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12-31-11 Another year has passed with this day.  I trust 2012 will be a good year.  2011 I saw 2 people in my family pass.  As we all age I know thoses numbers will increase sadly.

I don't know what I'll watch for my marathon run of movies.  Last year was LOTR and I really enjoyed that but I don't want a repeat.

12-29-11 Wow, Christmas is over!  Spent 5 days in Carson City with family.  Had a lot of fun since I didn't have to cook for all but 1 day.  It's so nice to have someone else cook.  Got some really nice gifts:  Another embroidery book and cash to buy material and KOSS headphones.  I'm in love with my headphones.  The last pair I wrecked by sucking up the wires into the vacuum cleaner and they were only 2 years old.  I'll be extra careful with this new pair.

I've not done anything on the War Cloak and nothing for my 12th night Tudor either ....totally lazy right now.

I am looking forward to New Year.  I'm going to knit 12 shawls in 2012 as a new year resolution.


12-11-11 Worked on the War Cloak and finished watching the TV show Saving Grace with Holly Hunter.  I cried....I really loved that show.  It's too bad it went for only 3 years.

Over the weekend went to Carmel with Catherine and Isela and had so much fun.  They each gave me a book on goldwork and Catherine gave me a Christmas Earring Kit to make up.  It was the first time Catherine had been to Carmel!

12-07-11 only 3 weeks away from Christmas and I'm not really ready.  I've got to get 2 friends presents ready for this weekend.  I continue to work on the War Cloak embroidery.  I'd like to get it done by New Year.

12-4-11 Went to Jingels.  The last event for me this year. I'm still working on the War Cloak emboridery and now know how to get it all together.  Feel good about that.

12-2-11  Going to Jingles tomorrow.  Catherine paid for the tickets so I'm going.  Don't want a repeat of last years so we are going late, really to enjoy the feast.  Made some gifts for the new Prince Ajax and Princess Uta (trim and earrings) and I've got a cute bracelet for Catherine.  The table decorations is Birds of a Feather, so I've go the Angry Birds Game to use as amusements and decorations.

11-30-11 Start of the Christmas Season a Blue & White wreath


11-28-11 Going to Carson City over the Christmas Holidays.  That will be fun and a chance to get away. 

Worked on the embroidery of the War Cloak the first Raven is almost finished.

11-27-11 This past weekend I went out with friends to the local gem show.  I've been to this show several times but this was my first trip to the back wholesale area.  I was expecting mega discounts but what I found was expensive items...higher quality my friends said but more expensive.  I did get a strand of rock crystals and a pendent for $8.00 each and a pair of Frank Earings.  He does have beautiful things but most were way over my budget.  At $20.00 my new pearl earings are lovely in sterling.  Friends brought mega bucks in the thousands for an emerald rings and another I think was over $500 for a pendent...too rich for me.  I went back to the normal area and got my pearls for $12.00/strand....they were $28.00 in the back.  So over all I was happy with what I got.

Started embroidery on the War Cloak.

11-24-11 Happy Thanksgiving to All!

11-22-11 RIP Author, Anne McCraffrey died
yesterday at her home in Ireland after a major stroke. She was 85 years old.

If you do not recognize her name, she was the author of the Dragonriders of Pern. This fan and Dragonrider will sorely miss her. May she ride her Gold Dragon forevermore. 

9-21-11 Went to Scribal tonight and got a great lesson.  I'm going to work on the Uncial Script for now and get that perfected.  I want to be able to do some work for the Mists.  When I go to 12th night I'll talk to a young man who is looking for a consort.  If I let him fight for me, that will take a lot of time and responsibility, but I'm leaning toward saying yes.  His name is Solti or some such.

I made a simple skirt for my mother out of blue navy linen.  It's got an elastic top.

11-19-11 Back from Fall Investiture, what a whirl wind of activity.  I had to be released from Court, talked about being a List Mistress, attended their Highnesses from Cygnagua had a feast and danced.  Also received 2 awards:  Princess Favor and a Corolla Nebulosae Vitae, to those who given of their talents and skills to benefit the Principality!  OK, I'm tired.

