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12-31-15 Spent a long time in line (2+hrs) was the 1st one in, for the new Star Wars was so worth it. I really loved watching this movie.

12-26-15 Had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with extended family and a smaller but good Christmas with immediate family.

I did not get tickets at the pre-registration for Comic Con...bummer! Will try to see if we can get two in February when the general tickets go up for grabs.

I do have two trips planned for 2016. One to NYC and the other to England. Excited for both as they will be about research into embroidery and knitting!! Almost makes up for no Comic Con tickets.

Weight is good since it is after all the holiday season. Down 33 lbs and when the snow and ice melt, I will get back to walking a lot again. Right now it's very hard. High temp today was 34.

9-26-15 Total weight loss to date is 29 lbs! Down two pant sizes and feeling good about it. Almost to mini goal #3

I had a great dream last night. I was at a Convention but saw Jensen working out at the same time a bunch of other people and we all went over to take photos of him. He got off the machine and said to me that we should take a selfie. When I gave him my phone I realized that Jared was behind me and he wanted a photo too...the three of us and they were both so tall and it was hard to get me in the photo (I'm not really short in real life) Jared called me Michelle Jones and I could not understand why when I noticed that my cell phone cover had that name on it...OK brain what are you trying to tell me. Anyway I was very happy to have the Winchester Boys at my back. I felt very safe and comfortable.

7-20-15 So much to tell.

South Beach Diet: I've gone almost two months now and I've lost 19 lbs! Go Me. I fit into the pants that I have much better now. 1 lbs to mini goal then on to mini goal #2: another 20 lbs. I've still being very restrictive with all things white: bread, sugar and potatoes

Comic-Con was a total blast. We had different goals this year, just get into the room but as it turned out we got great seats anyway. Saw panels on all the shows we wanted to see: Supernatural, Hannibal, Orphan Black and some new shows: Lucifer and Damien. Lots of panel on games: Halo 5, Assassins Creed and more. Norman Reedus as well on the TV panel and William Shatner. The only exclusives I got were the Autobiography of James T. Kirk (loved his readings) and a Sherlock of the Titan series. The Dr. Who Titan was way too large for me. Rach and I split all our meals which was a cost savings and we also had a Hotel Downtown but a mile+ from the Convention. Still it was a good 15 min bus ride and saved our feet. The Declan was a very nice room but the bed was too soft for me. The extra charger came in handy though they did have an extension cord. Can't wait to go next year.

I purchased two games for the Xbox 360: Halo (the 1st one) and Lego: Jurassic World. I'm still learning how to use the controllers but playing the Lego one with DD#1 and it's fun.

Knitting a silk shawl with beads called Serenity and it's so soft and pretty...only 20 rows to go but they are long long ones with lots of beads.

Walking a lot and taking extended hikes on Wed when Max is in Doggie Day Care. 7 - 10 miles and it's helping take the weight off too. Got a new fanny pack with double water bottles from REI for $1.65 and my rewards points.

6-23-15 Have returned from our visit to Virginia. My SIL's memorial get together. Saw BIL's friend Courtney whom I don't like much, just get weird vibs from the guy and his daughter too who didn't talk to me, she had her daughter of 9 or 10 months with her whom she still breast fed and she is one of those who don't believe in a shawl for cover up. Met Kathy who also gave me a very bad impression on being a marine biologist. As she said it was too competitive, well what isn't now a days!! So no help or encouragement from her. She and my nephew were not very touchy feely....oh well families

Got to see Jurassic World and I love the Raptors and Chris Pratt. It's pretty predictable (ohhhh...ahhhhh then lots of screaming and running) but it's shinny! Will want the DVD

Also, I've once again started the South Beach Diet. This diet really works for me as I've lost 60 lbs and 40lbs each time I tried it, I just fell off and drowned my feelings in food. I hope third time is the charm as I've lost 9 lbs so far. I may stay on Phase I till I have lost 20 lbs then go to phase II to continue to loose just not as fast.

A few more weeks to COMIC CON!!!

6-1-15 Had a fun time on a road trip I took yesterday to Fort Rock and then dinner at the Cowboy Dinner Tree. There was a tour of the Museum as well. My only regret was that we didn't spend enough time at Fort Rock. DH managed to walk around the outside but I only got 3/4 way round the inside. Fort Rock is a Tuff, it was formed when magma reaches ground-water then a huge bubble of rock and steam form. the walls at Fort Rock are over 200 feet tall!

Also it's just a bit over a month till Comic Con!! Managed to get a downtown hotel a mile away from the convention center and a 10 minute bus ride so that will be awesome!!! For the first time in 5 years we will do preview night, so I'm expecting less crowded floor.

5-23-15 I've really been thinking of making a true Elizabethan Court Gown. I should finish my Tudor first from the brown velvet but just looking over the 1570s - 1580s dresses are making me drool. Plus I want to get back in embroidery. I've knit for over the past two years now and I have taught DD#1 how to knit. It's tough as I can't do it all.

5-22-15 Went to go see: Mad Max: Fury Road and it's a really fun movie to watch with such a strong female cast!! Will want to buy this movie when it comes out on Bue-Ray. It is almost non stop action but there is a lot of character development and I love the chemistry between Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy) and Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), if I recall she calls him reliable . I went to this movie without too much expectation and it surprised me. Visually it's stunning but there is a lot going on dispute the fighting and car chasing (it's one long car chase actually) I did love the WarBoy( Nicholas Hoult ) who is 6'3" and born in 1989 goes through the movie shirtless and has such blue eyes! The the women who play the Vuvalini don't get too much airtime but are so memorable...kudos to them. A well made film!

Here is a review from the New York Times.

