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12-26-13 Had a very nice Christmas I think it better without a lot of gifts just good food.  Dinner was good and I ate way too much.  Good thing I had 2 good walks with Max and my SIL.

12-24-13 I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas Eve!  I have a working kitchen and we are already baking Christmas Wreaths and will have a roast leg of pork for dinner tomorrow night.

DD#2 and I went to PetExpress and gave Max a bath.  BIL from NV and his wife are here for the holidays.  Good Times

I did get a wreath put up on the door.  DD#2 got the lights up outside and I went to Whole Foods for a tree.  While we were there we were given a tree for giving a $5.00 donation to the food bank.  So with the money saved I went to Chipotle and even though DH got pissed off for no real reason expecpt he though that we were spending too much money...well too bad.  Not giving gifts this year except for a minimum.  The house renovation is my gift.

2013 wreath

11-29-13 Thanksgiving Dinner was at DD#2 house.  I cooked the stuffing and the turkey which turned out looking beautiful 15.75 lbs cooked at 350 for 3.5 hrs.  in her oven.

Caught up with the Doctor Who special and it was good.  The 8th doctor had a bit of a part in the pre-quel on you tube but he is also in the show.

11-23-13 Missed the Doctor Who 50th due to the renovation and my TV is under plastic.  DD#2 cooked dinner for the whole family today.  That was such a treat, she had cleaned up her apartment all by herself and did the whole dinner Jamblaya and Salad with cranberries and walnuts..very yummy.

11-20-13 Power and cable are out this AM.  If the electrician comes I can ask him to check it out but he has not been here for 3 days or more.  The hall bath is almost done.  I don't have access to any sewing or embroidery.  I do have my knitting and weaving available to me and I'm able to do the challenges posed by NWs.  So that is all good.

Watching WWZ is very different from the book but I don't really mind that and enjoyed the movie a moving Zombies...scarry!

1-1-16-17  Still living with a total mess.  Now I'm taking car of another neighbor's cat.  She is a lot easier to take care of since she doesn't need walks, but she is so very very old with a lot of health's only till next Mon.

The finished the plumbing in the kitchen and all the dry wall is up.  TV room is all sanded and will be ready for paint on Monday.  Stairs are done and drying.

11-14-13 I'm getting walls and ceilling in the Kitchen today!!  Max turned 1 year old today as well.

11-7-13 Living in dust, no TV, no Kitchen.  Using Dining Room and about 4' x 4' for the computer desk.  I will have an awesome house once this is all done.  Right now it's so hard.  Poor Max is in his cage because they need access to the backyard, plus I'm to take care of the neighbors dog as well.

11-1-13 Workman will arrive at 8am today to start the demo for the upstairs room and the downstairs bathroom.  I expect a lot of mess over the next 3 weeks.  Tyring to be excited about new bathrooms and kitchen but it's hard for some reason.

10-31-13 Happy Halloween.  Just put my MIL on a plane to head back East.  I had a great week with her and will miss having her around.  She's a great woman and Mom to me.  She took BIL, DH, DD#2 and me out to dinner at The Basin in Saratoga and it was very good.  I had Winter Chicken, sorta like a Coq au Vin on a bed or mashed potatoes and it was so yummy.  Lots of it as I had to have a box to take the rest of it home. Their coffee was was to strong for me though.

One funny thing...the dog is exhaused, he's been sleeping all day so far.

We had about 3 groups of kids come through.  The last ones were so tiny and cute.

10-27-13 I think this has been the longest I've ever gone without posting something up.  Max does not take up as much time as he used to and I can't use him as an excuse.  I'm the embroidery guild minister and did have a meeting at October Crown.  I guess after the shirt I've just decided to take a long break.

I've purchases some very beautiful wool and I need to make a pair of bodies so that I can make a fitted elizabethan jacket.  Once I have a good shape I can start on an embroidered jacket.

I'm working on a pattern for a coif.  Just not 'in love' with the pattern yet.

MIL is here for a very pleasant visit.  It's been a while since I last saw her and she turned 90 this year.  Wow, hope I can make it in as good a shape as she.

Doing a lot of knitting for giftmas this year.

9-23-13  What a weekend!

Saturday not too much happened because it rained all day.  Max does not like the rain much as when he went outside it was just a drizzle and he was OK, but then it started to really come down and he howled at the door.  A really long howl.  It’s also a pain, cause I have to let him back into the house via the garage, so I can wipe him off.

He likes that but bites the towel and my hands when I get to his feet.

