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12-30-12 Granted I'm a huge Tolkien Fan, I'm also a huge fan of Peter Jackson...If you have not go see the Hobbit!  Dwarf's are cool.

Not a huge fan of what they did with the Elves Costumes.  They don't appear as 'rich' as in the LOTR.  Love what they did with the Dwarf's Costumes.

12-29-12 Tomorrow the Hobbit!

Today was with Max and had so much fun that we overstayed way late.  6 weeks old:  max 6 wks 3 days

12-24-12 Christmas Eve....I love this time, when things are all wrapped up and nothing left to do.  Such a flurry of activity in the AM and dinner to prepare on Christmas Day.  This time is best.

Tree is beautiful and the cat only broke one ornament.  He ate some ribbon too and tossed it back up, so that taught him not to eat anymore.   Christmas Music is playing and we had High Tea with tea and scones.

Thinking of my little Max with happiness in my heart.

Finished the Royal Napkins!

12-23-12 Almost finished with the Royal Napkins.  Then back to the blackwork shirt.  I just may get it done by the 5th of January.

Then I have to do the Rose Pouch.  That is due June. 

12-22-12 Little Mathew will be mine!  I'm going to call him Max...short for MAXIMILLIAN 11.  Drove through some very bad rain to get to him, but so worth the trip.  We had so much fun with all the puppies, but love little Max so much.

12-17-12 I call my Mom every weekday as I must be a glutton for punishment.  Today (Me):  I got my tree up and we'll decorate it next weekend. (mom) So you going to take a walk and let your DD do the tree trimming? (why?? where did that come from?)

(Mom) You going to get a new dress for Christmas?  (Me) No as I don't want to get something that I won't be able to wear in a few months. (Mom) You going to gain weight?  Of course it's just the opposite as my jeans are slipping off and I'm loosing inches but not too many pounds right now.  But for her to think that way really sucks.

So you going to get a dog rather than a dress?  Yes, Mom.  You going to pick it up today? No Mom, I don't know when.

Guess I'm a bad daughter as that is not true, I do know the date, but I really don't know which puppy will become mine till we get closer to the end date.  The little guy below is looking like a good show dog and I'm not going to show.

This guy is #2 on our list:  puppy 2 but someone ahead of me wants him.

Nothing is set in stone yet.

Scheese....this is not the way to start the day!


12-16-12 So this little guy may become mine:  puppy 

Rainbow Bridge page is up for Titus.

12-12-12 @ 12:12

12-05-12 Boy, my mother really rambled today.  She could not remember where she lived in FLA. However, she gave me a complement on my embroidery.  She also has a hard time hearing me and she takes so softly even with the volume up it's hard to understand her.  She also rambles on and on about things missing or items being swapped out/replaced with other things.  She cannot remember that what she owns and thinks that someone put a Santa Clause that was not hers in her storage area that is locked.  I think she does things and doesn't remember.

12-2-12 Dickens Faire was great, but I left my lights on and when I got back to the car, in the dark & rain, the battery was dead.  Placed a call at 6:18p to AAA and they said someone would be out between 30 - 45min.  Cool, called back at 45mins and they can make it in 30 - 45mins...wait, why so long...they disconnected me.  Called back, yup another 30 - 45mins.  Well I'm at the Cow Palace Parking lot, there is a gate, the faire closes at 8pm I need someone before 8pm or we may be locked out...long story short...AAA didn't do anything to help me!  They never once called me back to check on my status in the 2 HOURS I was stuck in the dark, rainy, cold night.

A couple dressed for the fair walked by the car and we asked them if they had jumper cables.  They told us the faire closed at 7pm it was now approaching 8pm.  They called their son in law who worked at the faire:  Mr. Brown's Teas (please purchase their delicious cookies and pastries) and he drove up and gave me a jump.  Thank God for the kindness of strangers!

Got home late but safe.

I get to visit the boxer puppies on Dec. 16th!!! 

12-1-12  I'm so glad I signed the contract, I'm looking forward now rather than backward and sadness.  I don't really care about Xmas either, I'm so focused for mid-January.  Must try and keep things in perspective.

Going to Dickens Faire, a 1st for me.  I purchased the ticket before the loss of Titus as I have not scheduled anything since his passing. 

So 30 days to the New Year.  Over all this year was not a good one for the whole family.  I'm not making any resolutions at all for 2013.

