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Some how, I didn't transfer over the files or they somehow got deleted.  Thank goodness for the wayback machine.  I've got the text all back.

12_25_08 Merry Christmas & Good will to all! ~*!* *!*~

12_24_08 Well I'm so very glad I had the day off from work.  I've almost completed the haversack and I must say it gave me a lot of anxiety, but I think it will be a haversack that someone would be happy to have.  At least I sure hope so, since it's going to be a 12th night gift from the someone in Alaska.

Merry Christmas Eve!

12_22_08 Yesterday was 1st day of Winter Solstice!  The states are very cold this year with snow or rain over most of the country.  The Midwest has sub zero temps and the East Coast is full of snow.  Here on the West coast it's a lot of rain (which we desperately needed).  Today starts the trip back to longer days..yay!


At least I made a new wreath for Christmas.  Last night I finished the red wool gown and all the photos I took are fuzzy.  In fact most of the photos I've been taking lately are fuzzy.  It's apparently me.  I must have tremmors in my hands even if I don't notice them.

I really really hope it fits like the mock.  This is the first time I've made a dress without multiple fittings.

Anyway, one thing done another 2 to finish.  I did complete the embroidery of the bird last night as well.  I need to find a nice lining for the sicssor case and make that up.

Then the haversack, at least I have all the fabric & the embroidery thread to make this and I've been toying with design consepts.

12_14_08 The class was cancelled due to illness of the teacher, so It's been rescheduled for the 27th.  Made the biggins anyway.  Got most of the red wool gown finished. Just the hem to do and the eyelets.

Must finish the scissor case & the haversack in 2 weeks.

Cleaned up the house, so now I know I won't be able to find anything.

12_11_08 Must make a biggins for the French Hood workshop on Saturday.  Will miss a shire meeting but I can only do so much.  Must think of what to bring to the workshope, I think I've overdone the veggie tray.  Should take something more substantial.  Worked on the Red Wool and it's almost done. I have till the 20th.  Then finish the sicssior case embroidery and make the haversack.  Somewhere in there I have to do Christmas as well.

12_06_08 Today I was given an Award of Arms!  What a shock.  His Highness Roric & Her Highness Syele gave this award to me at Court at Jingels.  I'm so thrilled to be given this and that several people spoke up on my behalf.  Thank you to them. 11:58pm

12_02_08 Rowan Update


12_1_08 December already!  Worked on the Guild Project

viking embroidery  this is the design on the sicssor case which is due 12th night along with a Haversack & the red wool dress must be finished in the next few days to give her time to decorate it, plus she will be doing the eyelettes.  I'm almost done anyway. 

Somewhere in there I need to finish my wool apron dress and embrodier it some for 12th night as well.

Finish up my 12th night gifts and get all the Chrismas things done for regular life as well.

11_27_08  Happy Thanksgiving!

Worked on the red wool dress.

11_22_08  Today I get to attend the Crown Princess at Investiture.  This is the ceremony where the Lord & Lady of the Mists are crowned to become the Prince & Princess of the Mists.  Looks like I get to stand behind the chairs as a good Lady in Waiting should.

Meanwhile my device has not yet been approved but is in the proofreading stage.  I think that means I'm closer to having it approved.

11_19_08 I'm sadly falling behind on my updates, but got the photos of October Crown done.

I still have the Vinhold Feast to do and I'm going to Investiture this Saturday...then there is Thanksgiving Dinner to plan and fix next get those xmas gifts going as well.

11_07_08 With all the excitement of the election, forgot to mention that I had two sewing workshops at my house.  One was a Tudor workshop and I was able to get a Tudor Pattern for the outer gown!  Goal on that is sometime by Feb.  The Kirtle is almost done.

2nd workshop was for the household & court folk who needed help making Viking/Norse wear....that's funny, since I'm no expert but I was the only one who volunteered.  Needless to say it went very well.  We had a whole range of projects.  The dog pretty much behaved himself with all the goings on and so many people in the house 9!

