed AM, Noon and 6PM a full cup (1.5cups) of kibble mixed with bits of Natural Balance (Duck or Beef) and chicken broth.

He's ribs are begriming to not show so much and I'm feeling very good about that.

I mix the puppy mix from Kirkland with the puppy 5 Core Wellness and yesterday I had too much of the Wellness and he had loose stools.  He had to go on our final walk of the day and that does not usually happen.  He did ring the bell to go out even with loose stool and I'm so very happy he didn't have an accident on the rug, cause that would not come out.  So for the evening meal, I put more of the Kirkland in and this morn it was nice and firm (make it sooooo much easier to pick up)

He loves string cheese!  He love Blue Cheese as well we call it 'stinky cheese' and he will do anything for cheese.

bed time

3-18-13  Max had 2 accidents in the evening yesterday.  I think he was way too tired and lost control of his bladder.  And he almost got his he was on his way to the door.

He lost a tooth last night as his mouth got bloody.  This is the 2nd tooth that he has lost.  He'll need lots of chew toys for the next several months.

He was very mouthy last night, but we cannot allow him to chew hands and put him in the submissive position for more than a few times.  Every time he tried to nip, we put him down in submission.  Pretty exhausting for all of us.

Also he started to hump his pillows and we have to stop that behavior by claiming the pillows as mine. That is something new to him, but I must now keep it up.  His bed is mine and I allow him to sleep on it.  It's all part of taking over the Alpha Roll.

Once she left, he did settle down with a bully stick and went to sleep.

This AM he was not ready to get up at 6am and it's 7:22am and he is still on his pillow.  I'm going to let him rest.  I'd prefer him getting up at 7am in the am as I get more sleep too.

DD came over at about noon yesterday and while she unlocked the front door, Max barked a couple of times for the 1st time.  That's great and we praised him for it.  I want him to 'guard' the house.

She took me out to lunch and that was sweet of her to pay for my shrimp lunch at TGI Fridays.  She, however, is stressed from work, roommate etc.. Hope things settle down for her soon.

3-18-13 Reset:  Made it a week!!! let sleeping dogs lay
  4.5 months old
3-26-13 Reset!  However, we came back from our last puppy class, he graduated.  We ate dinner and I got back home with him at 9pm.  The baby gate was not up and he went into the living room (which is off limits to him) and he made a puddle.

Serves me right for bragging to the Puppy Class.  It sounded like a week was a record for everyone else in that they had not yet achieved even that many days.

Two of the larger puppies:  Gema and Spencer (both girls and littermates) one even had a pee during the play sessions, twice!

Max did his business (both) outside after class.

3-28-13  He's lost his puppy canines on both sides now.

He was a bit whinny last night so I expect more teeth were hurting.  The bully sticks are too hard, so I have given him soft small toys and found that he loves the bone stuffed with soft bully stick.

His new teeth are larger and not nearly as sharp.  I expect that if he bites down hard he'd break skin.  He has not done that though.  He may put his mouth on my hands but he is soft about it. 
4-1-13 6 days Reset!  OK, why do these things happen when I'm out.  DD came home for the evening but I had a business meeting at 6pm.  Max had done his business (both) and I was only away for 1.5 hrs.  apparently he had a piddle in the TV room.  Neither DD or DH were watching and she said it was more of a splash than a full on puddle.  Perhaps he lost control from the excitement of seeing her back home.  





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