11-30-12 I signed the contract and set off the deposit.  I hope to have a puppy by mid January 2013.

11-28-12 My mother has been introspective for the past 2 days.  With the help of a friend, she found 90% of the stuff that she had claimed to be stolen.  It's sad to say, but she is loosing her memory.  I try to explain that it isn't a disease, but just old age that is catching up with her.

I wrote a Rainbow Bridge message to the NorCal Boxer Rescue Web.  I got Titus from them 11 years ago. I was very misty eyed.

DH and I had a talk and he is OK with a puppy at the beginning of the New Year!  Really really excited about this prospect.  We are looking at a lot of different dog breeds, but my heart is with boxers.  What's not to love:

11-26-12 My mother is old, 96 old.  I should cut her some slack and I do most days but today when I told her I was not working on any particular project, she called me 'lazy'.  I told her I just didn't have any inspiration going.  She then said that I'd loose my status 'with that group of your' (meaning the SCA) and that one of the old ladies I know would be speaking against me!  How does she make these things up?

However, this is what I had growing up.  No wonder, I'm a reserved person.

Good news:  FTP service is back up.  Small consolation though.

11-25-12  Got on the scales today and lowest weight and I passed Thanksgiving Dinner.  Now to get beyond Xmas and I'm golden.  Still have weight loss to go, but I'm over a big hump.

On the down side, looks like I've finally lost my FTP access. 

11-24-12 Today was difficult for several reasons.  DD#2 left to go back to her place after spending 4 days with us.  I got an email from a breeder of boxers and she said she had puppies and would considered us a good candidates. DD loved the idea and we had lunch and talked of all the possibilities and even names.  Husband came home and completely killed the idea.  He wants to wait.

So more sad time for me.

November 23rd is TARDIS Day!!

11-22-12 Happy Thanksgiving Dinner


Turkey & Cranberry Dressing & Gravy

Cranberry Relish

Deviled Eggs

Creamed Onions

Leaks & Bacon

Sweet Potato

Made from Scratch:  Apple Pie

11-21-12  Finally put thread to linen and started the Napkin Embroidery.

My walk today was not so good, still very weepy. omg, when will it stop....I dropped some Almonds from the pantry and I would have had to scoop them up double time, but without my lovable dog there, I can take my time.  The kitchen floor is cleaner too and I would trade everything, for his presence in my life again.

11-20-12 I sent in my check for a pair of 16th Century square toe Tudor/German shoes.  Black with green accents.  Very excited to see what they will be like on my feet.  It's for 12th Night.  Court is getting a discount on the price. 

Started prep for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Finished watching Wallender (Swedish) on Netflix, I was crying at the end for many reasons, but it's a good series.

11-19-12 Going to pick up my Turkey today and then go watch Skyfall, the latest James Bond Movie.  It's Thanksgiving week and I should be greatful but I just don't feel like being in the celibration mood.  Friends have been very supportive which is great and really, so has the family.  Keeping up my walks which is very good and keeping my weight steady.  Not lost much in the past month as I've been cheating a lot (candy and pizza, oh my!) 

I'm doing a lot of knitting and no much else....Bad Me as I have to make a shirt and napkins by the end of the year.  I just have to get motivated...that is not happening much in the embroidery area, but my knitting friends have been so very helpful to me.

11-14-12  Had a good walk this AM with only 1 tear, thought I was doing outstanding and later on in the day did my errands.  Had a total melt down in the car.  I now keep tissues in purse, car and all pockets.

made lil pup a bit more like Titus    boxer puppy

11-13-12 It is still so very hard to take my walks in the AM.  Yesterday I had popcorn for dinner (not healthy I know) but I dropped a piece.  Big Puppy would have been on it in a minute, I have to remember to pick up after myself now.  When will I get over this weey part?  It creeps up on me when I'm not thinking and a wave of sadness comes.  I know I just have to give it time.  I can almost talk about him to others. Not a day has gone by though that I don't think of him in some way.  I can talk to strangers easier than people who knew him....that's odd.

11-12-12 Home from a long weekend out of town.  I'm glad I went as it really took my mind off recent events. 