Mistress Sabrina tried to teach me how to spin but I'm pretty much a failure on that score.  I just have to keep practicing.

11-11-11  Wow a special date right, If you are into number dates that is.  I have to say I don't put any store into all that.

Worked on some jewelery, something for Rach and Xmas ones for me.

I forgot to mention that I've taken up bicycling once again.  Baby steps at first, but I'm up to 5 miles without hurting at all.

some calligraphy: 

11-09-11 Worked on the War Cloak today and feeling accomplished.

11-08-11 Learned a lot last night at my first scriptorium.  I'm going to learn how to do calligraphy the correct way.  I've been doing it for years for Christmas Cards but now I want to do it for SCA scrolls.  First up to practice the Uncial and Gothic letters.

Watched the 2nd season of Downton Abby.  I do know it's an Upstairs/Downstairs copy, but I love it.

11-06-11 Had great fun at Collegium:  dance, silk banner method, labrynth's and my fave...florentine women's dress.  Got to chit chat with friends and went out to dinner with my laurel...oh yeah I even got some courtier attending done for her Highness as well.  Had a blast.

My confirmation came in from IKINS!  Good Times.

11-05-11 Off to the Collegium today.  None of the classes are a 'must take' for me, but there are enough to keep one interested for sure.  Really looking forward to the Cooking Symposium, there are 8 classes I want to take there and then there is IKINS for classes with folk not in the area.

10-26-11 Had a fun day with lunch and walk about in Menlo Park with my Laurel.  We talked about the new design I had for the War Cloak and she liked the direction I was going.

10-17-11 Back from a wonderful Coronet.  The new heirs are totally excited and he wants to be very active!  Isela spoke to a women in the Household and told her that she just wanted to drift away, so I guess that is offical for her.  I've not talked to anyone in the household and no one talks to me either.  When I saw Roric sitting down in Sabrina's pavillion, I turned to he and said, " Well don't say Hi" with a smile on my face, thinking that I would engage him in talk....well he gruffly said "Hi" and it just stopped me in my tracks and I didn't know what to say back, so I didn't.  Guess that was my official leaving of the Household, but I'm glad.  They are just too negative for my taste at this point.

10-09-11  I don't usually remember my dreams, only that I have them, but last night I dreamt that I went to a yard sale and there was a spinning is the was attached to a stationary bike!  Ha!  Even my DH got a chuckle out of that one.

Got me thinking, I have to learn how to use my spindle and I have roving too.  Maybe this weekend while at Coronet.

10-05-11 Steve Jobs the founder of Apple passed away today.  I was never a fan of Apple Products, but there is no denying his talent and the impact he had on the computer industry and the world.

I kept indoors today since there had been a shoting at the cement plant near me.  A disgruntled worker shot 3 people and wounded 6 at the plant, then he shot a woman near HP when he tried to get her car.  He is still at large.  I hope they catch him soon.

Working on a knit lace shawl, another gift.

October Crown was great.  Now week after next will be Mists Coronet and I'll be camping. 

Still have the War Cloak to embroider and I want to start work on my Tudor Dress.

9-25-11 Finished 2 days of a Garage Sale.  It was worth the time and effort for sure. One can actually see the back of the garage at this point. Salvation Army will get some things, but not a lot.  Even got a few folk on Sunday and it was worth having the sale a second day even if we took in 1/3 of the day before.  Maybe in another 5 years I'll be ready to do another.

9-19-11 Still working on gifts.  It's just taking a long time I have a lot of family members.

9-12-11 Well this has been a sad week.  A Laurel, in costuming, who had very kind words regarding my silk Norman passed away.  Then I saw yesterday that my favoriate actor also passed away age 39.  I loved his voice.

Andy   They were both way too young. RIP

9-7-11 2nd shawlette is finished, 2 more to go for Xmas Gifts.   Started CO for Ballerina.  Will CO for another shawl today.

9-5-11 Finished the socks.  Working on Ballerina and another shawl.

8-29-11 I got a 15th Century Hat pattern to knit.  I've not done very much sewing this year, but I think it a good thing to give it a rest.  I'm really happy to be back knitting after so many years of not doing it.