Sunday my family went to visit my DD at her new apartment in Monterey.  The weather was perfect, sunny and in the 60s. We spent about an hour at her place while we all got to hold and hug the cat (we all miss him a lot) then we went out for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen..  Oddly, this is the first time in all my years in California that I’ve been to this restaurant.  I ordered the Kung Pao Chicken a dish that I make at home but is based on this recipe.  I did like the family style sharing.  You have to ask for the complimentary bread but it’s worth it.  I really liked my dish the best.

Then we walked around for a bit and DD#2 got 4 mini cupcakes, I have to say the cupcake place in Campbell is better tasting and their frosting is way better in flavor.

After walking the Mall, we went to the beach at Fort Ord.  They had picked up over 700,000 lbs of metal from the firing ranges and the main dunes are off limits.  Took the pathway to the top of the bluffs…

There when we got to the top and looked out over the ocean….WHALES!  not just 2 or 3 but more than 10!

It was the first time I have ever watched whales with my own eyes and some of them would go up nose first.  I even got to see a tail very clearly as they were about 300 yards off shore.  Still it was fantastic to watch for over half an hour.

There is a path to the beach, which we took once most of the whales had moved on, there were about 3 left when we got to the beach, but the view from above had been better.  Still it was a very fun day and experience as it was a first for all four of us.

9-15-13 Signed up for Nerd Wars.  I'll be the offical blogger for Team Impala.  Sam & Dean Winchester goodness to write about.  I'll have Mad Max Monday and Whine Wednesdays.  Still working out the other days to tie into SPN.  Weekends will be only one posting.

nerd wars


I am also Chief Cheerleader for Team Knitting Dead.

I've asked to be a CD for NWs in general.  Will see how everything plays out this Tournament.

9-14-13 Max is 10 Months Old today.  He has really grown up. 

9-10-13  I've been approved: 

night vale approval  I must not talk about it or the sheriff's secrete police will make sure that the visit to the dog park is implemented.

8-28-13 I've been sick for over a month with a post nasal drip.  I felt it a bit during Comic Con but it went full blown after I got back and my neighbor got it too.  She took antibiotics but she is till coughing.  Me not so much but it is a lingering nuisance.

I'm knitting some giftmas socks for DD#2.  I have some other knitting items to do then back to embroidery.

8-16-13 I worked all day yesterday embroidery on the seams of the shirt and got both shoulders and the main body on one side done.  I plan to finish the 2nd one today.  Just tidy up any loose ends today and I should be finished!!!  Yes, I'm done.

I've been sick for 3 weeks with a post nasal drip, so I can breath but coughing ...a lot, finally, I've had 2 nights where I've not needed to take I think I'm finally on the mend.

Last Saturday, I went to the Tudor Tailor Workshop and since there were so many people I didn't get to really have the detailed instruction I'd had at their last workshop...still I got to meet people and talk to folk that I only knew on facebook, so that made it very worth while.  I didn't learn anything new, only confirmed what I did know already, but it was good having ideas confirmed and I'm ready to do some slashing.

The skit they did was very entertaining, I loved the bit about the "frenchman".

8-8-13  Finished sewing the shirt together.  Now only the seam embellishment close.

7-26-13 So I got to go and see The Wolverine today and even if the movie was bad (which it is not) It's worth looking a Hugh Jackman.  I did get closer to a Wolverine look alike at comic Con this year:


7-22-13 Kate had her baby today and....It's a boy!!

Also I'm back from Comic Con 2013.....exahusting but oh so much fun to be able to attend.   I got a lot of Doctor Who Merchandise and saw a lot of famous and not so famous folk.  Watch the movie Serenity under the night sky at PetCo Park Stadium with Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and the lead in Chuck, Zachary Levi who gave me a Hi-Five!!

Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones is the voice for a new character in How to Train your Dragon 2 (yes, there will be a 3rd!)

'Agents of Shield', 'Under the Dome', 'Blacklist' are all panels I got to see the stars of and the best one yet....'Almost Human' with Carl Urban and Michael Ealy

TARDIS Variant

7-11-13 Kate Middleton has her due date today, I would not make a bet that she has the baby today but I predict that she will have a boy.  In the next couple of weeks we will find out if I'm right or not.

7-10-13 This Shirt has taken a long time and I'm still not finished but it is looking good and going together at last.  Will be at a workshop tonight and should finish the collar attachment to the shirt then the hem to finish.  Last will be the finishing seam embroidery and tidying up any loose ends.

