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12-31-10 New Year's Eve.  Have a safe one.  At 3:20pm I started a LOTR Manathon.  7:44pm and I'm on The Two Towers.  I'll bring in the New Year with Return of the King!

Finished my Cyclas.

Since my girls will not be home for New Years Breakfast, I made them Eggs Benidict for lunch today.

12-28-10  I have 16 items on my To Do list and none of them are for me.  I'm going to do 2 things today.  Cuting out the patterns of at least 2 dresses.  One for me and One for another.

12-25-10 Merry Christmas!

12-24-10  Today is Christmas Eve.  I wish everyone the very best of the Season.  We had a yummy dinner of filet minon, steamed potatos and salad.  Simple but elegant.  Tomorrow will be full of Christmas joy in our household.  I made this for breakfast tomorrow while we open our presents.

x-mas morning

12-23-10 I've been doing a lot of thinking on my embroidery and where I want to go with it.  I still have a huge project of the jacket and there is my coif.  I've been doing some research and it's very interesting in a geeky way.  I hope to get a paper written on it so I can also teach about what I've found out.  No updates for today..just thoughts.

12-22-10 I don't have much room to do my crafts.  I did embroider 2 napkins yesterday to keep my mind occupied.  They will be given to the King & Queen for largess.  I'm also working on the draw strap for the pants.  It's inkle.

We have a tree and it's up and decorated.  Got some last minute shopping done yesterday, so only the cat and dog need gifts for their stockings.  Yes, they too have them.

12-21-10 So I went to a party and the person whom I'm making the Russian pants for was there.  He pretty much walked in and we made him strip to try on the Tunic that Catherine made with my trim and her embroidery.  And then I made him put on the gray mock pants.  I was able to figure out what worked and what didn't.  So that was great.

12-17-10  Everyone is now home for the Christmas Break.  My youngest daughter brought home a science experiment that she wanted us to try.  It's a tiny piece of paper that tests your taste buds.  There are 3 types:  Non Tasters, Tasters and Super Tasters.

The Non Tasters, as expected, don't taste anything but paper.  Tasters taste a little something, but the Super Tasters taste a very bitter sensation.

Husband is a non taster.  Daughter #1 is a taster and Daughter #2 and Me are Super Tasters.  OMG that thing tasted nasty!  I had to spit it out right away and eat some chocolate to make the bitter taste go away.

I had always thought I had a bad taster!  Weird, I taste things others don't which is why I don't like wine so much, not found of a lot of fat (except bacon), but I do like my veggies.

12-16-10 Yesterday was a mini christmas for me.  I got my gift from 2 very good friends of silk threads:

silk threads   silk threads

spangles   pouch

And a Thank You Gift:

13th c chest  13th c Chest

The value of the chest is $170.00   WOW!  I think she got a better deal cause she ordered 2!.

I have to paint and seal the pine wood.  I've already used the box to sit on while sewing.  It's perfect and it has handles built in for easy lifting. VikingKraft made it.  Catherine got one as well with the till, but I'm glad she didn't get that for me.  I like the open chest much better.  There is a very small crack around one of the dowels but I'll fill that in and it should be OK.  One edge got banged up a bit, but it can be sanded down.


12-12-10 Saturday went to Boar's Hunt and it was a very relaxing event.  We just sat and talked all day.  The Feast started "on time" and it was Hot and Filling.


1st Course:  Golden Beet Soup, Sausage and Pickled Cabbage, Beans y Fried
2nd Course:  Pork & Butternut Squash Stew, Various Ember Day Tarts
3rd Couse:  Roast Pork with Fig Stuffing & Raisin Sauce, Carrots, Pasta with Cheese
Boars Head (Dessert of marsipan, fruitcake and cake)


Got to give Dutchess Kara her TW laurel trim/belt I made for her.  Now I have to work on Pants and I have another project to make a Harry Potter costume.

So now I have to weave some more guard favors.  Catherine miss counted....I was right!  I told her she needed more...sigh.

12-09-10 Got the fabric picked out for the lining of the book cover.  Will work on that today.  Going to Boar's Hunt this Saturday, so that will be a day of running around outside then a feast.  Then I've got to do the Squire's Russian Norse Pants.