8-26-11 Working on the socks.  Still a lot to knit before they are done.

8-23-11 Finished my very first shawl!

8-13-11 Finished the Bella Blouse.  Next the socks to finish.  Must start on Cloak too.

8-3-11 Working on the Bella Blouse Knit.  Nearing the end of it.

I need to get some personal items done.  Skirt for my Mother, Socks for my Daughter and a Hat for the other or a shirt (whichever she wants first)

Then back to SCA projects:  West An-Tir Cloak.

8-1-11 Finally finished the pouch!

7-20-11 I was trying to get my embroidery finished today, not going to happen since I have to invent a way round fraying silk.  Plus I must get myself ready to my trip tomorrow to Comic Con.

Lots of panels and I want to see the "Hobbit" one tomorrow, special guest!!  Who could it be, will let you all know next week when I get back.

7-14-11 I took a Bobbin Lace Class tonight and boy was she a good teacher!!!  I'm not good at the lace and I need to really get very small, but at least she set me on the right path.  She was able to help me with the lace pattern I wanted.  I know how to do passive threads and a footer as well as joins or intersections.  I just hope I can remember it all.  Photos's past 10pm now.

Uses are for my coif and jacket.  All things Elizabethan!

7-12-11 I've delivered my Inkle for the Prince & Princess of the Mists..all 18 yards of it.  Then I worked on the embroidery for the auction pouch. Now to make the pouch and put the embroidery on it.

7-6-11 I've made 10 inkles over the weekend.  They are Here.

Now back to embroidery.

7-4-11 Happy 4th of July!  Just finished watching the final episode of Lost and I have to say, I cried through just about the whole thing...

Watching Falling Skies...

7-3-11  Finally got the maninade for the ribs that we'll have tomorrow for the 4th of July.  Potato Salad is in the works too.  In the interest of economy I'm working on a trim made from stash...bit of thread that I've collected from the making of other trims.  Got another 2 done today.

7-2-11 Had fun at the Flea Market and I spent $5.00 for 3 pair of tweezers.  I should be able to pull out any stitch now.  I was a good 5/6 mile walk as well even if the sun was pretty intense.  Used the Target Brand Sports Sun Screen and I don't think I'm sunburn.  Sun Hat helped too.


7-1-11 Still working on the pouch embroidery and I'm also weaving up a storm..almost 9 yards for the Princess of the Mists and 2.5 yards for the Prince.  Working on some blue linen inkle for later.  I want to start up a table woven band as well.  Going to the Flea Market tomorrow!

6-27-11 I've got #2 Inkle done for the Bardic Competition only one left and she won't be ready to talk for another couple of weeks.  Worked more on the pouch embroidery.

6-26-11 So another BD down. Now I'm working on the stitch for the cure pouch.  Got some threads yesterday but I'm taking them back cause they do not go with the colors I've picked out for the War Tunic.   That's what I get for impulse buying.  Was upset.  Moving on now.

6-24-11 So I got an answer from one Bard and I've finished her trim.  One down Two to go.

6-21-11 Today is the Summer Solstice and boy will I be glad when the sun goes down!  It's hot here with temps in the mid 90s and not a cloud in the sky.

6-20-11 June Crown was great!  Had a lot of fun.  So Catherine talked to Roric and she is leaving the Household.  We did camp away from them and Isela and Cordelia joined us.  It was very nice and no drama.

6-15-11 Making preparations for June Crown.  This week I'm making things just for me!  Have to make my contributions to the Saturday Dinner, but the Roman is just about finished (done in 3 days). 

Got the lamb cooked tonight.  Tomorrow I'll put everything together and cool it.

Went swimming today for 1.5 hrs.  I hope to get fit doing this over the summer.

6-12-11 Had a great time at A & S, taught 2 classes (inkle weaving and Blackwork) and did my show & tell for the War Cloak at the WK needleworkers guild meeting.

Now Next week is June Crown.  I'll camp.  Trying to make a Roman by Friday.

