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12_26_05 The day after Christmas, I'm glad it's all over now. I still have about 2 weeks before we take down the tree and I can have the living room back for sewing once again. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays.

12_16_05 I have some new photos of the Elven Dress with a jeweled belt. I really like this accessory. Something Luthien would use.

12_12_05 Some photoshopped photos added to the Elven Dress. Wanted to see what the trim will look like.

12_03_05 Updated the Eowyn Green Dress with the petticoat material and the Luthien Elven Dress.

11_27_05 Updated the Eowyn Green Dress with my design sketch for this gown.

11_17_05 Updated the Eowyn Green Dress page.

11_11-05 Updated the trim page. What else is new ;-P...Oh yeah there is another update. Check out the Rohan Eowyn Green Dress page too.

11_05_05 Updated more on the trim. This is going to be a long process. I have limited time to work on it but this a little each day...I'll get it finished. Check out Luthien's trim page.

10_30_05 I went to the Halloween Super Store and I got some Elven Ear Tips, spirit gum and the remover. I went to Diddiams and got an Elven Wig for about $16. I also know a place that I want to have the pictures taken, so all I have to do now it finish the darn elven dress!

10_27_05 Updated Luthien Trim Page. I've included some Tolkien background from the Lays of Beleriand. First Age History behind Luthien and Beren.

10_26_05 Updated some more on the design of the trim on the Luthien Trim Page.

10_15_05 Updated the Luthien Sleeve Page. Updated the main elven page so that you can navigate individual pages and not go through the older pages to get to the newer ones.

09_25_05 Added a new Dress Diary. Eowyn's Green Dress.

09_21_05 Updated the Rivendell Elf Extra page and I got the Gondor Page working! yeah!

09_13_05 Updated the Elven Page , I am also working on the Gondor page. The text is there but none of the images are. I may have to rework the page from scratch.

09-10-05 is on-line

09-01-05 started

07-05 Started Elven Dress

06-05 Finished Eowyn's Refugee Dress

12-04 Started a Dress Diary on Tripod




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