I was a cook for collegium feast 1530s Italain.  A worker bee I was cooking and preping dinner items all day long 9am to 10pm.  It was a rewarding experience and not as hecktic as I had imagined.  I did cause one disaster as I dropped an uncooked rice pie on the floor.  Thank goodness it went straight down upsidedown on the floor perfectly down without any extra mess (rice custard is very googy) but It stayed contained and was an easy clean up.  My made from scratch, pie dough was, however, burnt (not by me) and the cheese ball fritters (the oil did not get hot enough to cook them) didn't get done either.  Everyone loved the gamehen skins stuffed with sausage (which I assembled)  They came out perfect!  I cut the mushrooms for that dish and got them prepped for cooking (heated in water was all)  No onions or garlic was used in the menu.  I also made some green sauce, cut bread, toasted it for the hempseed sandwiches.

I took my little puppy with me on the trip and he slept with me in the bed.  The Room at Larkspur Landing was very very nice.  I'm glad I got a reservation for it.  Costly but good.

Sunday, on the way home I did the workshope scheduled from 11a - 4:30p at her Royal Highness's home.  She thought she was going to have 8 of us, but 20 showed up.  I got 2 hats sewn and I'm sure she had more as a lot of folk were still there when I left but I had a long way to go home from her place in Walnut City.

The hats are going to her guard and courtiers along with a beautiful pin!  The guard and artisans will have red hats and courtiers will have blue.  Heads of Court will have black.

So I'm making another hat in brown wool that I have which will go over my hair when it is up. All the court hats are the same size.

11-07-12 People keep asking me if I'm OK, I say yes, but that is a lie.  Tonight someone came to the door and I had my headphones on and didn't hear the big puppy would have told me someone was there and I still miss him in so many little ways. I thought I would be over the weepy part by now, but I seem to have in inexhaustible supply.

11-06-12 Still getting up early, but I'm feeling a bit better.  I still have grave moments when I see or look for him.  While cooking, he is not at my feet looking for me to drop something on the floor.  Still doing my walks as I should and he would want me too. 

Voted today as well, I can only hope Obama pulls it out.  Looks like he'll cary New Mexico...that's a good thing.

Walked to Peet's for a light mocha fredo and back home for a total of at least 5 miles today.  It was very warm though in the 80s and it's November!!

I'll be on the next King & Queen of the West's court in January and she has scheduled workshops this month.  I'll be attending and trying to be of as much help as possible.  It's good for me to be busy (helps to get through the day).  She wants everyone  to wear Coats!!  I almost panicked then found out that Loose Gowns are I'm good!!

11-5-12 Got up at 5am today, but at least I did get some sleep.  DD cat, who now has free reign of the house slept in my bed last night.  I will go out for a walk when it gets light.  I have to make myself do stuff.  I know that life must go on when we loose a loved one, but my heart wants it all to stop and go back.

DD#2 moved out of the house yesterday, another emotional blow.

DD#1 just bought me This  Very sweet of her.boxer plushie

11-4-12 Only 3 hours of sleep, but it was dreamless.  Grief is hard.  Everywhere I look are reminders of him, it's a beautiful day and I took a walk without my faithful companion by my side.

11-4-12 It's 1:30am and I cannot sleep.  I miss big puppy so much already.  He is free from pain that I know he was feeling. He gave me so very much unconditional love.  He'd follow me from room to room in the house and always try to find a way to earn a treat.  So kinda and gentle a big dog no one could ask for more.  I was honored to have him for 12 years.

11-3-12 I lost my big puppy today, he died in my arms very peacefully.  He is in heaven I'm sure as he was the very best sweetest dog in the world.  Sweet Dreams.


11-1-12 MIL is out of IC and doing better each day.  She is off the ventilator and sitting up.  Yay!

On the other hand, big puppy is doing less well, he's loosing weight and I'm feeding him more.  The rash on his groin his growing, heaven only knows what is going on inside.  He has a vet apt tomorrow.  I have to come to grips with the idea that we will have to end his suffering.  I know that, but I want to keep him here with me. The letter we got from the 1st apt gave an estimate of  2 - 6 months.  I can tell he is a lot weaker than he used to be he can't open the door to the kitchen like he used to.  When I take him for a walk, he is more interested in the treats than smelling and walking (so not like he used to be)  He pretty much ignores all other dogs (again different behavior).

big puppy Titus

Gave him a bath today so he smells like baby shampoo.

10-30-12 Just found out that my MIL is in the hospital with internal thoughts and prayers go out to her, I love that woman!

10-28-12 worked out what I'm going to do for the Royal Napkins.  Design and Stitch to use.

Worked on the blackwork for the hemd shirt as well, so I'm accomplished today.