6-9-11 Well I just can't seem to get my To Do List down.  My Laurel donated my Inkle Trim to a Bardic Prize.  It's OK really, I can whip out inkle like nothing, but.....

So I'm going to work next on the Stitch for the Cure which has had many morphs since I origanially volunteered for the project.

6-7-11 Now on to the War Cloak.  Cutting out the main materials today.  Colors are fixed and now to get the threads for the tablet weaving. This is a 2 year project and is not due till June of 2012.  I'd like to have it finished way before then.  I have my principality pillows.

6-5-11 Working on finishing up my Other Gift to Their Highnesses of the Mists.  I have classes to get ready for next weekend and a friend to spend two nights as well.  I'd like to have all the gifts ready to give to them by this Saturday.

I got the Simple Coif done, just needs ironing to complete.

Spent all day yesterday cleaning out the old files.  I cleaned out 4 binders worth of notes on sewing and knitting, as well as a file holder.  I hope to use the empty file holder for Work Files.

Took a bunch of novels down to the used book store and got a store credit of over $100.00!  Purchased a new book, "A day in the life of Ancient Rome" 

6-01-11 finished my gifts to Their Highnesses of the Mists.

5-31-11 The first of the two films, which are currently being filmed back-to-back in New Zealand, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," arrives in theaters on December 14, 2012.

The sequel, opening December 13, 2013, will be known as "The Hobbit: There and Back Again." Both will be released through Warner Bros.

Yay!  I really hope they have something going at Comic Con this year..that would be awsome!

Doing some trim for my Roman Dress.

Worked on my Blackwork Class handout! 


5-29-11 So the house is a jumble with the girls moving back in. I've got 4 couches in the house now!  Extra beds and all my fabric is in the atic...I don't want it there and have to be extra careful regarding the storage of the wools...sigh.

I need to make up the blackwork paperwork for the class, got a great graph for my inkle class.

Should start on the blackwork pattern for the class.  Need to make my Roman Dress..don't know if I have the time now.  Start on the design of the West An-Tir Cloak.  I've got enough linen now for the backing, just have to decide which one I like the best. 

5-26-11 Would someone put a sock in my mouth please!!  Why can't I just say NO...once again I've volunteered to do another project.  A hat in late period.  I am going to do a small cap from the Tudor Tailor ladies and that will be just what I can handle to have it ready by July.  Even with 2 events and 2 classes I can do this I know.

I finished the belt in Tablet Weaving....a good thing.

5-24-11 I've been to San Diego and Back.  Daughter #2 Graduated in 4 year Suma Cum Laude!  She's been invited to join the Phy Beta Capa Honor Society so I'm real proud of her.

Mother in Law is with us for the next few days.  We went to the Pinnacles and did a 1.7 mile hike up into the "heights" and there were a lot of flowers blooming and we had a very nice picnic in the woods.

5-17-11 Worked on the belt.  I have words.


5-15-11  someone shot me at DangleTor Tourney

5-12-11  Next thing to do is design the War Cloak and set up the loom for a tablet woven belt.

5-11-11 Got the Undertunic finished!  Another thing off the list.

5-8-11  Happy Mother's Day.  It's great I got flowers from one of my sweet and today both of them called at the same time.  The other daughter promiced me breakfast in bed!  It a nice thought even if it doesn't happen.

So I'll be teaching 2 classed at June A&S:  introduction to inkle weaving and introduction to blackwork.  I've got the inkle down and I updated the paper.  Now, I've got to get the blackwork one done.  I've picked out two patterns and I'm working on making 4 kits with 28 count evenweave, DMC thread and needles.  Then I need to start the patterns to show the students how it is done.

I made 2 sets of inkle trim for the incoming Prince & Princess of the Mists.

Did the laundry and I'm making a Frangipane fruit tart for my husban's birthday!

Feeling very accomplished today..oh I even walked the dog!

5-2-11 Well, the reign is over and I'm looking at the whole month of May without any events for the SCA, that's not to say I don't have things to go to or do.

