Adventures with a Boxer
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1st Day Home  1-12-13   Weight 12 lbs.  

So we got to the breeder at 11:50 (a bit early) but we didn't think she would mind.  Got all the paperwork done and signed and let Max play for about 45 minutes.  He had a pee before we left so that was great.

He had a tiny wine and then after about 15 minutes he settled down and went to sleep till we got home. 

We carried him into the kitchen in the box.  He was fine sniffed all around and in the crate as well.  I had to go get a small collar as the one given to me by the breeder was too big.  So I got a cheap leather 12" and a bag of dog food. 

House training has begun!  He had a poop outside and let me tell you it is so very cold it feel much colder than 41 that is listed, but he is still so tiny and no big fur coat either.  
sleeping in the crate He fell asleep in his crate with his new toys and blanket from 'grandma Debbie'

Fed him at 5:20pm and then took him outside and he had a poop at 5:27 or so just like the books said.

Knowing when he needs to pee with take some doing as he had an accident in his crate.  Once he know the crate is for sleeping then he will not wet it.

He fell asleep at 9:30 abouts and I'm going to stay awake till midnight and wake him to go pee again.  With luck he'll sleep the rest of the night.

home safe

10:20pm I heard heavy breathing and looked to see that Max was up.  I let him outside and within the minute he went pee.

Praised him and gave him a treat when we came back in.  Let him settle back to sleep.  It's 10:40p and now I don't know if I should wake him at midnight.  I guess I will so I can get some sleep too.  He wined at midnight and I let him out.

Peep & Treats and back to crate.

Midnight to 6am blissful sleep  
1-13-13  6:03am heard him let him outside where he did his pee and then fell asleep  
So the poop & pee thing is going very well, now just have to get him accustomed to staying in the crate without any stress. the next morning
  we taped his ear because it was lying wrong.
1-17-13  He woke up at 1:30am and then sleep the rest of the way.  I got some sleep but it's still broken up.  I can live with that.  

1-18-13  Fed him at 7pm and he fell asleep by 8pm.  Expecting him to wake at midnight, but no....he woke at 4am.  I let him outside and he went pee.

Put him back in crate and turned off the light and after a short wine, he went back to sleep.  Woke him up at 5:30am.  Fed him at 6:00AM.  I think I should wait a little longer but he did end up by eating all his food.

He had several accidents in the kitchen.  We need to set up a signal, so he can tell me when he needs to go outside.  I'm going to try a bell on a string.

Tomorrow, he'll have been home a week.  





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