10-26-12 Took big puppy to Carmel.  It's part of his bucket list.  A visit to the Dog Friendly Beach was fun for all.  He didn't like getting his paws wet in the cold ocean water.  Lots of friendly dogs at the beach and he was so good and wagged his tail at them.

Then DD found The Forge in the Forrest, a dog friendly restaurant.  We had lunch there. The seafood chowder was excellent but pricy.  They gave Titus a bowl of water and some milk bones.  Talked to a man who was training his dog for search and rescue and he shard his grilled chicken for his dog with titus.  2 young boys got a kick petting Titus and making much over him.  It was a good day.

10-16-12  Took my big puppy to the Vet's today.  He has had 2 major surgeries to remove tumors this year and the last one 2 weeks ago, but then he got a sore spot on his groin and it's all red and puffy.  Looks like a lump and felt like it was in the lymph gland.  His regular Vet gave me the name of a specialist since he knew he could not do the surgery.  The 2nd Vet, asked a surgeon to look over the area and she thought she could remove the lump but not enough of the healthy tissue to be certain.  Radiation would be required and then no guarantee that the tumors would not return somewhere else.  So terrible to be told this information.  We opted for an ultrasound...more bad news the cancer is in his lymph system and its grown in another area near the spine.  Big Puppy is 12 years old.  The specialist then said that they would not recommend surgery.

titus  So it is going to be hard since we will not have him for much longer.  Trying to keep the growth down with steroids. 

We are going to do a Bucket List for him and the beach is #1.

10-11-12 Got on the scales today and lost another pound...that's a total of 40lbs!  Still have aways to go yet, but so much closer to my goal.  I'm a size 12 right now and I want to be a 10 or maybe less...we will see.  The road goes on...

10-9-12  Getting ready for October Crown this weekend...nothing really fits anymore since I've lost so much weight...

Going through wardobe and I'm getting rid of all the Viking Garb.  Green Norman doesn't fit anymore nor does the Green Italian.  I think I can salvage the Black Norman and the Silk Norman.  The Rust Italian looks so much better on me now.

9-29-12 Going to Coronet today with friends. Not sure I'm ready for socialization's yet.  The dog had surgery to remove a massive tumor from his back leg and a tiny one on his ear.  Recovery is 3 weeks for the stitches to be removed, but he was extremely whiney last night and a bit this morning.  He did eat well though. 

Made a knit cowl for my MIL but we didn't Fed Ex it as it would have been over 45.00 to ship a package that weighed .25 lbs.

Thank god for Skype, I've been able to talk to DD#1 while she has spent a week in Japan.

9-21-12 Last weekend was a trip to Yosemite National Park and camping at Tuolumne Meadows for 4 days and 3 nights.  The dinners were planned around my DD #1's wishes as this is the last family get together for 11 months.

Today she got on the plane to take her to Japan, where she will study for her Japanese Minor.  I miss her so much already.

I knit her a pair of gloves that she had picked out some time ago.  I also have to embroider her a banner to send to her while she is over there.  A Chirstmas Gift.

9-4-12 What a nice long weekend, I really don't want to go back to work....but have to.

I knit myslef a pair of Dalek fingerless gloves and realy think they are cute.  Currently I'm in a Doctor Who phase.  Will knit a tilting tardis scarf for the fall.

dalek mits

I have to redraw the blackwork design for the hemmed shirt.

Do a write up for A & S Display in October.

I've lost 35 lbs and can fit into size 12 jeans now!

FTP still works, but not for long. Oh Well.

8-17-12 Working on the bodice of the Italian today.  Well, I have to rethink that.  Looks like some tablet weaving is in my future, since I need it for my dress.

8-16-12 I've lost over 30lbs and can fit into dresses I made back in 2007!  Go Me I'm a size 14.  Only 4 more sizes to go.  I have to say I don't think of myself on a diet anymore.  I think I've really changed the way I think about food (or rather don't think about it) and what I eat.

8-13-12 Today I will also start on my Kitchen Dress, Italian style 1580s.

8-12-12  Buzy Bee...I made a Mock Up of the shirt I'm going to be making.

7-29-12 Working on my tablet weaving right now and inkle too as I have promised work to complete.

