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12_31_06 I have some progress pixs for the Victorian Lace Shawl.  I have to clear out the living room for sewing of Eowyn's Green Gown (New Year's Resolution).  Going to a party tonight...Happy New Year to All.

12_26_06 I Trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I did.  Very relaxing and I worked on my Victorian Lace Shawl.


Today is the first Winter's Day of 2006.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.

The fabric for Eowyn's Green Gown has been put away to make room for the christmas Tree.  After Christmas I'll dive in.  But look what I found.

Finished knitting Backyard Leaves Scarf - finally!  I'll start on the Pink Shawl for the Victorian Gown.

12_12_06 Well I was going to cut the fabric today or at least start.  I was going to do the sleeves first because I thought they would gobble up the most fabric...well it's worse than I thought...Fabric Woes.

12_9_06 Lost another pound today!  Updated the the Site page with Eowyn's Underwear and the Final on the muslin....Now I'll get the good fabric out and yes, I'll start to cut.  It's a rainy day :-)

12_8_06 Updated my Victorian Page.  I've lost 10lbs! Still working on the knitting Xmas gifts and even did some shopping.  Have to get Packages wrapped and in the mail, do Xmas Cards and Decorate the House.

12_2_06 With Christmas just a few weeks away, I'm knitting another hat for the MIL.  I have one for my Mom, who broke her arm on the 30th.!  I don't think I have enough time to knit her a scarf as well...I may breakdown and just buy her one. 

11_26_06 Go Me!  I've started work on Eowyn's Green Gown Yoke.  Check out my attempts Here.

I also added a new category to my wish list page. I want to make something from FireFly.  I've made the Jayne Hat, but I want to make a dress too.

11_24_06 Survived Thanksgiving and it may have been the best one yet.  I do have lots to be so very thankful for...Diet status is 5 lbs so far.  I'll have to stay on Phase I a little longer since I broke down and had DH's apple and pumpkin pie (they were small slices) I made a Wish List page for all those dresses that are not LOTR related that I want to make someday.

11_22_06 OK I've passed 1 week of Phase I on the South Beach Diet and have lost 3 lbs. so far.  One more week of this strict phase, but already my jeans fit better.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have lots of veggies on the menu.  I plan to work on Eowyn's Green Gown Yoke during this holiday.  I've got both Thurs. & Friday off...Woot! (sorry for the old school terms :-)

11_19_06 Thought this page was too long, so I've made an Archive Page.

11_19_06  I had a house guest, who was unexpected this weekend, so no sewing.  I did work on the knitting and got the menu fixed for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Looks like the weather will be too cold for us to have our annual Thanksgiving Picnic, so it will be a eat in formal dinner this year for the family.

11_16_06 More Knitting...I'm fixated on Knitting.  I've got a house guest this weekend, so no sewing.  And to top that off, I've found more dresses that I'd love to make...Victorian & Ball Room Dresses no less!

11_11_06 Worked on more Knitting, so sorry about that.  I didn't cut the yoke muslin. I do have some ideas now on Knitting the White Tree on a sweater.  I'm going to design a LOTR sweater or vest.

11_1_06 Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  I wore my Jayne Hat for the occasion. Finished a beaded Hat for a Xmas present for my Mom. Photos to follow.  I'm still staring at my Yoke for Eowyn's Green Gown.

10_21_06 I finished two knitting projects:  Jayne's Hat from firefly and the Hope Sweater.

10_14_06 A new job! At last, I start on Monday and I still have a few that I hope to get an interview.  With a new outlook, I have lifted a great stress from my life and this is what I did.  Check out the Muslin Gallery

9_27_06 Got the Sleeves sewn for the bag lining test.  And I bought a blond wig for $5.99 (I love you Holloween!)

9_21_06 I've started back working on Eowyn's Green Dress!  I realized that I've never done bag lining.  So, I'm working on that part for now.  Photos up as soon as they are sewn on the muslin.

9_16_06 What a day!  I went to the Ren Faire in my Eowyn Refugee.  Even though the day was much warmer than expected and with sunscreen I got some sunburn...I had a lot of fun.  The highlight of my day was when My Lord Vespa greeted me and kissed my hand!  WooHoo...         Gallery

9_15_06 About 1/2 way through the Sleeves of the Blue Sweater and added some Bling!  I think this weekend I'll go to the Ren Faire, the weather will be cool and I have to decide on the Eowyn Refugee or an Italian design dress.  I don't think my Elizabethan would even fit me right now.

9_11_06 It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since the tragic events at the World Trade Center, PA and DC.  Take a moment of your day to day to remember these poor souls who died and the valient heros of our Police and Fire Departments who helped any way they could.  I'm still working on the sleeves and will start work on the Green Gown, I promise.

9_07_06 Started work on the sleeves.  I've picked out yarn from my statch for the next project.  I have lots of yarn.  I have lots of fabric too.  The weather is now cool in the mornings...I need to break out the green velvet for Eowyn's Green Gown.  I don't know why I've stalled on this project.

9_01_06 I've decided on the front bands for the blue sweater: Here   Now I can get them knit and finished.  Sleeves to do and I'll be done.  I really really hope to have a new job before I finish this least soon will not be soon enough.

9_27_06 Still working on Knitting Freak, sorry.  Right now I need to knit it is so very relaxing for me.  I'm an expert knitter but only an advanced beginner sewer.  So you can see I have to really think with sewing and hardly at all knitting.  In either case I end up with a new piece of clothing to wear!  I am thinking of a LOTR sweater...

9_07_06 I have the knitting site up and here is the link: Knitting Freak   I only have one sweater up now, but I'll have many more that I've already done.  Now I have to get back on track for Eowyn's Green Gown.