This coming weekend is Bardic on Saturday with Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess and on Sunday Court Meeting.

Working on a wool Apron very happy with it.

11-04-08 Election Day....Today I voted for the first African American President.  I'm so proud of Americans today.  History has been made and I was a small part of it.  Things will change and as President Elect Barick Obama said, "Change has come to America".



10_31_08  Happy Halloween!

Not very many kids this year.  The fact it rained didn't help.  We put on Ghostbusters and had fun anyway.

Norse Pattern for making a Tunic.

10_30_08  Thank you to all the loyal watchers to this site.  I'm very happy to have helped thoses who are interested in LOTR clothes & Historical clothes.  The traffic on the site has really picked up...maybe the Halloween season is the reason.  It's been 5 years now...I guess I should think about making a few cosmetic changes and making access to the SCA part easier to see....OK after the new year!

10_27_08  I'm a Viking...

(only for the next 6 months, while I'm a lady of the Court of the West.)

10_15_08 Today I found out that my name has passed!  Yay.  So I'm officially (SCA): 

Jocelyn of Rowenwood

10_14_08 What an event!  I'm still thinking about it.  Many things happend at October Crown and I'm working on a write up.  Short version:  My friend is currently the Crown Princess of the West.  She will be crowned Jan 3rd at 12th Night.  She has asked me to be a part of her Court!

Now I have to make some Anglo Saxon Gowns or Norse.  My Tudor will not be acceptable for 12th Night.  Plus the people in my household need clothes.

I've committed my weekends in November as well.

Busy Busy times. Plus I've lost another pound!  If I lose more and put in laces for Eowyn Green Gown I can wear that again for 12th Night..

OK I'll make a Norse/Finish dress from white linen (undergown) and brown linen (overgown).  I really don't want to make an apron dress.  I just don't think I'll look very good in one.  May have to bite the bullet and just do it (as the saying goes)

10-1-08  October Crown only a few days away.  I finished my coat & hat so will have protection against the cold.  If it rains, I'm taking the umbrella.

9_23_08 I just learned that the reason for 4 police cars, an ambulance & a fire truck on my street last Sunday was because the young boy (18) who had physical problems died.  How very sad.  I didn't know this boy but saw him regularly as he hobbled to school or road his bike up and down the street.  I actually thought he was getting stronger, he worked so hard you could he's gone.  I feel very much for his family to lose someone so very young. 

I just found out it was not him, his name is TJ.  I'm so very very glad to hear that. I am selfish. Still there is a family grieving today and my prayers are with them.

Started work on my daughter's fleece coat.

9_20_08 Working on the seam finishes on the White Under-Tunic while also finishing up the Coat.  I have two weeks still...I should be done by then.

9_13_08  Worked the last stitch on the Green Tunic today.  Cut out the linen for an under tunic.

I'm going to do a trade, make a gown for trim and I'm going to ask her to do the Arwen's Mourning Trim.  I hope she says yes after she see's what it is. Hmmm...I may have to rethink that request.  She can do just about anything but this may be a waste of her skills.  We'll see what she thinks.

BTW weight down by 10lbs now.

9_9_08 I came across this photo a while back on the OMG yahoo site. 

1check out Brian Austin's T-shirt. Totally Medieval Dude!

Meanwhile, I am pinching down the hem for the Green Tunic.  Goal is to have this finished by this weekend.

Then work on the Green Coat.

9_06_08 My, how far movie costumes have come. I watched "Drums along the Mohawk" 1939 only took one cap and compare to "Last of the Mohicans"


The first one is so many ways wrong, but they didn't care back then.

Working with fleece is so much fun!  At least the cutting.

9_5_08 New job is going slowly, the people there seem real nice and they have a shower and large women's rest rooms to change in.  Will try to bike into work next week.