12-07-10 Got some weaving done on my newSchacht loom.  It works pretty good and about the same yardage as on the Beka.  Maybe a little more...100" vs 97"

12-05-10 Went to a feast on Saturday.  My laurel gave me lots of gifts, I haven't a clue what to give her yet.  So I she gave me her old circulet which fits me perfect.  Garnet and blue stones are set in it.  She got it 13 years ago, but it's in real good shape.  A holiday braclet which flashes!  A red christmas tablecloth and a white runner and xmas balls!  Really way too much, but I can't say no.

I'm going to make her daughter some Harry Potter costume for an April convention.  Not sure which Professor but not one of the well known ones.  Catherine said that I did good work.  Very Happy when she says those things.  So another thing on my To Do list.

12-02-10  Somewhere I missed a day,  I thought it was Wednesday today and it's Thursday...yikes!

Got my Tablet Weaving gift done.  So one more thing off my list.  Now to embroider and get that done, it's almost half finished anyway (Book Cover)

11-27-10 OK I liked the new HP movie.  I felt for the characters that I didn't even like before.  Have to wait till next summer to see the end. 

I got all my inkle weaving done...yay! 

I have a table weaving project I must complete.

Sewing:  Russian Norse Pants and an Undertunic, Silk Overdress and a black linen overdress with tipplets

Embroidery:  Book Cover and  2 Reliquary

Viking War Cloak (design phase)

That is all that is on my plate at the moment.  I think I can get the Book Cover done by 12th Night.  Pants are due March, Undertunic she want by Feb. but I've got a silk dress and a linen one in line for her as well.  One reliquary due March the other end of the year and the Cloak is due July 2012.

The thing with projects of this type is that I can't let any errors in...for myself, I'll let things go for others it's got to be perfect.


11-26-10 thanksgiving turkey

The turkey turned out to be excellent, if I do say so myself.  The gravy too. Daughter made the eggs and they were very yummy.

deviled eggs 2010

This morning, I'm going to see the new Harry Potter film.  I trust there will not be a long line.

11-25-10  Happy Thanksgiving to all.  A long day of cooking for me.  I need to get some embroidery done and some weaving for a squire gift and Crown Gifts.  I'm partial done in all.  Then I have to design a pattern for making Russian Viking Pants again for the squire ceremony.  I want to pick out colors for the West An Tir War Cloak project as well.

11-21-10 Got all my shopping done for Thanksgiving.  I have a turkey of 14lbs.  We will have a feast to enjoy this Thursday. All children will be home by Tuesday.  Went to Fall Investiture and had a good time with friends and good food.

11-15-10 Had my eyes checked today.  The Dr. said I had young eyes.  Sight is 20/30, so pretty good.  I made some inkle to give as gifts to the Prince & Princess of the Mists this Saturday.

11-13-10 On my way to Collegium today. I even started a page.

11-9-10 working on embroidery.

11-7-10  I had this weekend off from court duty, got to go to the flea market and it was great.  Found 2 bowls that I wanted to match to my festivia wear, some chinese metal fish to make earings and small bells to attatch to my embroidery pouches.  I walked about for about 2 hours till my cash ran out. I did see more things I wanted but didn't want to spend too much money.  I'm on a budget afterall.

fish earings

10-31-10 Happy Halloween!  Again I had a good time at the Cynagua Coronet in Woodlands, CA.  The rain held off while we were ouside, but it did rain going up and leaving the event.  Got to see some good friends and talk to new folk.  I was in my Danish Eura dress because this one doesn't touch the ground and I was thinking of the rain.  I did wear my linen/faux fur coat and was very comfy all day.

I have to say I really like being a deputy head of court!  I have a head for keeping these things organized.

Also today is a good day....I finally found the french manuscript I've been lusting over for a long time (a few years actually) I'd seen photos but never from which manuscript they were from or which museum...Today I've got it.  Will get a page up so you can see the goodies.

10-19-10 Had a great time at Mists coronet.  I was worring about the fact that I was camping by myself.  Dinner was planned with folk I don't normally hang with.  All those thoughts were for naught, I camped with some great strangers and my side dish: glazed carrots & parsnips was a success and eaten all.

I wore my italian and was pretty comfy.

10-16-10 I have to pay for a plane ticket that I won't use till February. I'm bleeding funds.

Updated with a few photos of myself in the green cyclas that I made this year.

Going camping to the Mists Coronet in Napa, so I've got the car parked and my side dish made: glazed carrots & parsnips.