7-29-12  Yahoo is my host server and they are upgrading security which is good, but I'm going to lose my FTP uploader which is build into my Dreamweaver.  I'm very happy with my DWCS3 and yes it's that old, but I just like the plain jane approach and no I'm not making my site tablet or phone friendly.  All the folk to look at this site are doing so on computers.  So I'm loosing a cool easy feature, but will just have to put up with the hassle as I don't have any money to spend on an upgrade more than $100.00 and I'd rather spend that on fabrics or silk threads.  I'll just have to do it the old fashioned way, which takes longer, but I'll live with it.

7-27-12  I've been on a diet for the past 4 months now and I've lost a total of 29lbs so far.  I still have a long way to go but I'm almost half way.  In 2004 I lost 60lbs on South Beach and then I broke my arm and lost my job and I gained it all back and then some.  So this time I hope to make it stick by trying to make a life style change rather than a diet.  The fact that I've been off diet sodas for more than a year has helped I think as well as my intake of anything sweet or sweet tasting (regardless of calories) is very limited.

7-21-12 Back to embroidery and finishing up the 12th night largess sweet bag.  Should have it finished today (with luck).

Then I should start on the Royal Napkins and the Hemd for Greg. 

7-17-12 Back from Comic Con and need to recover from my vacation.  Spent a lot of time in lines, but it was totally worth it. Karl Urban is gorgeous (Just saying), Jared Padalecki and Jenson Akles and Misha Collins even Jim Beaver were seen, Liam from Spartacus, Firefly's Nathan and Fringe and Community and of course Dr. Who's Matt Smith!  Just to mention a few folk.

Then my Laurel has some great news for me, which I cannot mention here....agghhhhh

So a took 2 quizes on which house I'd belong to from the Game of Thrones and I got 2 answers:

1st quiz Game of Thrones  House Targaryen about 75%

2nd quiz Game of Thrones  House Stark about 90%


Interesting cause I bought 2 patches from Game of Thrones and they guessed it:  Targaryen and Stark

The 1st quiz asked some very leading questions but quiz 2 asked 31 of them and had a lot more houses listed.


7-10-12 I'll be off-line for the week....Comic Con!!

7-9-12 Yesterday I learned how to do a pick up in inkle weaving.  This technique will open the door on a ton of new designs.

7-4-12 Happy 4th of July!  We will celibrate with BBQ baby back ribs on the slow grill.

Inkle will be in the furture...4 for commission and 2 for my laurel/Pelican.  I plan on doing 2 card weaving for my friend as well.

7-2-12 Finished reading 'The Pathfinder' by James Fenimore Cooper.

"you are not alone in your sorrow.  Turn, and let your eyes look upon a friend."

Lovely words

I purchased the book 10-09-1993!  It was $4.46  that's almost 20 years ago...guess who's a slow reader (j/k)

6-30-12 This is made for me!

A & S Token it's my award token for A & S competition

I hope to pick it up on Monday.


Happy Birthday/Lady of Sharp/with focus and needle/you bring life into Art.

from Sir John

I think this is the first poem anyone has ever written to me! 

Got my new linen today.  3.7oz hanky weight from Gray Line Linen.  They are more expensive than but I've heard good things about this linen. We will see, their customer service sucks!  Product looks pretty good.

6-25-12 and once again, I have someone in my family who has to be pissy on my birthday.  DD did it last year and this year it's DH...can't everybody just get along...esp. on my birthday!?

I guess not, too much for them.  It's the one day, I'd like it to be all about me...

So, I got a book on whitework embroidery!  Nice birthday gifts to me as I also got some spangles and silk threads.  The plan is to try out different silks to see what works best for me.  I got the Ovale silk.  This silk is a flat filiment silk and should have more of the hand and feel of silks used in Elizabethan Times.

Also I'm working on embroidery for my Roman Matron Stola

roman matron hemline

6-20-12 Longest Day of the year.  I heard some news today, a woman I worked for about 6 years ago, who was the cruelest person I ever worked for is separated.  She got married the year I worked for her and this was like her 3rd and his 4th, so the odds were not in their favor.  He was a decent fellow but she was the one with the money and attitude.  Am I a bad person to think that they would not have a 'happy ever after'.  I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did!

6-17-12  Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.

Yesterday was great.  War Cloak got lots of ohhhhs and ahhhhs!

I received an award:  A Rose Leaf from their Majesties Hauoc and Mina.

rose leaf

Now I'm Jocelyn of Rowenwood, ORL

My Smock won the Needlework Competition!

A & S award

Plus my friends took me to dinner and I got a plate to match a cup I got at March Crown and a period measuring Cup!