Finishing up on the Green Tunic, only the hem left.

I wanted the polar fleece to be a quick gown and I think I know what to make of it.  The coat that Jocelyn wears to the Church at their first meeting , A Knight's Tale, & I can make the hat to match out of the fleece as well!

9_2_08 Starting a new job today with old boss & company, hope it all works out.  Purchased some trim over the weekend and also got some green polar fleese to make a camping gown.  Something to toss on in the moring when I have to make my trips to the toillette.  I was going to make a tunic, but they just don't look very good on me.

Finished up the embroidery on the Green Tunic & the Sleeves and all inside seams are done.  Now just the hem to finish next Saturday will meet up to measure one last time.

8_29_08 It's been a week since Purgatorio, bad me, no write up yet.  I did get the photos up and there are some of Faelan in his new tunic. My Office is closing down today...I'm kinda sad about that.  I still have to work the weekend, so no long holiday weekend for me.  Now to finish up the Green Tunic, make my scissor case and make the muslin on the Elizabethan Jacket.

8_17_08 yesterday took the caltrain up to San Francisco then the #30 bus to Grant Street and we had a day in Chinatown.  walking along Grant street and stopped into all the little junky stores.  Had a good lunch at a restaurant called A-1, but they fixed food the Hong Kong style, which is what I grew up with, so I would like it regardless.  Got a Pikachu phone bob from a vending machine...a goofy but fun day.

Must go into work today, help get the little stuff out of the office.  Only 2 more weeks!

I'm really wanting another LOTR gown.  I've got to think of something that will work with my SCA events.

One thing I have to get rid of the zippers!

8_14_08 Finished the embroidery on the Red Tunic.  Only the hem left and I'll need him to try it on first.

The Rowans are growing still:8

8_09_08 Finishing up on the Green Tunic for Faelan, end is in sight.  Just a little to finish on the Red as well.  Some embroidery for the sleeve seams.  I need to have the red done by August 23rd.  I think I'll make it.

Got a design for the scissor case!  Will make a page for it when I've got the design all laid out.

8_3_08 The dragon I won: 4

cute and plushy.  Worked on the Red T-Tunic.  Trim is all on, but what a pain on the seams.

8_02_08 August already!  Working on the Red Tunic's Trim.  Cut out the neckline and have to finish that by hand.

Work on the Green Tunic.

Work on my Jacket Pattern.

Work on my Tudor.


7_31_08  A busy weekend, went to DH company Picnic and it was very much fun.  They had several rock walls to climb, live music, slides for the kiddies and carnival games.  I won a purple dragon!  First time every I can remember winning something for a skill.  I had to knock down two clowns with a bean  The whole family tried to win another one, but no luck.  On the same day, my SCA Household, met for a class on seam embellishments and even though we spend at least two hours, did not cover everything.  Will have to have another class to finish it up.  Then we went to dinner where I got to meet more of the household members.    We will camp all together at Purgatorio for the first time and have a tent put up on the Erik.  Still don't have a good name for the household, it started out as House of the Stone Bull, but that's not the final.  I really don't know anything with Bulls that would be cool.  "Red Bull" doesn't cut it nor "Fighters R Us"...can you believe someone suggested those?  Oh well...

The clean up is going along.  I'm going to check to find out if anyone wants to buy used office furniture, my boss may just keep it in his garage.  The space has been leased, so we have to move by the end of August...the agreement/contract still has not been signed!

7_24_08 Getting ready for the next camping trip in August, Purgatorio.

Have to work this Saturday, to get the office cleaned up for the move.

Going to a seam embellishment class and a household dinner this sunday. More to come on later.

7_12_08 I was not feeling well this morning, but determined to bike ride I went out with my girlfriends anyway...turns out one of them had a grandmother-in-law who at 98 had passed away....she was a sewer!  My friend is not and she asked me if I wanted a sewing machine and a dress form.  Can you guess the answer? (rhetorical)

So I'm the proud owner of an old dress form, that will serve for display of my eowyn green gown and a Singer 401A sewing machine.