Not very happy with my big loom, the pegs are bending a lot which makes tension a pain in the @#$%!

10-10-10! Woo....will this be a good or bad date.  I guess it depends on how strongly you look at numbers.  I can't help but think of Y2K when everyone was freeking out.

well I guess they were right, My brother-in-law lost his battel with cancer today, no not a good day for my sister. may he RIP.

Yesterday I drove over 500 miles to take her royal Highness to the Great Western War.  I spent 20.00 at gate, 20.00 at a merchant's.  10.00 at macdonalds...70.00 on gas.  this all adds up!  I was given lunch & dinner and 50.00 for gas.  It was all good, we have guard members!

10-08-10 Oh my 2 days till we have all 10s!  Well my life just got real busy.  Let see:

Broke my left index finger.  It got caught in the dog leash..80lb dog 1/4lb finger  will be splinted till the end of the month.  So I found that I can knit and weave very slowly..but I can't sew.  I need all my fingers for that..sigh.

Embroidery is very hard too, I have a project but it's not due till June 2011 and another due Sept. 2011.  Both are service projects to the Kingdom of the West, one will generate funds to Breast Cancer.

My Laurel/Pelican will step up as Queen on the West Again this January and I'm Deputy Head of Court.  Lots of organization, but that's no problem.  Just a lot of time and of course money.  I'm looking forward to Estrella War in Feb!  I've heard so much about it and now I'll be going with the Queen.  Very Cool.


9-22-10 Today at 11pm is the Autumnal Equinox.  I love fall, it's my absoulte favoriate time of the year.  Cool days and colorful leaves.  No suprise that my fav colors are autumnal as well.

Doing a lot of research on coifs while keeping an eye out on jackets and knit jackets of the elizabethan times. 

9-18-10 Got it, I know how to do Double Face Tablet Weaving.

9-17-10 Went to a workshop today at a friends house and worked on inkle trim.  Got that done! Yay, one more thing down.

9-11-10 A day to remember those folk who died in the attacks on the world trade buildings.

Set up a new page for headwear.  I've made many different kinds depending on the period that I am portraying.  As my site has grown there are many ways to reach a page.  Trying to make it easier to navigate.

9-6-10 Today is Labor Day Holiday.  I am laboring on my coif pattern which had to go back to the drawing board when I found that the pen I was using was not water proof.  The goal is to have this ready for next year and enter it into competitions.

9-4-10 My Laurel liked my idea of making 2 garments from the late 1600s.  One sewn and embroidered and the other knit.  I will do some research on the knit (not a lot out there guys) and try to start them at the same time.  Will get the knit done first I know. 

9-2-10 Another month gone.  Several things on my plate:

Design the coif pattern and embroider it for competition in 2011.

Work on my Master Project of an embroidered jacket. To help me with this, I've decided to design and knit an embroidered jacket in silks.  I know I'm crazy!  I've picked up my knitting needles once again.  I'm making a pair of socks and they have re-newed my love of knitting once again.

Sew a Norman (bliaut) gown for my friend.  Silk and linens.

Design the West An Tir War Cloak then make it.

Design and make a book cover for Estrella Largesse.  I pick up the items tomorrow.

Finish my Tudor Gown (by 12th night?)

Learn how to do double face Tablet Weaving (I'm about half way understanding it)

Guess that is more than a few things.

8-27-10 Went to see Avatar again.  In 3D with 9 extra minutes.  Yes I love this movie.

my avatar

This is what I'd look like if I was a Na'vi..a bit freaky looking.  If you want to try, go here.

I'm knitting my first pair of socks..weird that I've taken this long to make them.  I've done a lot of sweaters, hats and gloves though.

8-24-10 Jake Sully's Birthday

8-21-10  Went to the East Coast for a Birthday.  DH's father turned 90!  Got to visit my mother as well.

Today I cut up my straw hat.  The crown was too high, since it was a modern hat.  Cut about 1.5" from it and set it down into the opening by another 1".  Photos to follow.

8-5-10 Finished the rams horn and it was a great way to make this pattern so much easier than the one in the book.  I'm learning a new technique called Doubleface Tablet Weaving.  I'll make letters in the weaving.  Let's see how long to learn this one.

