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12_31_07  I wish all a very Happy New Year.  Keep it safe.  2008 will be a leap year!

On the 3rd is Professor Tolkien's Birthday.  Go Here if you are interested in the ritual, but it doesn't matter as long as you raise your glass and wish a toast to The Man!

12_28_07 Back from Nevada.  Hope all found their Christmas Joyful.  Boy, it was nice that I didn't have to cook at all.  I just assigned myself dishwasher duty and was happy to do that.  I did miss the internet.  Now it's New Years just around the corner.

Since I don't travel with my sewing machine, I took my knitting to Nevada, and got a little further along on my Victorian Shawl.

I'm still undesided, but today, I'm leaning toward the Blood Red Dress as my next project.

12_21_07 This is what I got at work for an xmas gift:

It's pretty funkey, but a fun gift. It's functional (practical me) and Shinny (weird me).

I'll be away for Christmas, so if I don't find internet connection, Everyone have a Very Merry Christmas, and a Great Winter Solstice tomorrow 12-22-07

I got carried away on my Yahoo Groups and didn't post up the news, I'm sure by now everyone knows that Peter Jackson will be the executive director on the two Hobbit Movies!  Mirkwood Elves....!!!

12_15_07 Going to Jingels today and I'm going to miss picking up my daughter.  (poo)

made the ice change color, hope this works Yeah!

12_12_07 Nothing new, but a small photo of what I got in my drink at my DH End of Year (how PC) Party.

not only did it light up my very fruty drink, but it changed colors too!  I'll try to make an icon that changes colors.  Right now I have to get ready for work.

12_08_07 Finally, I have some photos of me in the Eowyn Green Gown.  I was afraid since I had gained a few pounds that the dress would not fit.  Yeah! I can still get into it.

12_2_07 Have a slight fitting problem with the Kirtle, but with helpful hits from the Margo Anderson Group, I know how to fit it.  Added along the side bar, some sewing tips I've learned along the way.  Hope they help others.

11-26-07 Not much to finish on the Red Linen Kirtle.  I spent two movies worth yesterday doing eyelettes.  Guards to cut and attach and hem.

I need to find some trim for the Blood Red Gown, since I have all the materials.

11_23_07 Worked on the Red Linen Kirtle, yes I know, I was going to do the Blood Red, but I really hate leaving something unfinished.

11_22_07 Today is Thanksgiving.  Time to be thankful for all that we do have..I think you will find the list rather impressive.  Think upon the positive this day (and all days really).  May your days be blessed.

11_15_07 DH is on the mend, so all is well on that front.  I've been real lazy no sewing.  I did re-read the Hobbit and enjoyed it so very much all over again.

I've updated the Middle Earth page.  Check out the lovely Midnight Cloak & Dress.

So I cann't decide, sew the Tudor Kirtle or sew the Blood Red Dress....

11_9_07  Had a bit of a scare yesterday when DH called to say he had gone down on his bicycle on his way to work.  We commute together, but split up and he fell after that point.  The weather was very foggy and the roads got wet.  He went too fast into a turn and probably hit an oily spot on the road.  Results:  Dislocated thumb and a large road rash on his upper leg.  So no ridding for him for a few days.  Maybe we will go to Monterey Bay or up to the the University of Davis.  Either way, I'm glad he is safe and sound now.

I'm thinking about the Blood Red Dress.  I think I'll start on it, and put the Tudor aside for a bit.

10_31_07 Happy Halloween!  What I wore to work today.

10_28_07 They left today to go back home, and I will miss them.  I've not done so much "window shopping" in a long long time.  I did buy 2 water glasses at Crate & Barrel to see how they hold up.  We must be rough, since so many of the old ones have been broken.

With the relatives gone, we thought to do a little more house cleaning and it is currently in a mess.  We pulled out an old desk with the thought of changing things around and now have things half way done.  My sewing area is full of papers, the floor and the coffee table.  I 'll have to get them organized and put away before I can do anything else.

I will wear the Arwen Coronation or Eowyn's Green Gown to the jingles Party, December 15th.  I have another big SCA function to go to:  Twelfth Night.

10_20_07 Started a new page (bare bones right now) for Star Trek.  For anyone interested, I have my write up on October Crown.  Relatives are coming next weekend, so I had to clean up the living room.  Put everything away where I know I can find it again.  So the Kirtle is on hold for a bit.

10_15_07 Back and very tired from October Crown.  Very very fun.  Write up will be later for now a few photos.