5-12-15 Went to go see Avengers: Age of Ultron and I did enjoy the movie. I by no means see what all the fuss was about The Black Widow and Hulk....really!! It was well done and so what if they like each other, I thought it cute really and a break from all the fighting. It's not a great movie and there is a lot going on but I did like Vision (Paul Bellamy) and even Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen)

5-8-15 I forgot to mention that I had a bout of Vertigo again. Last month in the night I had a weird dream and when I woke and turned over the world began to spin. I know that I have to keep very still from when I had it the last time. Apparently women my age get it as crystals form and float around in your inner ear and mess up your balance. It sucks. It's been more than a month and I can now sleep OK but every once and a while I feel "off".

5-4-15 "May the 4th be with you" never was a huge fan of the Star Wars. I do own all the movies and I will most likely watch the new one they are making.

It's been two and a half years since I lost Titus and I still think about him a lot and still miss him. I don't think I will ever get over loosing him. Max is a great dog but you can't replace, it's a different adventure.

5-3-15 I have finished the last book of LOTR! Took me longer than expected. I did not like "The Martian" I know it was on the best seller book and I do love science but he gives too much information on how to make viable soil so he can make enough calories to survive the 4 years till the next mission arrives. Of course he doesn't mention that it's alike way far away and how will he know or communicate with them? Right now it's how to make food and air. Not too exciting though.

4-29-15 I just heard that my SIL passed away this morning. She had been fighting cancer for a few years now. I didn't know how bad it was till my nephew visited a few weeks ago on his way to Portland. He deleted his facebook page since then and was very upset that his mother had not told him about her illness. I don't she told any of her kids and that is a huge disservice to them as now they have lost her. She was very bad about communications and never answered her emails when I sent her some. Not on facebook or any social media. It's like she didn't exist and now she doesn't. I feel very bad for her children.

I tell my kids everything good and bad.

Getting about half way through the last book of LOTR. I think that in the past I have skipped over these last pages. I'm really enjoying this time around. Eowyn and faramir, Aragon and Arwyn's wedding the finding of the white tree...all good.

4-20-15 I didn't finish the third book and will have to renew. I did get distracted by the new book 'The Marsian'

DD#2 did get a hotel! Yay, we will be further out than we have ever been but it's on the bus route so that is all good. Hotel looks very nice on Shelter Island. Only 3 months till Comic Con and I'm really looking forward to it.

3-24-15 Still working on the 3rd book but I'm not reading nearly as much as I had been so it's slow going.

Comic Con Hotels went up for grabs this mooring at 9:00AM...I did get in and filled out the information by 9:04AM. I am probably too slow though and DD#2 who tried to get a room had an error in her pull down menu. She did call the Travel Company and they filled out a form and will have a Supervisor look at it so I think she will get a good time as she is so much faster than me at these things.

3-7-15 Finished the 2nd ebook: the two Towers and checked out the third book: Return of the King.

Also finished watching the two DVDs I have of the Hobbit. The third hobbit movie has been released so I'll have to get that one in blueray.

It's kinda weird that I'm watching the movie opposite of the books that I'm reading but that's just how it worked out.

The Margo Anderson Italian Women's Patterns came at last. I joined the kickstarted program two years ago and there were a ton of delays but they are out now. I wanted the Zimmara Patterns but she says that it is too close to the comfort patterns and I already have that. She is going to have a new comfort pattern with the Italian Mods and the doublet, which I will not be eligible that is frustrating. Since she changes her mind and who knows when those pattern mods will be available I will not hold my breath. Don't get me wrong, I love her patterns (I have all of them but the men's) it's just her business model which gives me grief.

2-25-15 later in the day: Finished the Fellowship of the Ring ebook. Got the second ebook checked out from the library today: The two Towers

I was very sad at reading the requiem for Boromier and the songs that Aragon, Legolas and Gmili sang.

I found that this 3rd or 4th time reading these books, I appreciate the poetry more. When I first read them back in the early 70s I used to just skip over them. Now I really enjoy them...I have read all the other books though and the new books from Tolkien's Son and so I now have a richer depth of the History of Middle Earth and enjoy so much more the books at this reading!!

2-25-15 Early Bird Hotels are up for grabs for Comic-Con 2015 but I talked to DD#2 and we are going to wait till the end of March to try for a Hotel by the Convention Center. It is a gamble but with two of us trying for a hotel room I'm going to be hopeful. I already got the tickets with Preview Night and I have my plane Tickets, so I am going I just don't know where I'm staying. Last year I didn't get a hotel room and we ended up with a Penthouse, that was insanely expensive, at the very edge of the Gaslamp so it was a hike to get to the Con. They had a bus route but it was creepy to wait out on the street without very many folk around. This year I hope we get closer and cheaper accommodations.

1-25-15 I've not sewn anything in 6 months! I have 5 tubs of fabric and that is way too much. I've not attended any SCA events and I need to get rid of the fabric I will no longer use. I do want to make some Elizabethan pieces still and I will be getting the Margo Anderson Italian patterns soon. It's been over 2 years since her kickstarter program and I'm looking forward to her information.

My MIL is moving and she gifted me some of her embroidery books and some medieval studies books as well. Plus she will send me her strawberry sampler which I love love love!!

1-3-15 Happy Birthday Professor Tolkien! I raise my glass to you and your wonderful work.

As part of my Christmas Gift DD#2 took me to the movies. Saw Interstellar and The Hobbit: battle of 5 armies. What a great way to see in the new year!!

I am very sad that she lives so very far away from me now :-(

1-1-15 Happy New Year

I brought in the new Year with Indiana Jones I & II. Shared it with my whole family. Bubbly as well.


































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