8_1_06 MDH had gotten something in his contacts and I had to rush out and take him his glasses...emergency resolved.  I finished my daughters sweater.  Pix and link.

7_28_06 Sorry folks, I've taken more time off from the site then expected.  Looks like I'm behind in everything lately.  A week in VA/DC was grand the first week in July then I watched the Tour de France each day till the 23rd.  Since it is over now, except the Landis tested positive thing, Now I've got to go..emergency.

7_17_06 I see that I've taken a month off!  Time fly's sometimes.  I have been working on knitting a sweater for my daughter.  I'll get some links up for that project soon.  I've not forgotten the Green Gown, It's just that all that velvet and it's been unseasonably warm here, and I just don't want to work on something that hot and heavy right now.  Will finish the muslin soon and show photos of that when it's done.

6_17_06 Sadly, nothing new to report.  I've been sucked up reading and it's been so hot..I know no excuse.

6_11_06 Working on a solution. Skirts on Eowyn's Green Gown Page.

6_9_06 Still working on the darn muslin: skirt troubles

6_04_06 Had a very fun day at the beach today and came home and tried to put the muslin together. Updates with photos on the Eowyn Green Gown page.

6_1_06 Wow half a year has gone by quick.  School will be out soon and for those lucky students a summer of fun.  Not much news on the sewing front.  I'm sewing the muslin.  Updates on this page for Eowyn Green Gown.

5_26_06 What a difference a day makes...much happiness I am re-connected.  I made a new page for the Eowyn Green Gown: Yoke.  Nothing here yet, it's just for the future.

5_25_06 Cable company woes!  Have not been able to update the site.  Finished the Captain's Coat.  I'll hem tonight after she paints the designs.  Then I'll be able to get back to Eowyn's Green Gown.

5_22_06 I worked all weekend sewing but nothing LOTR! With my daughter, we did a Hakama, White Hatori, white sash, blue scarf and cut out the black Hatori to be sewn this week.  She is going to a convention as a anime character from Bleach.

Now just finish the Captain's Coat and hem.

5_19_06 Updated the Eowyn's Green Gown, It's starting to look like her dress!

5_14_06 Worked on the muslin of the underskirt and put it together except the waist band..zipper or elastic? Happy Mother's Day!

5_10_06 Started work on the muslin for the underskirt for Eowyn's Green Gown.

5_06_07 I haven't done much for the past few weeks.  Still trying to figure out the pattern for the overskirt and how many panels it should have.  I did add an analysis of the skirts.

4_25_06 I opened a new page for the Skirts on Eowyn's Green Gown.

4_23_06 Finished sewing the muslin and the sleeves work great.  I have full movement with them and the shape seems right for me.  Eowyn's Green Gown is going to happen..yeah!

4_22_06 Cut out the 2nd muslin sleeve for Eowyn's Green Dress.  It's still OK!

4_20_06 I worked out the sleeves for Eowyn's Green Dress.  I have to make one more muslin, but everything seems OK for once.

4_18_06 I am getting distracted, watched Robin Hood from 1938 and fell in love with the archery dress.  It's very LOTR and I'll get a gallery up.  I think I'd like to make it someday.

4_15_06 I have a muslin that fits. #7 was the lucky number.  Now I have to get the sleeves to fit right. I'm working on that muslin.  I may just try and find a commercial pattern that would work.

4_1_06 April Fools Day...Thanks to Susan, I had a misspelling and she caught it for me!

Still working on the Muslin...Up to #6 on just the bodice....and it still doesn't fit right.

3_25_06 Updated the Eowyn Green Gown Design page with my 1st attempts at the Muslin.

3_11_06 I bought silk lining for Eowyn Green Gown and broke down the web pages for Materials and Design. Added some photos of the new materials.

3_06_06 Finished the beaded trim for Luthien, see the bottom of the page for the sparkles.

2_25_06 A very special package arrived today! The final trim for the Eowyn Green Gown.

2_20_06 It's done enough! Luthien gown has only hems. Someday, I'll go out into the redwoods and have some photos taken.

2_12_06 Things are looking up! I got the zipper in finally. I opened a new page for this evil thing.

2_10_06 I found a pattern, Simplicity 4259 that has a V point and full skirt with train attached. I'll use it for Arwen's Mourning and as the base for Eowyn's Green. Now I don't have to reinvent the wheel. I've been looking all over the place for a V bodice.

2_07_06 I managed to set up a sewing area. It's really doing double duty. Computer area in AM and Sewing area at night. Check out here. Now here is why you don't sew when you are tired.

1_28_06 While catching up on the LOTR groups posting, there has been a lot of discussion on Frodo's Elven Jacket. A screen cap of the jacket was posted and I recognized that fabric! It's the same as the Movie Elf Extra. Check it out.

1_20_06 No sewing news. I've been way too busy at work to get anything organized for sewing and the issue of weight. I don't want to make a custom gown while I'm up in weight. Need to loose a few pounds then sew. I'm still researching how I want to make the skirts of the Green Gown. It will be the basic pattern for the Mourning Gown.

1_14_06 No sewing news. I just got the last of the Christmas things put away in the attic. I did add a new page for the Green Gown.

1_01_06 The New Year! I didn't have much to do today so I took some pictures of the Elven Belt and updated the Elven Luthien Page. Since it is so windy and rainy so I won't be doing much outside, I'm going to do my own screen caps of Eowyn's Green Gown. I want to do that gown next. I don't have DVD software, so I'm going to use a tripod and my digital camera and shoot the photos from the TV.





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