Adventures with a Boxer
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Maximillian at 2 year

1-24-15 Max had a Vet Visit and he weight is now 70.1 lbs.

2-15-15 another trip to the Vet and he was 69 lbs on new special diet food that is very digestible. Looks like he had a case of preperation H was recommended.

The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful

The Bad

Max is a hyper dogHere is what he does:

He will walk camly on the leash when it's just me and there are not distractions on the road. When there are distractions he goes "crazy". distractions include other dogs that looks his way. If the other dog ignores him, it's all good. Young kids on scotters. If they ignore him it's all good...He jumps on people. He is still highly protective and barks, even at people across the street.


The Good & Beautiful

He now is quite at night unless there is an odd noise outside or deeer in the yard. He obeys when asked (sometime multiple times) but he is leaving the cat, Helio, alone for the most part. If the cat runs the dog will chase, but if the cat walks camly then Max will let him walk by.



  The Ugly


When we moved to the new house we took lots of hikes and there are lots of lakes in the area. I let Max into them and drink the water. So he got giardia. Well it took two visits to get it under control the first time in September of 2014 and now this Month Jan. 2015 he got another flair up. The Antibiotic is $84.00 alone. Still he seems to be getting better.

Boxers apperently have sensitive digestive systems and I may have to keep him on the expensive kibble:

Purina Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric



I'm going to see about going to doggy training school. I need to quickly get him under my control. When we go on walks lately he tries to lung at other dogs that are just minding their own business. He fights the leash and he tries to pull and get up front when we are walking on a trail. I've been keeping him at the back but he gets very frustrated and so do I.

While checking out the breeders web page I found this about Max's Dad:

Raider has sired 3 beautiful litters. Each litter had 10 or more puppies. He is the Sire of 1 UKC GRCH daughter and 2 more about to start their show careers

Raider is now available to a Pet home. He must be an only dog and must be neutered as part of our re-homing agreement. We would have loved to keep him but we can't keep a male as we have had more then 1 accidental breeding and the only way to be sure we have no more accidents is to not have a male. Raider is dog aggressive with both males and females and needs to be an only dog. Other then being dog aggressive he is a great dog. We had a female that picked several fights with him. Ever since then he has been dog aggressive, He is a very loving and silly dog. He is also very rambunctious and doesn't know his size. He will knock over small children without trying and will do best in a home with older kids that can handle a dog his size. Probably best with kids 10 and older.

I hate to say it but like Father like Son (at least in my case)
  Also found out that Max's Grandfather on his Mother's side had passed away from lymphona 2014 at age 9


Today we took a first trail walkof 5.5 miles with other dogs...13 other dogs to be exact! Max was great with all the others but there was one pit bull who wanted to be dominant over Max. (trying to hump him and chasing him to the point that Max was asking for help. I grabbed Max by the harness and told the other dog firmly No. We put both of them on the leash then. After a while on the trail the leader said we could let Max off leash again and he stayed away from the pit's so much fun to walk with a pack of dogs. I loved it!!!


Gave him a bath after the walk which he loves.


More Good 4-20-15

The lady that we did the off leash walk with has a doggie day care. 3 acres that are fenced. So I have set it up for Max to spend one day a week at her place. There are a lot of dogs going to her. I've used her twice and it may be just me, but I see an improvement in Max behavior. He gets to spend 8 hours with other dogs of all types and big and little. He has started to calm down with barking dogs and we just quickly walk past but he is not barking or growling back at them....a VAST improvement.


Video Here of Max on the trail when if figure it out.


Here he is on the trail but on the leash

5-8-15 Picked up Max from Kindrid Spirits and it was not till we were in the car on the way home that I noticed that he was swollen under the chin. Oliver at the ranch didn't mention any fight but Max was in one and someone got hold of him by the throat. He has some scratches on his side and back inside leg but they are minor. He did eat all his food tonight but today he has not touched his food. He's been in the sun outside or on his pillow inside. I may need to take him to the Vets today.

I now think that he got the scratches while running and other dog or dogs trired to bring him down by pulling on his cheeks. I had DD#1 call the doggie day care and tell them what happned. They were very concerned. I waited two weeks while all the scabs fell off. I don't know if he will have scars but you cant tell unless to check him out from the side then you can see the marks.

5-23-15 He is all healed and I send him back on Wednesday. They watched that he didn't get into trouble. As long as the girls watch him I'm confident that he will be taken care of well.






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