Adventures with a Boxer
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Maximillian at 1 year

12-3-13 Max had a Vet Visit and he weight is now 60 lbs. The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful

The Bad

Max is going to be a hyper dog for now according to the Vet.  His brother Banjo is also going to the same Vet and I'm told he is more calm.  Bummer as I was hopping for a calm balanced dog.  He is just not going to be all that.  In a few years he'll calm down some.

Here is what he does:

He'll bark incessently when he is not given what he wants PM, if I try to ignore him he'll go after my shoelaces.  No, does not seem to work with him.  He'll wine incessently if not given what he wants AM.  I try to ignore or distract but he usually wants something while I'm working at the computer (like right now he is winning)  Granted he wants a walk and he'll get one but he's very verbal that he wants it now.

He loves to chew things up, but right now it limited to his bedding and toys.  He's left my clothes and shoes alone.  It's still a puppy thing but it's OK


The Good

He's very good for the most part on walks and does not pull on the leash.  He does not cross my path but will drop back behind me if we want to smell something on the other side of the sidewalk.


The Beautiful


2013 Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas Max 2013 Looking Good

paw print


It's now covered up with tiles but Max has left his mark on my kitchen floor.


Jan 28th

Finished knitting him a sweater and I really love it.  It's just a tad too big but I can fix that with some elastic in the rib section.

Also he is starting to stop the barking.  He has resorted to a lot of winning but I prefer that over the barks.

green dog sweater  





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