She also gave me a sterling mexican silver bracelet with amethysts (she was going to pitch it in the trash!)

Oh, yes a folding sewing table and some old lace and really fine quality linen napkins.

Went to see Wall-e and I have to say it's a very cute movie.  I don't know if I'd give it a A rating but yes it's a B for sure.  Looking forward to seeing Dark Knight which is opening next week.

7_5_07 4th was uneventful, had a nice grill for dinner and worked on the's really getting there.

7_3_06  Tomorrow is 4th of July...but I got today off from work as well.  I love my boss.  Finished my embroidery for the tunic.  Started work on the Tudor Kirtle.

7 my motto in Japanese!

6_29_08 Had a great Birthday Dinner yesterday from the family.  Since we delayed it I kinda got a birthday week.  Highly recommended. 

Finished my June Crown write up.

I have 6 months left and must complete my Tudor for 12th night and get a scissor case made plus finish Faelan's Tunics (at least two)

6_24_08 Got my photos loaded and started on the write up for June Crown...still in progress.

6_18_08 Yikes!  18 for dinner.  I guess we will be sitting on the rugs.  (note:  nope we all sat at a long table)

6_17_08 Last night I finished the hem on my cyclas.  Now I just have to get everything together.  Must bring one more dress for Sunday.

6_15_08 Happy Father's Day.  We are keeping it low key with a nice dinner, but I think I'll go out and get him a few casual shirts.

It's the day after the A & S Tourney, and I got my photos up here.

Now only 5 days till June Crown, don't know if Faelan will fight since he tore a good chunk of skin off his sword hand in practice fighting.  I don't think he should, Roric is not fighting either (work obligations).  Faelan said he'd like me to join Roric's Household.  I do want to join, hope Roric will ask me.  It means that as a group well will camp together and help out with food and car pooling with each other.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

So..must sew to hems and get working on Faelan's embroidery.

6_07_08 I've worked on finishing the June Crown Dress and only have the hems to finish. 

Rowan Tree Seedling I have lost some of the rowan seedlings, but the ones I still have a very cute.  I'd like to make a hair net to go with the June Crown Dress, but don't know if I have the time.  I have to work on the embroidery for Faelan's Tunic and I don't like what I've done so far. 

6_01_08  3 I have two flowers now blooming & 2 more getting ready to bloom.  The size of this flower is more than 5" across!

5_30_08 An interesting day: Looks like I will be looking for a new job in three months, my company just got sold.  I may work for the new company, but it's iffy at best.  On the good news side, I'm going to help work on the wardrobe of an independent film based on LOTR! It's all hush hush right now, but should be fun. Something to lift my spirits.

5_26_07 Spent most of the day working on the Blue Linen sleeveless surcote (supertunic) or also known as a Cyclas

5_25_08 Happy Memorial Day.  I have the day off and will continue to work on the white linen and with luck at least cut out the blue linen.

5_23_08 The week went by very quick.  It's a long 3day weekend and my boss let me out two hours early.  Working on the final gore of the white linen.  I have to make the sideless surcote (This weekend with lots of luck).  Then I spoke to my fighter consort and he'd like a linen tunic for June Crown.  I'm gona try, but it really depends on how much decoration he wants on it.  That takes the most time.

5_18_08 This weekend has been busy with visiting my friend from Boston.  Friday night BBQ and then a fancy dinner on Saturday Night. (my poor pocket book, wine was $55.00 a bottle and it's the cheapest on the menu.  Justin Cabernet)  My daughter is home from University for the Summer...happy dance.

My Rowans are still gowning:5

Working on insertion of the gores to my white linen kirtle and making a new 'How To' insert gores into a garment (not finished yet).