7-6-13 Working on the hand finishing of the Shirt.

Then I need to work on the design for my coife.

Then I want to design an Elizabethan Fitted gown for Camp and I need to design a Tudor for 12th Night, along with french hood.

I want to design an Elizabethan 12th night and I purchased more than 80 aglets for it.

7-4-13 Watching Independence day on Independence Day.  AC is on 76 for 1776 being very patriotic today.

7-1-13 My mother is 97 years old today...that is very old.  Last month I had a friend pass from cancer at age 37.  Life is not fair.  Today I read that another friend has breast cancer and she is young too.

6-28-13 wunderground weather says 103.6 and Intellicast says it's 93....either way it's HOT!

I closed up the house this morning, so it's way cooler inside than out.

Working on the shirt.

6-24-13 Less than a month till Comic Con!

Went to June Crown to run the WK Needleworker's Guild meeting.  I was elected Minister in March and this was my first official meeting.  Really went well.  I wore my Romans.

6-18-13 I'm so excited and happy!  I was able to get my Saturday ticket for ComicCon.  They had sold out last year when the tickets went on sale, but with the returns and of course the short notice they had 3100 tickets available.  I was able to purchase the ticket all on my own.  My DD had always purchased them in the past as she has the speedy fingers.  I was good when the time came as I got in on batch #3!!

In a month ComicCon...look out San Diego, here I come.  Taking my tardiest blue scarf.

6-17-13 I waited and his eye is really fine.  Very little goop and no indication that he has a problem nor is the eye bloodshot.

Working on the assembly of the shirt.

Guild Meeting this Saturday with a long car drive to site.

Back deck is beautiful and we are going to get it extended.  They are painting the room (my new sewing room!) today and will let it dry and paint tomorrow then, closet gets build out and the doors go on, new flooring installed on Wed! 

6-13-13 Puppy has an eye infection and now I have to call the Vet's when they open.  8am I think.  I have measurements for the shirt to fit perfectly and can now get it all assembled.  Have to go to Cosco too and I'm in the lottery for the Saturday Comic Con ticket...wish me luck.

6-6-13 Feeling so much better but still have the boat rocking sometimes if I move too fast.  At least I got the ruffs on the cuffs and got one sleeve body attached to the cuff....progress!

6-5-13 Wow what can happen so fast.  I got sick on Sunday and went to the doctors on Monday.  I had a case of Vertigo.  Some bit of something floats in your inner ear and messes with the nerves there causing massive dizziness.  A good night's rest helped but here I am 3 days latter and I still feel like I'm on a boat sometimes....yuck!

I have not been able to work on the shirt at all.  I can hardly sit at the computer but for 45 minutes or less.  This sucks.

So the Guild Meeting is now cancelled for Saturday as the temps are going to be way over 100....some say 111F  Don't want Heat Stroke and I don't have AC in my car, so I rescheduled the meeting for June Crown.  There are trees there and someone has already offered their pavilion.

6-1-13 Yesterday was a ton of fun.  2 hr. lunch with a friend and then the Gem Show.  Got in for free and made a haul of pearls for my late period dresses.  I also got some charms with boxers and a pair of cute cat charms for my daughter.

Went to the flea Market today as I haven't been is a very long time.  I got some black pearls to go with the pearls that I got from the same vendor.  They are very large  white and now I have the black to go with them and make a large necklace a la Elizabethan.

Got some summer tops to so I can stay cool.

5-23-13  I have an answer and now to get to the details of cutting out the linen for the shirt. I'm very glad he went with this style as I think he'll be much happier with it.

5-20-13 Went to Spring Mists Investiture and forgot my camera, so no photos of it from me.  I went with DD-2 to see Star Trek: Into Darkness in the AM and boy did I love it!!  Can't wait to get it on DVD.  I liked it better than the 1st Movie!

While I wait for the answer I need, I've been working on the cuffs of this Smock.

5-15-13 My daughter is staying with us for a week while her car got repaired and she takes care of the neighbors pets. While I love having her here, I have to watch the pets while she is at work.  Max was neutered yesterday, so I have whiney dog with a cone which he hates.  I've not heard back from Greg...and my neck hurts...had to get that out and bitch for a bit.

5-5-13  Back from Beltane!  I only staid for 1 night as the winds and the dust and the heat made for a miserable place.  Good to see folk and see people recognized for their good works and I was released from court....yay....I'm a free woman!!

So glad I took the romans to wear in the heat.

