Adventures with a Boxer
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2-11-13  3 months old:   22.7 lbs 12 Weeks Old on the 14th
So Max is growing a lot as he gained 9.7lbs since his last Vet visit sleeping Max
He got his 2nd shot yesterday only one more to go  
Vet said that he needs to be dog socialized and to take him on walks as well  
He got to meet more than 10 people at my daughters work and more kids from the nearby school I guess he's at 70 strangers at this point
alert Max  
So far I've had 3 days without an accident in the house!!!  
Yesterday we took our 1st walk up the street. Max
Sleepy Puppy

He is getting bigger and has met more and more people. The kids from the neighborhood and their guests.    Yesterday he met the guys from AV bike club so about 80 people so far.

Interesting that when my friend Catherine came to the house to visit, he growled at her.  A full on growl.  Later when we were at the table having our lunch and he was on a leash.  He was interested in smelling her and later he fell alseep under my chair.    2-14-13

2-19-13 1st class on puppy socialization with out the puppies then 5 more classes with puppies.

looking forward to these classes to get Max to behave around other dogs.

He knows:  Sit, wait, down and come

He's good on the leash as well if the pace is good.

tape ears boxer profile
taped his ears Profile of Max.  He has the classic profile of a boxer
13 weeks old  
after taping - still looks like the flying nun ears 2-18-13 day #3 and so far so good, no accidents.  There was a ton of rain and it turned cold.  Max does not like the rain and he really wanted to go back inside, but I knew he had to do his business.  He finally did it...yay
He had an accident last night 2-19-13 when I was not watching him, when I got home there was a puddle on the kitchen floor which DH did not notice.  The puddle was in front of the door to go outside (I'm not going to call that an accident really since he obviously tried to get out) 2-20-13  So great today.  Weather was beautiful and we got two walks in.  New collar (the martingale) works great and I got him a new bed from Cosco for $30.00 are bargin.  The Cosco off 85 did not carry the puppy food though.

2-24-13  Gone 2 days without an accident! 

Max is a picky eater.  He is also very lean and not round as a puppy usually is.  He's at a point that he'll never be a round puppy.  3 Months and 1 week and eating 3 meals a day but some times he'll take hours to finish off the kibble (Kirkland Chicken & Sweet Potato for Puppies)  The price is right at $13.00 for 20 lbs at Cosco.

Now I'm trying Taste of the Wild Can food Wetlands Canine (Duck & Chicken with sweet potato and fruits)  He's eating more of the kibble and he seems to be fine with the digestion as well.  I put .25 can food on top of the Kirkland kibble (which also has some Wellness kibble mixed in)  At least it is made in the USA, but TOTW did have a recall just last year as did Kirkland.  Just can't get away from the troubles.

cute face side view of Max
Gota love that face. 2-24-13  He got a bath today and didn't do badly in the bathtub. He loves the sun and wants to be outside a lot.  We go on 2 walks a day as well.
Commands:  Sit, Wait, Come, Back Up & Off

OK I he was on day #4 and while I was out he had an accident.  DH was 'watching'  and the bell was rung but the pee was on the floor already.  Next time I go out, I'm just going to crate him I was gone for only 1.5 hr.

I tried an experiment last night and did not crate him, but left him in the kitchen.  At 4AM he rang the bell and I set him out for a pee.  He went back to sleep with very little wining.  But at 6:30am when I woke and went into the kitchen...there was a big pile in the middle of the floor.  What's up with that!?

Hit the restart button, he is not yet housetrained.


2-27-13  Max is 14 weeks old today.

Puppy class:  10 puppies and Max is the largest by a lot.  All of them are girls.

I did find that he likes Nature Balance Beef flavor.  I had purchased the Duck but Beef trumps Duck with his pallet.  He was able to touch noses with a miniture doberman puppy.  But, because he's so big, I could not drop the leash and 'go play'...bummer.  She said that she would give us exercises to help calm him down and that is great.

He walked up to the vacume cleaner without any troubles.  I expect that is because he has gone on walks.

She had us treat when Molly barked and the rest of them did not.

We treated when they did not bite our hands.

We treated when they "watch me" or "look".

I left him in the kitchen last night and when I went in this morning...Clean Floor!  Yay.
He is being fed 3 meal a day:  1.5cup of Kirkland puppy kibble,  some of the Nature Balance Duck & Sweet Potato and 2 tbs. chicken broth.  This is the winning combo!

Left him in the kitchen again and no accidents...2nd day!

Day 3 was all good (3-1-13)

Day 5 was also good (3-4-13) a new record!

14 weeks  





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