7-31-10 Can't believe that the year is going by so quickly!  End of July.  I'll have been out of work for a whole year on the 3rd of August..Yikes.  In all that time only 1 interview.  California has 12% unemployment.

I've been working on the rams horn pattern on my big loom.  It's a different way of threading and designing from Johnny.  It's helping me learn how the weaving works and I hope someday to my own designs.  He's in sweden I think.  My goal this time is to see how long a piece of trim I can weave!  Wish me luck.   I need it for a job and weaving.

7-18-10 I've got a new floor loom!  I've not used it yet.

7-14-10 I am expecting my new floor loom anyday now.  I'm excited to get it since I'll be able to warp at least 5 yards at a time.  Vine pattern in tablet weaving did not look great, so I'm trying again with only 2 colors and I'll pay special attention to the S vs Z threading on the tablets.  Will update when I get a result.

Got the pattern and I'm very happy with it, I've just started the weaving but I can see the pattern very clear. Vine 2

7-11-10 working on next tablet weaving pattern called Vine.

7-8-10 The little Juncos recently had their fledgling fly the nest.  I'm pretty sure they had not been hi-jacked by the cowbird this time.  Looks like they are rebuilding the next now.  That means at least 3 sets of eggs so far this year...those are busy little birds.

I think I'll get about 60" of the Rams Horn done, I may finish today with luck.  I'm working on removal of the old 'popcorn' ceilings that I have in my house...yuck..what a mess that is.

7-6-10  I has Rams Horn Tablet Weaving!!

It pays to read the book.

7-5-10 well that rams horn pattern was a disaster, I couldn't figure out how to reverse it and I tried several different ways.  I'm going back to the book and just do exactly what they say like a good little lemming and see if I get any success.  Wish me luck.

7-4-10  Happy 4th of July, We had a good old american cook out with beef rib steaks which were very tasty and steamed potatoes and parsnips. A fresh salad finished off the meal!  yum.

Worked on my tablet weaving and I have 1/2 of the rams horn pattern worked out, now I just have to figure out how to reverse it to finished off the patern.

7-2-10 made some inkle for the 4th of July.

7-1-10 I can't make up my mind what I want to do.  Tried my hand at tablet weaving again...nothing of note.  I'll just keep trying to get it right.  looks like I'm going to have to read the book.

Daughter is going away to NYC for the week.  A visit with family and friends.  Hope she has a good time it's going to be hot, like in the 90s.

6-28-10 Want to make something comfortable and late period: so I'll be working on a comfort gown!

I have to make a persian for a friend, but she is still purchasing materials for I have a little time to myself.  Coif is on hold after talking to an embroidery laurel.  I'm not quite ready to commit my resources to the good material yet.

6-25-10 Got 2 great books today:  Moda a Firenze 1540 - 1580 and The Bedford Hours, medieval manuscripts in the british library.  Go Me!


6-22-10 OK I've been making these:  hedgehogs pin cushions

pin cushion     hedge hog pin cushion

a lot of them!  They are addicting.

6-20-10 Happy Father's Day!

6-18-10 Coif disaster!

6-17-10 I have the pattern on the coif, now to get the silk!  I have silk. Ready to start.

6-16-10 I spent most of today making copies of Medieval Cook Books.  I'm making a period Torte for this Weekend's June Crown.  The hunt is on for exotic spices.

6-15-10 Class was very good, I had 5 people!  I even got my Laurel excited about weaving.  She had put her work down for over a year but she got excited about it again after taking my class. That's as good as it gets for a teacher!

Started on transferring a pattern on to linen to make a coif.  It will be blackwork of silk.  It needs to be very good for competition.

6-10-10  I think I have all my "stuff" ready for the class I'm going to teach at A & S on Saturday.  It's been in the 70's for the past few weeks, but this Saturday (the day of classes) it's going to get into the 90's.  Wouldn't you know it...

I bought a case and all 3 looms fit in it with the weaving supplies as well.  It has wheels so I will be able to get it to the site without straining the back.

6-7-10 back from a trip to Oregon.  Got to see Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake.  We didn't do the coast at all but had fun.

finished the napkins for the household.

6-4-10 will be off-line for a few days.  Going for a road trip up the coast of California.  A mini vacation.

6-1-10 I expect my male dress form today..can't wait.  Worked on the Smock and the end is in sight.