4-27-13 started the blackwork collar.  Using new stretcher bars 25 x 7

4-26-13  Finished the blackwork cuffs yesterday.  They have a tiny bit of gold couched down on them as well.  I have to get some stretcher bars for the collar.  The largest I have is 17" and need more at either ends for the extra fabric.

Yay!  Road Trip.

4-22-13 Finished the Rose Pouch.  Can't put up photos still she gets it.  Pergatorio in August.

Now onto the blackwork shirt!  I'm on a roll.

4-21-13 Finished the 5th season of Fringe and boy I gota say I really enjoyed this program.  I saw the panel at Comic Con and spoke to the actor who plays Broyes.  They were a fun cast to watch and listen to.  Even though this is a sic-fi series, it's all about family relationships. 

4-20-13 more embroidery on the Rose Pouch.  It's starting to come together.

4-18-13 Madly stitching on the Rose Pouch.

4-14-13 The ribs are not nearly as sore today and we got 2 good walks. Max was a doll today.

Started sewing the Rose Pouch Roses.  I want to get it done as soon as possible, so that I can get serious on the embroidery for the blackwork shirt.  That is the last big project that I have to finish.  Then I can concentrate on my own things.

Make a wool jacket.

Make a Ropa from the Wool Velvet.

Make a Tudor Gown (I've got all the undergarments done)

Start my Coif which will be a period done piece.

4-13-13 I'm sore in the ribs where he kicked at me and I have some bruises and scratches.  When I walked into the kitchen where Max sleeps he was in his crate still.  He does not get up when DH makes his coffee in the morning. 

Max waited till I sat on the stool and he came to me with head lowered, ears back and tail wagging.  His little jowls up to the sides and we had a beautiful greeting.

Boy my side really hurt in the AM while walking Max.  He met several tweens but they were very good with him and he with them.  Hobbled back home though.

DH and I had a PM walk and I feel much better now.  Watched Karl Urban in DREDD and it's not a great movie, but better than I though it would be.  Lots of blood and gore.

4-12-13 Well a move may be in the works for me.  DH may quit today.  I'm going to quit my job either way.  I'm going to retire.  That means more time to sew, embroider and knit, while raising Max.

I quit my job today and gave them notice till the end of June.  Things are winding down so it's a good time.

Today for the very first time, I was ready to give Max back to the breeder. He was just not listening to me and would not stop barking or chewing on my hands.  After repeated 'No' and using CM's bite physical touch to make him stop, he didn't listen and kept repeating the bad behavior, so I tried to put him in a submissive position.  He would not go down and fought me for a good 30 minutes.  I hands are sore and I've got scratches on my arms.  He would not submit.  He'd rest and go back.  I tried to get him to just go into the down position...but no, he would not do that either.  Well, he did stop barking but he touched my hands with his I guess he won.  I just didn't do the right thing and I feel bad about it.  Now I'm not the pack leader and will have to start all over again.  I have to have a dog that listens to me.  I've tried to do everything correctly, but he just doesn't seem to care.  It's been a hard day.  I'm tired and sad. I cried because I had to use way more force than I wanted to.  He even gave a tiny yip while struggling to get up and I was holding him down.

4-10-13 Have not spoken to my mother in 2 days, with luck I'll get through to her today.  Yup got through to her and we talked for almost 1/2 hour which was nice for a change.

Finished my Cap for a friend of mine to embroider!

4-7-13  Have to admit I was a bit disappointed when someone said they would provide me with information and 'box of stuff' then could not provide it.  I'm thinking I'll never get it.  Also asked for info via email and that was not forth coming either.

Crab Feed was a trial to say the least.  I'll be very happy if I don't have to do it again with the person involved. She said that she gave me a folder when she gave it to someone else.  Then she lied to another person and ate 2 meals worth $40.00 each and gave a meal to another for free.  I always paid for my ticket if I ate the meal.  Then the Pres. talked to me about getting all the extra crab to a homeless shelter....Like I know what to do??!!  I told her I didn't have a clue...did she???

Then a long trip up to Napa to do Court Duties.  That was a long drive, but it was good with friends.  I love Edna, Joe's Mom...such a wonderful lady.  Glad I got to spend some time with her.  Got to met his brother (who loves steampunk) and his sister.

4-2-13  Work is gearing up for the Crab Feed on Friday, so I'm busy. Working on the blackwork and the Rose Pouch.

3-24-13  Back from March Crown.  I got elected as Guild Minister and was presented in court.


Our queen in the front and me in the blue hat.