10_07_07 Sometimes I just want to be able to make something without having to make a muslin...I just want to cut that fashion fabric but I know that I must make a sample first....(grumbles...while getting out the muslin fabric) re: Kirtle

10_05_07 I went the whole day today without a brace or pain killers...yeah!  I got in the mail a wonderful piece of embroidery.  It's the trim (hand made) of the Mourning Gown trim.

10_02_07  I had an accident and sprained my left wrist.  I must keep a brace on it for a while, about 5 days.  So no sewing, and I'm so close to finishing my farthingale which is a corded petticoat really.

09_23_07 Completed the 15th Century dress.

Now to skip a century and start work on my Tudor Gown.   After that, back to LOTR, my quandary is still:  Mourning or Blood Red?

9_22_07 Today is Bilbo's Birthday!  Many Happy Returns dear Bilbo.  Since it rained cats & dogs I didn't go up to the celebration in San Francisco.  I just didn't want to look like a drowned rat either, especially as an elf-rat.  So...

I worked on the October Crown Gown and made myself a blanket too.

9_17_07 worked on more eyelets, only two pair more to finish up on the main kirtle & cote, then the hems.

9_15_07 Yeah!  I have my daughter and computer back.  I missed them both, I'm very happy now and because of that, got a lot accomplished today. The Yellow Kirtle and Blue Cote are almost finished. I even got some eyelets done today.

9_10_07 It's been a long time since I hand coded html, forgive me if it doesn't look right. Computer and camera are on the East Coast with my daughter. I won't have them back for a week, so here is a short update. Blue linen has short sleeves now and I just have to finish the front facing and closures. I'm going to see if I can do hand bound eyelets. I just want to see what all the fuss is about. Hems and sleeve closures to finish on the yellow kirtle and I'll be done on this gown.

8_31_07 Just about finished with the Yellow Kirtle.

Now to start work on the overgrown in blue linen.  I've picked out an SCA name and I'm working on a device.  I'll have to get these registered, and if approved I'll let you all know.

8_11_07  I'm sick, but worked on the Yellow Kirtle some more.

8_04_07 Worked on my Yellow Cote.  Got a nasty sunburn today while walking home from the flea market.  Looked to several items and could not find anything that I needed.

7_27_07 I've washed all my linens and have to decide which colors to choose from for my Cotehardie.

Started reading the Harry Potter Book, final one. I've been avoiding reading any posts or news about it.  It is vary action packed right from the start.

7_21_07 I'm going to do another gown like my Eowyn Refugee ( see Rohan).  It is for an SCA event I'm going to attend in October.  I also have the photos up from the Warlords Tourney.

7_16_07 Someday I wish to make a 1760's Jacket like one of these two.

7_8_07 Update:  Finished the Smock!!! Done and it's all hand sewn.

7_8_07 I'm tired today.  I did get some photos up of my Blackwork swatch.  Now to finish the Smock.

7_07_07 That must be auspious or luck.  I went to the SCAs Southern Shores Warlords Tourney today.  Spent all day there from 8:30 to 5:30.  Had lots of fun.

Worked on my Smock too.  This Chemise must be finished by July 10th for the Challenge.

7_04_07 Happy Independence Day!

Elizabethan is finished.  Finished working on the little hat.  Got some red linen for the Tudor Kirtle.

6_30_07 Looks like the Elizabethan modifications will be ready by next Saturday which is the Warlords Tourney.  I need to make a little hat and I'll be done.

Then finish up the Iron Hand Challenge (Tudor Smock made by hand)

Finish up the trim for Arwen's Coronation and hem.

Then I can start a new project!

6_26_07 While I think about what to do about my Tudor Smock neckline, I'm working on trimming the Elizabethan Dress.  Working on the shoulder treatment right now.

6_23_07 Finishing up all the inside seams on the Chemise.  Cuffs are done and once the inside seams are all finished will work on the neckline.  This is the most important part of the chemise.  I think all necklines are the most important part of clothing.

6_21_07 Happy First Day of Summer!  Still working on my Chemise, cuffs will be finished tonight.  I have tweaked some things on my Arwen Coronation, but nothing to post up photos for yet.

6_18_07 Working on my Tudor Chemise. Hand sewing can be fun, I've surprised myself that I enjoy it.

6_10_07 Finished up some trim and zipper installation on the Arwen Coronation.  I've joined a challenge on my Yahoo Groups to make something by hand by August.  That is quite a challenge!

6_5_07 Arwen Coronation Photos , now what to do next???