This weekend I was awarded a very special award: The Queen's Order of Grace.  Jade had to wait 20 years to get his, I got mine with only 4 years of service.  I have to say...I did a lot to earn this award.  Many congratulations from the populous when I got it!!  So rewarding as well.  People are envious cause they want one.  Only one or 2 a usually given out per reign, so right now, I'm in a very select group.  Yay!!

  I was given as a gift some fabric that was suposed to be "silk voil", now that is very expensive stuff let me tell you...any way back at the ranch, the fabric felt like organza.  a very stiff fabric not suitable for veils.  So I put a small patch to the burn test.  As you can see..goblets formed = plastic  It stuck to the match.  So Poly Organza..

4-27-11 Finished the embroidery for Her, soon to be, Grace.  A table runner with 2 roses (one for each reign) and strawberry leaves as well as elephants.  One thing off the list.


4-25-11 This week must get ready for the final weekend of the reign.  Saturday they will step down and their heirs will be crowned.  She'll be made a duchess but the only other thing will be the duchess' strawberry party.  I have to make a broccoli salad.  Drinks and 3 outfits.  2 early and 1 italian...woot!  I can got late period again....back to Tudor for me.

4-24-11  Happy Easter.  I get the day off from Court today, so we can have a nice dinner at home.  Honey Spiral Ham..yum. baked garlic potatoes and green & yellow string beans plus a salad.

La Prova Dura was great fun.  Had Isela try on the undertunic and the sleeves, length is plenty long.  She has lost 20 lbs since 2 years ago so I can take in the side seams by about 3" total.  She could do more, but I want this loose enough to pull over her head.

4-22-11  Worked on the Tunic and the Embroidery some more.  Still not mid way on either..way maybe half.  Tomorrow is La Prova Dura and a long day.  It's the last weekend, the following Saturday is Beltaine and she steps down and I'll not be a deputy head of court.  I must say I learned a lot this reign. 

4-20-11  Worked on the under Tunic today and Embroidery.  I was also asked to be on Court (I know...but this will be easier) to the Prince & Princess of the Mists.

4-17-11 Had much fun at the DangleTor Tourney yesterday.  Weather was beautiful and the site lovely with lots of shade trees and the autocrat had a BC up for the royals which I was abe to enjoy being part of the Court. 

4-14-11 Lots of work today, that is unusual but we are reconciling the books.  Want to start on my Roman, but will complete an under tunic for a friend first.  This should not take all that long.  Nothing yet for my 2011 dresses

4-13-11 I made something for me today.  A summer jacket. It is a coat of many colors.

jacket  detail

It feels liberating somehow this week.  I still have things that I must do but the dates on them are several weeks away.

4-11-11 Had a busy but great weekend at coronet.  Attended the Queen mostly, but handed in my Chatelaine report and got to meet face to face the new Kingdom Chatelaine.  The Queen gave me a packet of  Pergamenata Heavyweight paper and I got a Paster Noster in my arms colors of green and white and made by a Laurel.  Had dinner at Applebee's and lunch at El Torito.  So I got spoiled...oh yes, Isela made me lunch on Saturday.

4-8-11, work call done, work reports sent, chatelaine report printed...and it's 10am

To Do:

Vacuum and make up bed for friend staying tonight.  Dinner has been planned. Done!  4pm

Finish the HP project....Done!

4-7-11 Got a small page up on Fettburg one of the events this past weekend.  Then we went to a Feast at Westermark.  I knew I was tired at the Feast, but I could eat and enjoy the food. I had only a small sandwich for tuna for the good part of the day.  I had a terrible headache the whole time I was at Fettburg.

On the HP front, I seamed all the raw edges.  No more wisps flying around. 

4-5-11  Made a loom! Made some inkle on it.  Was busy busy the whole 3 days and exhausted yesterday and became a couch potato.  Another 2 day Event this weekend, so again busy.

Must go to work today and work on the HP Project.

Get my Chatelaine Reports done this week.

If I get the time: a poem and documentation

4-1-11  No April Fools from me today.  Never did go into that sort of thing anyway.

Getting the sleeves set for the HP project.  Nearing the end.

Working today from 2pm - past 9pm

Full day of Events on Saturday and

A loom building workshop on Sunday.