5_12_08 A belated Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.  I guess I should have asked that my family just let me sew yesterday, but everyone wanted to go on a hike with the dog, so of course I agreed.  I think we left the house at about 11am, the fog had burned off and the day was cool.  Long story short, got back home at 4:30pm.  Mud, dust and 6 miles & a tick later.  It's the day after and my feet still are sore.  Oh and something bit me on my left eye on Friday night, so it's all swollen up. Oh well...overall I did have a great Mother's Day.  I didn't have to do any dishes and I had Breakfast & Dinner made just for me. 

Current Project:  White Linen Kirtle.

5_10_08 Went out last night to celibrate DH birthday.  I was designated driver.  The cake which we made was very good.  Working on a new gown for June Crown and still working on fighter consorts' Tunic.  I really want to work on the Mourning Gown at some point rather than the Blood Red Gown.  I can't seem to fit it all in this year.

5_04_08 Got a very good bike ride in yesterday, so I'm going to sew today.  Making a white underdress for June Crown.  Finishing up the seams on Faelan's Tunic.  Then I'm going to work on the embroidery for the cuffs.  His Motto in Latin.  His persona is Saxon around 1066.  Rather funny since my persona is Norman.  Norman and Saxon really hated each other, Oh Well.  (I think that should be my motto, will have to see what it is in Latin)

4_22_08  Happy Earth Day.  Plant a tree.  I've got several going (from seed).  Tiny Rowans.

Rowan Seedlings

4_18_08 Got Coronet pages Up.  I've been practicing my embroidery and I have a long way to go.  Will try to get some photos up of my feeble attempts. 

4_13_08 Newcomers is Up. March Crown Photos are done & Still have Coronet to go.

4_11_08  Yikes, I'm behind.  Still working on March Crown pages.  Went to Coronet last weekend and will have photo pages to make up on this event...Plus tomorrow I'm going to Newcomers and I have two classes to teach and must get all my materials ready.

Coronet Rose  My lord did very well in the lists at Coronet, so there was not a lot of time for him at the Rose Tourney and he was very tired after the lists, but he did win a Rose for me.  It's been a week and it still looks just beautiful!


4_4_08  Still working on getting the photo album up from March Crown.  Working out problems with my SCA Device I have to re-submit the forms.  Going to Coronet this Saturday (Consort Duty) and then at Newcomers I'm teaching two classes!  Yikes, how did I get myself so committed.

3_24_08 Back from March Crown.  Got a nice sunburn but it's starting to heal and tan now.  It was fun to be a consort for a day.  Photos to come.

3_17_08 Just have to hem the cloak for March Crown. Consort Favor is done.  Just a few last items.

3_15_08  I have to get my things ready for March Crown, yikes that's next Friday.

Here are the research photos for the Jacket Project.  Tudor Tailor and Patterns of Fashion have the pattern (basicly the same).  The embroidery however is a whole universe...It will take just about that long to make.  Victoria & Albert Museum, Bath Museum, Maidstone Museum, Museum of London all have jackets of this type.

3_5_08 Back from Vegas and I didn't gamble, didn't buy anything and got very sick...Did get to go to the Wax Museum..Yay!   Finished my embroidery for the guild.  Working on a favor for Crown.  I've put the victorian corset on hold so that delays the 1840s dress as well.  I'm working on the pattern for a late elizabethan jacket.  Once I get the pattern, I'll make an embroidered backwork jacket!

2_22_08  I missed seeing the lunar eclipse since it was too cloudy.  Next one in 2010!  Going away for the weekend, girls only, to Las Vegas.  My first time there.  Should be fun.  Will not go to the Star Trek Experience, it's is only certain times and costs $80.00, so I hope to see the Wax Museum and check out the costumes!  Don't know if my non-costuming friends will want to go..I'll just have to see.

2_19_08 I killed my iPod Shuffle.  It went through the wash and I waited for 24 hours but it doesn't even read in my PC nor in music for my bike ride home now till I get it replaced and I wanted to buy a tent with that money.