6_3_07 All pieces are now cut out. Arwen's Coronation Gown is almost complete.

my Sun Dog

5_28_07 Got the Under Gown for the Coronation Dress cut out and the brocade sewn to the taffeta.  Now I have to wait a few days for the bias to relax.

5_26_07 Still in the concept stage for the UnderGown of Arwen's Coronation Dress.  Signed up for a class with the ladies from Tudor Tailor and I'm fairly excited about it.  Had a friend show me a fantastic fabric place called Fabrics R Us.  Must save money.  Linen for 4.00 a yard!  I'm in love with linen right now.

5_13_07 Happy Mother's Day!

5_12_07 Worked on the OverGown for Arwen's Coronation Dress.

5_6_07 I have made my choice and my next dress will be:  Arwen's Coronation Gown.

5_5_07 I've put up a photo album from the SCA Newcomers Tourney, Southern Shores, April 28, 2007

5_4_07 I've added to the Middle Earth Page the beautiful bags that Ruth made: Rohan, Elven & Gondorian.  You can click on the icon on the right as well.

4_29_07  I feel I've accomplished a lot this weekend.  I didn't go out on the bike at all.  Saturday I spent at the SCA Newcomers Tourney.  You can see what I made.

Sunday (today), I cleaned and weeded the backyard.  Finished all the laundry, ironed the napkins and table cloth even.  Hemmed a linen napkin and finished the hems on some old gowns.

4_21_07 I had been working on the images from this film for some time.  Pride & Prejudice the old Black & White one from 1944.  Must stop all this web stuff and get back to a new dress ....I've been futzing around because I still don't know which one to do....too many choices and I have plenty of stash fabric.

4_20_07 I saw the movie 300 based on the graphic comic by Frank Miller.  WOW, I really enjoyed it, which surprised me.  So I got interested in Greek Dress and made a page for the 300 movie costumes.

4_14_07 Put up some more photos of Eowyn's Green Gown.  I need to find a Rohan looking location for photos as well.   In Laws are in town and I have to cook for them tonight. 

4_11_07  Got the Final Photos Up for Eowyn's Green Gown or Eowyn's Green Dress, whichever you prefer.

4_8_07 Haven't done anything except finishing up hems on the Luthien and re-working grommets that pulled out on my Elizabethan.  In Laws are going to visit next week and I have to get the house in order. One day I'll get to my Tudor, but looks like I'm stalled once again. 

4_2_07 I had to wait a day due to April Fools Day.  I finished the hem Eowyn's Green Dress.. finally.  Now I have to finish the ends of the inner sleeves and find a nice location to take the final photos.

3_19_07 Got some photos up of the finished yoke.  I finished the chemise I was working on too.  It's an Elizabethan one which should be comfortable on hot humid summer days.  It's linen. Photos to follow.

3_15_07 Did small updates to Tudor and Victorian pages.  I still don't have photos of Eowyn's Green Dress either, because I haven't finished the hems.

3_10_07 Updated the Marie Antoinette page with more photos of the blue dress.

3_9_07 I've been busy doing other things and have yet to hem Eowyn's Green Gown...maybe this weekend.  I bought Marie Antoinette and lookie at the shoes!

3_03_07 The Yoke is finished.  The trim went on smoothly and now only the hem and Eowyn's Green Gown done....hmmm, what to do next?  Photos to follow soon.

2_28_07 I've got the photos up of the back and undersleeves .  Working on the Yoke.

2_25_07 I've got it in and straight, The zipper is done. I've made the undersleeves as well.  Trimmed up the skirts for hemming.  Now the yoke to sew.  Photos to follow.

2_23_07 Well I hope to finish the zipper this weekend, I've just not done anything sewing wise this week and it's just as well.  Must not sew when tired or frustrated I always end up doing it over anyway.

2_19_07 Worked on the zipper all day and it's still not in to my satisfaction, so I pulled it all the way out again.  I guess I was just too frustrated with it and I'm glad that I went to my knitting group instead of wrestling with the zipper.  So, no progress, as I had hoped this long weekend.  Will work on it tomorrow night.

2_17_07 Had a nice long bike ride today and my legs hurt.  Changed the image to the link of Middle Earth because it wasn't a good image that you could see.  This one is much better and it was painted by The Professor for the Hobbit.

Got the zipper all the way out on the Green Gown and will re-set it, with luck, this weekend.  Then the rest, Yoke and Hem.