5-28-10 I do miss the little sounds from the junco's.  The nest has been abandoned.  Looks like there is another pair of junco's but they are beyond the backyard and I can only hear them when I go back there.  A larger gray bird went to the nest yesterday...I think this was a case of bird eating bird.  I can understand birds of prey, but song bird against song bird just seems wrong to me.

Still working on my High Neck Smock.  I'm reworking the pattern.

Going to see Prince of Persia today too.

Good news on my dress form, it's enroute June 1st is the estimated date of delivery, it's not out of LA like I thought it is going out of New Jersey.

5-26-10  I don't know what happened during the night, but I don't have any junco's today.  Nothing in the nest either, no bodies but no chick....bummer.

5-25-10  My car has some kind of problem in that it gets stuck in Park and will not change to another gear.  Will have to get it to the shop tomorrow.  Sigh..another expense.

I got out my 5.3oz linen.  Will be making a smock with a high neck and sleeve ruffles.  That's the next project.  I'll use the premade machine embroidery.

5-23-10 Had a lot of fun at the feast yesterday.  I was sewing up the sleeves in the morning of the event but I did get them done.  Everything stayed together and proper.  Some new photos up here.

I made bobbins today:  1" dowel caps (use 2) and 3/8" long dowl. Cut the dowl to lengths you want and glue the caps to the dowl ends:  Volia, you have a bobbin for holding your thread.  I see uses for knitting, card weaving and anything thing where you need your threads kept.  photos to follow.

5-21-10 I finished the italian green dress and have the sleeves to do and that project will be done.  Mail dress form has not yet shipped...placed an order for the floor loom!  2.5 month wait for the loom  (August then)

5-17-10 just bought a male dress form for $45.00.  It doesn't adjust, but that is OK, I just needed another dress form and I can stick a bra on it for a large women size. 

I'm going to order a floor inkle loom, so I can make long amounts of trim...7 yards worth at a time!!

5-15-10 So I'm going to contribute to the War Basket.  Two trims of inkle for Royalty at the West-AnTir War in July.  Started my first trim today.

What an experience today, saved 3 little baby junco's that had fallen out of their nest!  Don't know how, why that happened.  Parents were very upset, but they have flown back to the nest after we put the little ones back.  I'm on the watch for predators.


5-14-10 Going to see the movie Robin Hood today, then home to work on the Florentine Dress (the final green dress).

Go See the Movie: Robin Hood

5-12-10 Made a new page for Robin Hood, the new 2010 movie.  I've always loved Robin Hood esp. the one with Erol Flynn and I've had that page up for a while now. Of course the style is Norman or the French Bliaut.

later:  cut out the material and lining for another Italian, side lacing.  This time...I will make sleeves!

5-11-10 finished the hem on my tudor petticoat. 

5-8-10 finished all my current items.  Don't feel inspired to do anything...perhaps I should take a bit of a break.

5-5-10 Started on a gift today.  A pink Viking coat for the daugher of a friend of mine.   5-7-10 finished it.

Then off to Italy to make an overgown called a: Giornea or maybe not, I still have one more green gown to make for 2010.

It's a dogs life!

5-3-10 got a lot more sun that I thought, sunburn lips...ouch!

5-2-10 Home safe but tired from the weekend at Belatne.  Had a lot of fun and the Turnip dish was a success.

I did have a 'blond' moment on Friday...after years of calling my dresses Norman and not able to find much under that name the style of dress is the French word Bliaut!  Doh!

My Laurel lent me the use of her inkle looms, so I'll have 3 for my class in June.  She lent me her cotton/linen thread to make some more trim...the women is insatiable I tell; I love to make it.

reign coin

4-28-10 My wrist aches due to all the handsewing.  12 hours today and yesterday too.  I still have one long gore seam then there is the hem and cuffs to do as well as the small trim to add....yikes my poor wrist!

Tomorrow I have to pack for my trip to Beltane and cook my side dish.  Must continue to look for a job as well.  There is no hurry to get this dress done, but I hate UFOs about the house.

4-27-10 Working on the interior seams to the Medieval Green Norman Dress and of course those pesky hems to to as well.  It will be ready way before the event I plan to wear it to.

One more to go after this.

4_22_10 Happy Earth Day.  I have to say I lost a few of my tree seedlings over the winter, but I still have the Ginko's and I've got some Oak tree's started.  (NOTE:  I didn't loose the Japanese Elms, it just has sprouted leaves, so it's a late starter..but I'm real happy 4.29.10)

I can work on Green Dress I today since the fabric has been hanging for 24 hrs...and yes, I'm doing them out of order.