2-21-13 An important lesson I have learned from my dogs:

"Live in the Moment!"

Got some embroidery designs for the Rose Pouch and I'm liking what I see so far. I have cut out the felt for the roses and leafs.

Looking forward to March Crown as I'm up for election as the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild Minister.


3-17-13 The Trim for Their Majesties is completed!  I must do the Rose Pouch Embroidery.  I do have some rose designs I'm looking at.

Then to finish the Blackwork Shirt.

3-15-13  The Ides of March!  I renewed my membership in the SCA, but it has gotten so expensive!  So I'm just a member for $30.00 cause the notification to get a monthly newsletter is another $15.00!!! 

3-12-13  A stressful morning as it was my 1st Comic Con experience trying to book a hotel.  The CC discount really counts for almost half off, and when I got in I was so excited!  Got to the end and there was an error, so I called...managed to get a person who booked the last room with the discount!!!  That saved me almost $400.00 and makes me happy.

3-10-13 Event is done and it was not as stressful as I had thought it would be.  Kirtle worked out great and I was comfortable all day.  I do need to make a new Camica for when I cook as the one I have is not fitting correctly.  The neckline is way too big.

So I forgot to mention the big trade!  I had 3 yds of 2.8oz linen from  It's really gauze.  I cannot embroider on it.  So I traded it for:  2 french pillows, 60 English Bobbins a square pillow and assorted cotton yarns DMC.  Also a beginner's set of bobbins threaded with a sample.  There will be a bobbin lace guest speaker in October in Berkeley.  I'd love to attend.  Want to get going to learning more period bobbin lace patterns.                     french pillow for bobbin lace

3-6-13 Almost done on the Kirtle.

3-4-13  Puppy Max has gone 5 days without an accident!  A new record.  I hope to work on the Brown Kirtle more.

3-3-13  Since DD was here today to watch the puppy, I got some work done.  Worked on the Brown Kirtle and worked on the rose pouch as well.

3-1-13 I got into a size 8 today!  I have not lost any weight though.  2 walks a day may have made the difference.

It's my Anniversary too----42 years!

2-26-13 Got the AKC registration today on Max that is cool.  So Maximillian is officially part of his name. 

I have to work on my projects!!!!

2-24-13 ftp has indeed gone....

Have not worked on the brown kirtle but at least all the pieces are cut out. 

2-20-13  So finally the FTP feature will no longer work with Dreamweaver and this site...what a bother.  I'll just have to live with it. 

PPF3 is on March 3rd.  I'll see if I can finish the brown wool kirtle I've started.  I've cut out all the pieces of wool and the linen lining as well.  Have to find my hemp which has been prewashed for the boning.  TW has already been completed.

Well the ftp worked!

Forgot to mention, if you have not watched Downtown Abby...Do, it's really good.

2-16-13 Tried to get a Saturday Ticket for Comic Con, but looks like that will not happen this year.  So I'm on my own for Saturday.  Been looking at a black screen for the past 36 minutes, but it says that I'm at the waiting room. So I waited an hour and decided to quite when people were saying that the 4day tickets were sold out and then Saturday was sold out as well.  15452 was my place when I left, so no chance of getting the Saturday ticket I needed.

Started work on the Rose Pouch with fabrics picked out and inkle strap done.

2-12-13  My life is getting into a schedule with Max and he's had 3 days without an accident and has asked to go outside each time!  Very proud of him.  He's had the 2nd of 3 shots and the Vet has given me permission to take him out for walks and to meet other dogs.  He's up to meeting 70 people now and has met Baile and Chelsey today.

1-30-13 Starting to get my life back with Max.  Took him to work today as well, so he got to meet more new people.  He is growing...growing...growing!!  Got 6.5 hrs of sleep was awesome.

1-14-13 Working on 5 hrs of sleep but he's so much more relaxed, still a ways to go yet.

1-13-13 I have had only 6 hrs of sleep, but it's OK!

1-12-13 I have a new puppy...Max

1-11-13 Only 1 more day!!

1-7-13 Sister is out of the coma.  Apparently she even spoke and could hold a ball...all good signs.

1-6-13 12th Night was great, Sunday had another puppy visit also great, Then found out that my sister is in a coma and she may have encephalitis.  Still waiting to hear.



Happy birthday to J.R.R. Tolkien, born today January 3rd 1892!


1-1-2013 Happy New Year!

Watching Walking Dead and knitting The Black Dahlia



































Max at 1 yr


what's Up with That!


middle earth costumes

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