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4-25-14 Today we got the money from the sale of the house and everyone else was paid as well.  I have a walk through on Sunday with the new owners of my house.

Tomorrow we are going whale watching.  Hope to see some gray whales as they are migrating up the coast of CA to Alaska.

I will have a meeting on Sunday for the new WK Guild minister who is taking over my position.

Then up to OR to look at potential homes.  It's all moving pretty quick.

Went to Aqui for a celebration of the sale and met some really nice people who had dinner with us. Annie and her husband.  Now it's time for a movie.

4-9-14 Today is the day and I have 5 minutes till I go to the Realtors Office to look at all the bids.  We will have several to look at.  I hope we get some really good offers as I want about 200K over asking.  That seems a ridiculous amount of money but here it's the norm.  I'll feel sad if we don't get that.  I'm retiring on this sale so the final amount is very important.  I am nervous.  I'm selling the house today that I've lived in for 13 years. It's newly renovated and has all the new appliances that I picked out and all the finishes are to my taste.  Marble floors in the master bathroom and no popcorn ceilings anywhere (except the attic).  My children and my dogs grew up here and I love my neighbors as well.

It's over for now as we accepted an offer that was the highest out of 17.    Now the buyers have to get all their finances in order and we still have an appraiser come from the bank.  The buyers have enough money to cover the extra if needed.  Everyone seems to think they were financially sound.  We will close in about 15 days give or take and have a rent back for 2 months.  Then it really will be a done deal.  Once the escrow money is placed with the title company everyone is committed.  We will have made 100% back on our renovation costs too.

On a side note I should hear back soon on which hotel I will get for Comic Con.

4-7-14 We had 10% fewer visitors on Sunday open house which means over 400 people.  Today I've not heard anything so far no showings.  Wed is the day for bids so here is to hope someone wants the house bad enough to upbid..

Someone used the towels in the bathroom and the soap…these belong to the stager but eweeeewwy.

Lots of nicknacks were moved around (nothing taken)

Pencil marks on the walls!! Really folk, watch your children.

Spoke to my mother today but she is no longer the woman she once was.  She did say my name but that was it.  No response to the fact that I'm moving.  Dot held the phone to her ear.  She has been slowly declining for a long time, but now she cannot make any connections... Doctors say she is not eating much at all. This is how my father went as well. She is 97 year old!

4-5-14 First day of the open house.  Over 200 visitors.  We got back at 4pm thinking that things would be tapering off but there were over 30 pairs of shoes outside.  We did not ask folk to take off their shoes but they did it anyway.  Tomorrow we expect fewer folk but some returns those that are very serious in purchasing.  I hope we get a lot of those.  It's scarry.  Today Max and I drove out to Pesky and I picked up DH in town.  We split a tri tip sandwich between us then headed back home.  Tomorrow we will leave the house early and go visit DD#1 in Monterey.  DD#2 is spending the night in SF with a friend.

Tuesday is booking a Hotel for Comic Con.  At least that will not be changing.  I'll have to meet DD#2 in San Diego but we will have a fun time that week in July.  Hope to get a hotel that is close to the convention center.

In the meantime, I'm getting charms to make SPN stitch markers.  I want to open an Etsy shop soon for my jewelery making and my weaving.

4-4-14 I have 40 cards from Realtors who have taken a look at the house yesterday. That does not count the folk who have just dropped by to take a our next door neighbors.  They are looking to buy a home and our house is bigger than theirs.  So we are out of the house and walking a lot.  Poor Max was exhausted after dinner we got home at 7pm.  He ate his dinner and fell asleep right away.  We have at least one visit scheduled today and the Weekend we will try to be out of the house all day. 

4-1-14 Got to visit puppies over the weekend.  21 of them.  11 are full brothers and sisters to my Max.  The other 10 are half brothers & sisters as they have the same father.  4week old puppies are so cute.  I had about 10 fall asleep on my lap.

The house went up for sale today.  I hope all goes as planned, we shall see.  I've not knit anything for a few weeks.  I did measure up the linen for an arming coife.  I'm going to make a design in blackwork.  It will be given to the King & Queen of the West as largess from the WK Needleworkers Guild.  Sometime after April.

3-1-14  Had great fun trying out a new restaurant last night. It was our Anniversary. We went to a Himalayan and Nepal restaurant and it was Indian influenced and really yummy! I had a taste of goat meat for the first time and it was very different. A bit like lamb but not a juicy.

DD#2 came along.  This Himalayan Restaurant is plain jane and small but got a ton of good reveiws on Yelp.  It was right on this time.  Plenty of food in a serving.  The Chilly Chicken was oriental with a sweet & hot flavor.  the Himalayan lamb was like a dish we had back on the East Coast and I had goat biryani.  Spicy but good! It came with two excelent sauces one cold and one curry.