2_11_07 Went to the Ren Fair Symposium on Saturday and got to meet some of the ladies I talk to on MargoCostumes Group.   Worked on updating the Blood Red Dress page with fabric photos.  Finished my bloomers.  Hemmed the underskirt of Eowyn's Green Gown.  Must redo the zipper yet and sew the yoke, hem ...closer and closer to the end.

2_8_07 The White Tree of Gondor on the left is the link to the Middle Earth Page.  This page features works of other Costumers.   I've not have too much progress for you to see, because I've been staring at the back of Eowyn's Green Gown and looks like I'll have to redo the zipper.  Not at all happy with myself on it's installation.  The front of the dress looks OK though.

So, I've been making bloomers.  Something very very easy.  They can be worn under any long skirt and it's 100% linen, so they will be soft and cool.

2_6_07 I pinned the hem of the underskirt and the lining.  I'm not sure if they should be hemmed together but I'm not going to do that.  As it is, there is a lot to do to get them all even.  I was bad today.  I used my JoAnn Fabrics 50% and purchased 8yds of 100% linen in the color: potting soil!  loved that name and the color as well.

2_3_07 I worked on the Green Gown today almost there, so I'm going ahead and opening the page.  It's still not complete but getting close. So here is the Finishing Green Gown page.   Here is what my dog thinks of all this:

2_2_07 Cut out the Yoke to Eowyn's Green Gown, Tim is sewn, but I may pull it off and re-do.  It doesn't want to lay flat enough for me.  I'll have to see how I feel tonight.  The plan is to sew the Yoke tonight.  Almost there.  Once this dress is done, I'll have the web site updated with what I did and how I did it.

Made a very small update to the Green Dress Yoke section.  Found some photos of Eowyn's Necklace.

1_31_07 Continuing to work on Eowyn's Green.  Working on the neckline right now.  Next is either the trim along the neckline or the Yoke.  I'll let you know later which one won!

1_30_07 Working on the seams of Eowyn's Green Gown.  I was not happy with the way they looked, so handy seam ripper went at it again.  So far 1/2 is looking much better.  Will work on the 2nd half.  I was hoping to have the completed dress up, but I'm behind.  I want to have a completed dress page up soon.

1_27_07 I attended my first SCA dance and dinner.  I really enjoyed it.  Once the Green Gown is done, I'll be able to wear it to the SCA functions.  I found out that I could have worn my Luthien Gown, but since I didn't know I wore this dress instead.

1_26_07 Finished the quilting on the Yoke.  Still more...

1_23_07 I've leapt a hurdle and now I'm proceeding forward.  It's going to take a little while yet.  Working on the quilting of the Yoke. 

1_21_07 all I have to say about the Green Gown.  On the other hand enjoy this little bit of Middle Earth on earth.

1_20_07 Trying to attach the skirts to the bodice.  It's not as easy as it sounds. Will Eowyn's Green Gown ever get finished???  Meanwhile, I've done a little knitting..spiders.

1_14_07 I have the Sleeves and Underskirt sewn for Eowyn's Green Gown.  Will work on the bodice and skirts today.   I've lost 15 lbs. to date!  I got way too distracted with the Blood Red Dress, so I'm just going to concentrate on the Green Gown for now.  I want to get it finished.

1_12_07 I'm going to add a brand new feature on this site:  A weekly LOTR featured costume from others out there that do not have a web site.  If you'd like to have your costume featured send me an email via the Contact page.  I have someone already for the first issue the Hobbits from England.  I'll be working on that this weekend as well as working on Eowyn's Green Gown.

(later) Came home and found a very nice surprise waiting for me, Sarah from Rivendell Designs, sent to me a yard of a Red and Gold fabric for the Blood Red Dress.  These fabrics will be yummy together. 

(even later) I went to JoAnn's today with my 40% off coupon and found 100% linen Not On Sale, so I could really use the coupon.  I got some matching poly chiffon to match..7 yds each and I think my china silk celedon will go with it as well. 

1_11_07 Cut out the lining for the under skirt for Eowyn's Green Gown and I updated the Blood Red Gown page as well.

1_10_07 Eowyn's Green Gown or Eowyn's Edoras Stable Dress is in progress.  I took the plunge and cut out all the pieces and linings.  It's all hanging and stretching too.  I'm going to let the material hang for at least 10 days.  In the meantime, I've purchased some gold and red jacquard for the Blood Red Gown...

1_03_07 At 9pm local time today, please raise your glass and give a toast to a great man and author: J.R.R. Tolkien

It's his birthday today!  Thank you Professor Tolkien for all you have given to me and the world.



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