2_17_08  I'm so very tired, it's only 7:16pm and I want to go to bed right now.  I spent all day either ridding my bike or standing and watching the Tour of California.  I did get to see some famous bike riders but right now my legs are exhausted.  I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow.  Will update then.

2_13_08  I have way to many things going on right now.  My embroidery test shows just how lacking my skills are right now.  I have to have something really fine before May.  I have the pattern which works out great on a napkin.  My second time was much better than the first, so I'm learning.  Will just have to make a bunch more before I have something that is close to perfect, so that someone will want to bid on it.  In the meantime I'll have a bunch of napkins that are embroidered.

1small photo of the pattern

  I have to work on the corset and now I've distracted myself with Victorian Dress Patterns.  Still have the Steam Punk (neo-victorian) to do as well.

2_08_08 Come September that will be a cool date.  The rain is gone, YAY!  I moved all my stash from the garage into my daughter's room (she is away and yes, I did get her OK before I did it.) She even said I could move the sewing machine and use her room for a sewing room.  I'm working on that.  I'm trying to make a Victorian Corset (not too much success there yet)  will post up photos when there is something pretty to see.  Made a design for the SCA Napkins I'm making for a silent auction.  Due Date is May.

1_26_08 I hate rain, I'm a spoilt Californian, we've had 7 days of rain and I want it to go away..Now!

I do get things done, however, when I cannot go out on a bike ride or do some sewing.

2 We got a cute lamp for the outside today.  Between raindrops we got it up.  I also went out to Joann's Fabrics and got this.

1_22_08 Today I was very sad to hear that Heath Ledger had died.  He was only 28.  I know he was known for other movies, but the one that I love is "A Knight's Tale".  I love it so much that I took the name Jocelyn for my SCA name and made my persona French as she is in the movie.  I will miss his talent on the big screen.  I trust his soul is at peace.

1_21_08 I don't know if it's just me but seems as if everyone is jumping on the SeamPunk Wagon, I may have to rethink this costume.  Darn, I already have the gun for re-paint and the skirt.

01_16_08 Got a late christmas gift and another is on the way.  The first is a double DVD Ann of the Thousand Days & Mary Queen of Scots; The second is a bowl made out of some special wood. 

I watched Ann of the Thousand Days and it has beautiful costumes, I think they are nicer than The Other Boylen Girl movie.  Will have to make some caps and post them up.

I also got my Nerf Gun for my Steam punk Costume.  I now have to go and get some spray paint.  I'll need to find some watch parts as well to make it all 'mechanical-victorian'.  I've got my silk velvet cut and the inning and will try to get it sewn this week.  I need to design a neo-victorian top.  It will be a corset, but not right now...something interim, till I lose the weight I put on over the holidays.

01_12_08 made some link corrections for the 12th Night Page.   I think I'm going to do a SteamPunk Cosume.  It's very interesting concept, what if the computer age started 100 years earlier.  Victorian Age on the modern.  It's a fun concept and has been around for ages (1970s) even earlier if you count Jules Vern (Time Machine).  Will get a page up when I've got something to show.

While I was in Los Altos today, I stoped by Thai Silks and they were having a 50% off all remnants and a special red ribbon sale.  I could not afford to pass up 3 yards of silk velvet for $7.00/yard.  Along with a shot silk duponi (2 one yard each pieces) I'll have to come up with something to make.  Some photos in the Stash Page.   Something SteamPunk?!

01_06_08 Day after 12th Night. I purchased some patterns for corset & hoops for my 1840s Gown.  Must lose some weight before I start on anything. Tomorrow it's back to biking to work.

01_01_08  Happy New Year.  I've placed 2007 in the Archives...on to a new year.

Nothing much here yet.  I'm knitting a hat for my brother-in-law who is going through Cemo.  He may or may not lose his hair, but I'm making him a hat for cold days anyway.




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