And BTW it Jensen Ackel's Birthday as well.  36 Happy Birthday!!

dean winchester

2-28-14 It's official.  DH has his last day at the office.  He now joins the ranks of the retired.  We went to Aqui and had Margaritas and Swirls and a great dinner...I had rib eye with potatoes very yummy.

This place is very busy and it's order first and find a table which is a problem.  I did find one and asked the couple if they were leaving and they said they were and I could have their table....then when they got up to leave, this woman says it's her table she was waiting for it and she sits down at the table.  I don't care if you have children or baby she was just rude to me.  KARMA on her!  I got up and left the table and we did find another table but wow!  She will have rude children to her in the future I'm sure.

2-21-14     Last night I had my very first SPN dream. Of course it was very strange.

So we were all on a street with townhouses in England I think and the street was very steep. We were in a game but it was regency England that were playing in but for some reason everyone was a woman, so the boys were dressed in drag regency style.

All of a sudden here come Dean in his girly clothes sliding down the street with about 4 other women all of them laughing and having fun. Sam and I were on the sidelines and we were not supposed to laugh out loud (I don’t know why) So Sam is trying to hold it back and he is getting the hiccups. I remember distinctly his false eyelashes…and feeling all happy.

Weird Right!

Also went to Stitches West today.  A whole lot of fun but I did get yarned out with all the color choices.  I did get some hemp yarn.  The rest are buttons, needles and some beautiful beads to go with my Salmon Silk. I managed to do 3 hrs of shopping with a twisted knee.  Then the following day I went back with DD#2 and we found some yarn at the Cephalopod Yarn booth where Sarah Eyre helped me pick out a Gradient #4 in Skinny Bugga and a Yellow Ombra set for DD#2.  We talked about yarn for DD#1's request of the NightSky Pie Shawl.  The knee feels better each passing day.

2-13-14  I'm going to miss CA a lot.  Just looking at the weather forcast in OR and compare it to sad.  CA is almost always beautiful weather with maybe one week out of the year for rains and one week with temps that are over 90s.  The low humidity means that 80 is comfortable and in the shade wonderful.  DH can bike all year long and walking the dog is easy and fun.  OR will pose a lot more issues with the weather.  Shoveling snow is a hassel as well as raking leaves in the Fall.

Then there is the fact that my girls will be far away from me.  I'll miss them a ton.  For them to fly to OR is an issue as well.  I'm sure we will work out all the kinks....

2-12-14 Well I've had highs and lows this week.  Comic Con tickets was the best of the best but now DH has given his notice.  He is going to retire and I don't blame him and I do support his move but it means that we will have to sell the house (and we just renovated) and move out of CA.  I am sad to move as I really love it here.  I don't want to live in a small place which is what we'd have to do to continue to live here and the taxes are awfully expensive like 10K a year in just taxes.

I worry about DD#2 as she is moving back home with us and now this.  I know we will be able to help her find a place and when we sell our house we will pay off her student debt and I gave her my car as well.  Still I hate to move away from my girls. DD#1 is still in school till the end of the fall semester and she will graduate.  She'll have to find a way to make due with loans till she gets her Masters.  I hope she can find a good job and still do her studies as she will make an Awesome Professor.

2-10-14 I'm still so happy that I have tickets to Comic Con.  I know I'm crazy but this will be my 4th year.

2-8-14 Got into the Landing Pad at 7am.  Then the waiting game started at 9:20am I got into the registration page to purchase tickets.  I am now the proud owner of two tickets to Comic-Con 2014!  I'm going to San Diego!!

1-29-14 DD#2 got very sick after I got better.  She ran a feaver for 3 days and the highest it got was 101.7 so I was very concerned.  She did get better but lost 2 days of work.  I was happy to take care of her.

Now both DD's are back to their homes and it's just me and Max.  I knit him a sweater and then the weather changed to OMG warm.  Started a knit of Sweet Dreams with cotton and gold beads and it looks very cool.

1-9-14 Of course 12th night was not as bad as I thought. Last night however I got very sick with the stomach flu and all today as well.  I was able to get some ibuprofen to stay down so I think I'm on the mend.  Stayed on the couch all day and watched:  The Hobbit, Star Trek IV, and Independence Day.  DD#1 got me ice, water and coke and she walked the dog for me as well.  DD#2 came over and brought me flowers and ginger ale.  I love my girls.

1-3-14 Today I got some christmas gift books in the mail.  A book on tailoring jackets and the new Tudor Roses book.  I'm excited to try the new sweaters in the TR book!  I have to get ready for 12th night and I'm not very excited about it.  I guess I just really need some alone time which I've not had in about 3 months.  Two months of construction and then relatives came and now I have DD staying till the end of the month.  All of these are good but I just need some alone time now.  12th night is not that ...I don't even know what to wear and I don't know where my jewelry least I found my ticket to the event.

Happy Birthday Professor Tolkien! 

I love your work and look at your legacy and be proud.

1-1-14 Happy New Year

I brought in the new Year with Star Wars IV,V & VI and drank all my lambic frabroise!


































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