6-15-12  Check out this link: 

Illiminated Silmarillion

  Looks like a beautiful volume for all you Tolkien Fans.  Now to combine it with John Howe's work...a perfect combo.  Actually I think I'd change things up with the illuminations too, but this concept is a good one.  I just don't think this medieval style is perfect for Tolkien.  I would have used the early Anglo Saxon style for the Silmarillion.  The author chose a more 15th century style. Rohan visually is more Anglo Saxon and the Dwarfs are very Viking in their writting, however the Elves are a case all their own.

Sindarin, the language of the Grey-elves or Sindar. Tolkien based Sindarin on Welsh and originally called it gnomish. Check it out against an anglo saxon font:


6-10-11 The workshop was a lot of work, but good.  I found I did not have it for metalworking I don't have the patience for it.  Wood working looks like a lot of fun if you have the tools.

So I went home and did some calligraphy.  I love my Brause Nibs. I did try out my gold ink and it's so very hard to read on white paper. It is shinny though.  I may try it on my next scroll.  Did one layout and my letters got bigger and bigger!  I have to watchout for that happening.

6-9-12  Smock is finished and documentation is done.  Going to enter it in the Needlework catagory at A & S.  Now to get working on my design for the coif.

Today I'm going to a PPF-3 workshop on Forks.

6-5-12  Another goal reached, I've lost 20 lbs!, Still a long way to go, but little bits at a time.  It took me a year to put on that weight and only 1.5 months to take it off.  The next 20 will take longer I know, but I'm already feeling the benifits of the weight loss.  Trying to take the little victories at a time and not worry that I can't have a piece of cake or potato chips.

6-4-12 OMG I love the internet!  I just found a really cool way to make a rolled hem and also found a period man's shirt on line at Warwickshire, UK.  Now to get a card reader for my camera and I'm good for the win.

6-3-12 Had great fun at the flea Market yesterday and now I have Birthday gifts for my Mom.  Also went to the movies and saw Snow White and the Huntsman....boy the Huntsman, Chris so worth watching.

5-31-12 OK finished Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 9 eps. 3 and Goran is fired!  No.....and Eames Quits NYPD..yikes.  I hope I 've not spoilt anything for anybody.

5-28-12  Feeling pooped!  Worked 5 hours yesterday making an apron dress pattern.  Did at least 3 fittings, but she went home with a pattern that fits.  Fitting a curvy woman is much harder than a straight one...let me tell ya.

I did finish the blackwork embroidery for my collar and cuffs!  Now, onto the smock.

5-27-12 Finished watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 7.  It took me a while to like Robert Goren as a character, but dang he creeps up on you and I really feel for this detective cause he's had a rough family life.  I have to say, that I sympathize with his character as I too came from a household where my mother favored my brother over everybody else.

Robert Goren Criminal Intent

5-23-12 I'm pitching all my dog treats from Waggin Train, I did not do my due dilligence these treats are made in China.  Some dogs are getting sick from the chicken jerky.   I'm sticking with IAMS treats as they have not had any recalls in the past 5 years and I do have a healthy dog and want to keep him that way.

Got the linen for my class kits today!  It's really nice 100% linen for embroidery.

5-22-12 Sold the Loom!  It now has a good home and my garage is empty.  DH is happy!

5-19-12 Investiture was nice if short.  No feast for me.

5-18-12 Done! and on proud of myself. A Comfort Elizabethan in 2 weeks...Go Me.

I have something to wear tomorrow and a new pearl necklace & earrings to go with it all

5-16-12  Almost finished with the Loose Gown...pretty much the hems to do.

5-9-12  DH's Birthday today, so I made a from scratch cake with icing.  Lamb for dinner. 

Still working on the Loose Gown, not too much left.

5-8-12 Largess from the WK Needleworkers is to be from the Queen's Gifts Inventories, but I'm going to make something for the guys.  A shirt with embroidery.  Due 12th Night, but I'm also going to have to have a pair of Royalty Napkins due at that time too, so I'm going to make this shirt 1st and have it done before October Crown.

5-7-12 At Scribal I finished the calligraphy on my very first assigned scroll and got another one assigned to me. I know I can do bettern on the 2nd one.

5-3-12  It's not like I don't have enough to do, but I'm going to attempt this in record time.  We shall see.

5-2-12 Almost done with another Smock.

