Adventures with a Boxer
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Maximillian at 3 year

1-24-15 Max had a Vet Visit and he weight is now 70.1 lbs.


The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful

The Bad

Max is a hyper dog still. I now take him in good weather to a Doggie Day Care. He comes home tired and they tell me he has all the other dogs tired too.

He still barks...a nothing mostly. He wines a lot too, this is better than barking in the house.



The Good & Beautiful

He and the cat (Helio) are getting along very well. It's mostly the cat just ignoring Max. But it makes for a peaseful day.

Hardly a walk goes by when someone mentions that Max is a beautiful dog.


He does love to sleep and he loves car rides. I can take him on very long trips and he's so good in the car.




Let's Go Mom!

  The Ugly really not much but that he still acts like an idoit while on the leash. Trying to lunge and frustration barking and wines. Once on our way (ie past the other dog) he will settle down and behave.




I do love my big puppy. He tried to sleep on my lap like he did when he was a puppy. Dec. 2015












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