I'm a busy bee.

3-29-11 Getting the materials together for my Stitch for the Cure embroidery project due in September.

Made some progress on the HP project, too.

3-28-11  OK enjoyed a relaxed weekend.  Today I take the muslin apart and get to work.  Busy this Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  I really needed the weekend off from the SCA.  There is too much of a good thing...really!

3-25-1  I Spent the day in Monterey Bay and had a blast.  Good food and walks on the beach.  Spent a little time at Carmel as well....and the event was cancelled for Saturday. So I have a weekend Off!!   I'm going to try and sleep in tomorrrow.  Yay!


3-24-11 Houston we have lift-off!  She approved the muslin last night, I can now get to work on sewing the HP Coat!

Got real mad at my Mother yesterday.  She can still pull my strings.  I asked her to pass the phone to the person on duty at the nursing home and she refused to do it!  I've not been so mad in a long time.   She had asked the wrong question of that person and I wanted to ask her the right question. Then the woman got over to my mother's room and picked up the phone...WTF!!

Mad at the whole situation.  Don't know what is going on with my mental attitude lately, I'm not normally like this.

Updated with some design drawing my Roman Page.

3-22-11 Gal at work, did my work, so that is less money for me this month.  She on the other hand does not share her work.  Working on the armscye of the HP coat.  I have to get this done this week and fit, so I can make the stupid coat this month! 

I'm sorry, just have to get that off the chest.  Will stop now and get back to work.

3-20-11 Well the fitting sucked, she had complaints about almost everything.  I wish I had not taken this project on now.  I just have to knuckle down and finish it regardless how I feel.  She will not be happy with anything I do I see that now.  Sucks. 

march crown roseWent to March Crown and worked my butt off.  On my feet the whole day with two breaks only.  So tired that I could not eat anything for dinner which started at 9:30pm  Drove in rain and 60mile an hour winds.  Fought the wind to keep the car in the lane almost the whole 15 miles. 

I was given a Queen's Treasure at Court.  I think that is my 3rd one.

3-16-11 I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on the HP project.  Last fitting tonight and if it's good then I can sew the fashion fabric and get this sucker off my plate.  On to embroidery and roman things.

3-15-11 I took my first serger class tonight.  I'm real glad I took it and I have another next week.  It's helping me know how to adjust tensions.  I'll be able to do ruffels without a pain.  Curves as well. Next week is rolled hems.

3-14-11 Yesterday was a recoup day.  I just lazed about and made a necklace for my Roman outfit.  Today I'm putting together the HP cloak.

3-12-11 Today I'm going up to the Redding area! A more than 500 miles trip in a day.  Thank God I'm not using my car today.  I may not even drive the whole way.

3-11-11 Got the cloak pieces done for the HP project, they will be ready to put together in a day after hanging.

3-10-11 I've been working on a favor for the Consort for the Day and got that finished.

Now must do the HP....and not rewatch the BSG series over...but it keeps calling to me.....

3-5-11  Went to White Shield yesterday.  I got a Principality Award!! The Corollae Nebulosae!  Very Cool and I'm very happy.  I have the green cord of the Murallis (I hope that is correct)  I don't remember what they said, so I'll have to wait till the award is posted for sure. 

Now to finish up the HP clothes, so I can get back on track.

Must make a favor as I will be consort for the Day in La Prova Dura in April.  My consort will be fighting and he's from Atenvelt.

2-25-11 Picked out my fabric for the Roman Matron Dress.  Still have to get sandals, make a necklace and earings.  Fibulae are purchased.  Then I'll be ready for really hot weather and still be period.

2-23-11  Back from Estrella War. 

I bit the bullet and when my sewing machines were returned to me, I thought...I don't need another sewing machine.  I need embroidery or surger machine...  I do embroidery by hand ... how about a surger!  Got the Babylock Eclipe.  Lots of good reviews on this machine and it does a rolled hem in seconds. Automatic threading as well.

rolled hem by hand     rolled hem surger

it's smaller and is 10 times faster!

I'll surge edges on clothes and shave off much time in finishing.  Made two linen handkerchiefs and finished off a veil in just a few minutes!