4-27-12 I have to say that I understood that Janet Arnold was good but reading Queen Elizabeth Wardrobe Unlock'd I'm totally impressed on her research and the depth of the work she did.

4-25-12 Finished the Smock!

4-23-12 I can't believe I worked all day on the Smock and still have not finished it.  Lots of hand sewing of the Seam Allowances.

4-22-12 Got 5 yds of the LL020 bleached white in from  I'm going to make another Smock but this time with my own embroidery on it.  I've worked out a pattern that several people like and I like. It's based on 1585 - 1600's patterns from England.

4-21-12 Today was fracking hot!  So I hemmed my Romans while watching Gladiator.

4-20-12  Yay, finally got off my butt and started another English Smock.  I'm using some machine embroidery that my friend gave me (oops I did buy part of this).  This one is blackwork.

4-17-12  Back from a weekend of embroidery heaven at IKINS...mostly late period embroidery, bobbin lace and gloves.  I missed the Field Trip but at least now I know what 16th embroidery items they have at LACMA.

4-7-12 I guess I was a bit harsh on DH's boss...she got the boot too, so her bosses lied to her.

Working on the 3rd Roman Dress.  Will make this one with some embroidery that a friend of mine made for me and I never used since it had a household badge on it and I'm no longer part of that household.  The dogs are a part of my badge and I've cut them out and will use them on the Palla since it will be the most visible. 

In my research of roman women's clothing, I found one more neckline treatment, so I may make another.  Right now 3 seems just fine since I don't attend too many events in the summer anyway.

4-4-12  Why do bosses lie, DH was told that his department would not be effected by the Yahoo Lay Offs...guess what, he got the pink slip!  <Mad right now>

4-1-12 Roman Dress #3

3-31-12 Watched Star Trek the 2009 movie in Blu Ray...good feelings.

3-30-12 Working on my embroidery skills

3-27-12 Returned from March Crown.  My Tablet Weaving Promissory went for $160.00.  A very nice event.  Today I had a Road Trip to Alameda, Berekely, Martinez and Concord before returning home.  Got some great Calligraphy Tools and a great lunch.

3-20-12 I just don't get DH sometimes, He just got mad that dishes were left in the sink when he got home from work.  Really, is that something to get so upset over?  I don't get it and it's an easy fix to take care of.

3-18-12 Finished the 2nd Roman Dress!

3-15-12 Welcome to the Ides of March and It's Roman Times.

White Shield was fun with friends and I'm really glad we didn't stay for the feast.  I had a friend teach me how to use my spindle but it will be a long time before I get to use my spun wool on anything or worth.  It's really uneven and huge thread.

I need to make an inkle for my friends class and I want to do some more Tablet Weaving.

3-7-12 I watched the moon rise over the mountains this evening.  Will try to catch it tomorrow with a camera.  Went out to lunch today at the Elephant Bar Restaurant and had a shirmp dish that was really good.

Going to White Shield on Saturday.

Started the design on the coif.  This will be a documentable coif from 1680s.

2-27-12 Not too much to report, working on getting everything ready for my IKINS classes in April.  I have no obligations till October Crown...Yay!

2-15-12 All Finished on the Cloak!

2-14-12 DD took me out to lunch at P.F. Chang's and I had shrimp and shrimp..yummy.  Then we went to find some shoes and I got a good pair of walking and a fun pair of clogs.  Happy Valentines to me!!  O K to you all too.

2-8-12 Still working on the cloak,  Lots of hours into the embroidery on this one.  Almost there, but not quite. 

There is a call for items to auction at March Crown, but I just can't commit right now with the cloak.  I could do a promisory but I have so much else on my plate I'm going to pass.  The money is going to pay for a legal settlement for a civil suite that took place in Pennsylvania in 1999.  1.3 Million!

1-31-12  A Revised Cloak, but I'm ready to finish it now.

1-21-12 More progress on the Cloak.

1-18-12 Got the Lion head embroidery done.  I have the dragon ready to base to the wool.  Work on the War Cloak is on going.

1-15-12 Got trim made.  Still working on the War Cloak (Must get it finished soon)

1-8-12 12th night was a blast.  Will try to get pages up soon.

1-1-12  Happy New Year!  Memosias, Merlin and My Daughter...and a bit of knitting as well.  Let's hope for all good things this year.

Finished the book Hunger Games by S. Collins.  I liked it for a young adult book, not half bad.








































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