2-14-11 Happy Valentines Day.  I guess it is a good day since it's been very hectic in my life since last Thursday.  DH got hit by a car on Thursday.  He is OK, but messed up.  The driver of the car did not stop!  There is a special place in Hell for that person.  However a good Samaritan (Bless You) did stop and help call the ambulance.  DH landed on his face and many stitches on his chin and upper lip.  Lost 2 teeth and fractured some bones in his upper chest and his adams apple as well.  He can get around but it will be a while before he's back to normal.  I'm grateful he is alive.

So once again, I'm way behind.  Have to work on the HP and get ready for Estrella.

Can you believe it, both sewing machines died on me this weekend, as if I didn't have enough to worry over.  I took them in to get repairs and cleaning.  I was going to purchase another machine, but remembered that I had another one in a case.  My mother gave it to me a long time ago.  Singer 301A.  It appears to be working just fine.  So that saved me some money...a lot of money.  

While I was at the sewing machine shop, I did try some new thread called:  aurifil.  It is the same weight as standard thread but it is 2 ply not 3 ply.  It sews chiffon with less bunching.  I got a spool of black and one of white.  This stuff is expensive at $11.00 each spool, but it is 3 times the size of a standard spool.

Plus, I think I'm getting sick...sigh

2-06-11 Had much fun at War Collegium yesterday.  Gave the Rus Pants to Kern.  Can't wait to see him in them at March Crown. The King liked my food which was pretty simple stuff of cheese crackers and salami.  Found another who wants to make a Roman Matron Dress for June Crown...Yay!

2-3-11  Yay, finished the Rus Pants. One more thing off the list.  Now to make a cord to finish up the Reliquary Pouch and another will be off.  Pouch is now done.

Next will be the HP Coat and a cloak.  Then on to the War Cloak as the next big item.  One I can't wait to start work on.

Another thing I'm thinking about is a Roman Dress for those hot summer days.  I had been toying with Persian, but I think too many layers.  The Roman Women knew how to dress for the heat.

2-1-11 Working on the Rus Pants today.  I want to finish them and deliver them by Saturday.

1-30-11  Went to Cynaguan Winter Investiture on Saturday.  What fun to see a Japanese Court.  The Feast was great and there were Taiko Drummers.

We went to another Banquet tonight (non SCA)and again, I had a good time.  I have 2 lunches and a Vet apt this week and I must get a pair of pants done as well. Busy Busy Me.

1-28-11  It's been 25 years since the space suttle Challanger lifted off with the first school teacher.  All 7 people aboard died when the shuttle blew up due to a faulty O ring.  I remember that day and I was driving in the car going to Alexandria when I heard the news.  I was totally stuned, we had all taken the lift off of the shuttles as routine.  So I salute the crew of Challanger, they changed the way the space program is run.  Now the folks at the top listen to the folk at the bottom (not a bad thing).  Just goes to show that communication is so important.

1-25-11 Doing some inkle, it calms me.  Did the pouch and have a little bit more before I'm finished.  This is such a tiny thing, but I spent a good 80 hrs or more on it.

I've got to get my sewing done! Pants and the HP coat & cloak!!

1-17-11 I spent the past two weeks with my Mother-in-law and I hope I helped her during this sad time. 

I did get my embroidery finished while back east.  I have many other things to do now and not a whole lot of time to finish them.  I think I'll be able to do it though.

I was sorry to miss 12th night.  They wore my clothes and my favors are now being worn by the Queens Guards.  That makes me proud.

1-2-11 Got the call that I was dreading.  My dear Father-in-law passed away in his sleep today.   RIP

1-1-2011 Happy New Year!!

I brought the new year in with the LOTR trilogy.  Yup watched all 3 extended movie version from 3:20pm on the 31st to 2:30am on the 1st.  I was the only one to stay up for the whole thing.  I have to say that DH lasted till about 1am and DD lasted to 2am.  She didn't want to watch the final parting scenes.  I had fun.

Sad news my Father in law, a great person, has Lukemia.  I'll be flying back East for the week and will be off-line during that time.



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