4_20_10 only the facing and the tops of the gores to finish on the undertunic, so it's a two full day tunic.  Next up a green Norman for dancing.

4_19_10 Start of the undertunic for Green Dress II. Well I almost got it finished in a day...not quite though. 

4_18_10 Will finish the undertunic today under-tunic

4_15_10 After my interview which was good and bad (long story), I cut out of some oatmeal linen, which was given to me, another underdress.  It's very Anglo Saxon with over long sleeves, so they rush and a small key hole neckline.  Got a good part sewn up but I had to let the bias cuts hang for the night.  I think I'll have it finished by today, even doing the seam allowances by hand.

4_14_10 Got the hem and trim sewn on today to the sideless cote

I had a phone interview and go in on Friday for a face to face...wish me luck.

I worked on my Eura today.  It's done with it as well.

4_13_10 I made a sidless cote, in a day.  The first of 3 green dresses.

4_10_10 Tired from my day at Mists Spring Coronet.  I got an award!  The Order of the Princess' Favor, totally excited, from her Highness Gillian. 

4_8_10 Went through all my fabrics.  I found I had a lot of white linen, so I had 2 boxes of Rit Green and now I have a nice green linen to make a dress...Didn't buy anything.  Feeling accomplished.

green linenI'm pretty happy with the color. It's been washed and dried in the dryer twice, so I think it's stuck.

Oh yes, I also made some trim for the Crosston auction in June.

4-5-10 So today I got a needle felt needle and some roving wool and I'm making another hedgehog.  It's a bit bigger, so next time I know not to use so much wool in the begining.  It really takes very little.

needlefelt bodyfirst the body

comparisonstry to match the body shape

hedgehog facemake face from wool felt and needle felt it on.  Next eyes and a nose a bit of stitching left to do.

4_4_10 Happy Easter whatever day you might be celebrating! !

I met with my Laurel and she is reducing her books on cooking and I got some really great tomes.

I also got some red wool from a good friend as a 12th night gift and

I got this hedgehog pin cushion for my help in His Grace's Tunic.  He also read a poem in March Crown Court as his thanks. (I'm sorry I missed it since I was sick)

4_1_10 With the hot weather just around the corner, the Eura Viking Dress should be the ticket and it covers most of me up to help prevent sunburn.

Next will be the big skirt dress for dancing, and I have to finish my tudor (but that is winter) If my dear friend gets to be queen again, I'll be making a Byzantium style of gown as well.

3_31_10 Today...I'm starting on a diet & exercise program.  Went to Monterey to visit my daughter and had much fun on the beach.

3-27-10 still making trim, did the calculation and I'm making 22 yards of it!

3_25_10 I didn't go to dance practice last night.  Still getting over what I thought was a cold, but now I think I had the flu.  I had all these symptoms and finally after 3 weeks, I'm much better (must be since people are telling me I sound better)

Working on my Eura today. Making lots of trim.

I was going to work more in the backyard, but today it's raining.

3_22_10  I'm still sick with a cold and cough...lots of draining. 

I've done some research on the Eura Viking Era Dress.  So I'm working on some inkle for this overdress.

This is a simple overdress, I should be done soon, next a dancing dress.

Happy Birthday to William Shatner & my daugher!  I had a Star Trek dream last night.  I don't normally remember them, but this one I felt very happy and I was a StarShip Captain and met up with Captain Kirk...ah me..sweet dreams.

3_20_10  Last Night I made a belated St. Patrick's Day Dinner

1 very traditional, cabbage, potatoes and cornbeef all slow cooked together with bacon bits and carrots.  Very stick to the ribs. 

3_14_10 Happy Pi Day = 3.14

Sill sick...ack make it go away.  BTW 30 days of Night is an awful vampire movie...I only watched it cause I was sick.

3_13_10 still not feeling 100% and sure wish I did.  Must be 100% well by Friday.

So I didn't get any better and missed March Crown..poop.

Finished the blanket stitch all around the SC so it is done.

3_12_10 feeling a little better since I had a fever last night.  I still get a little light-headed if I stand up too quick.  So I worked on the SC and hope to have it finished by tomorrow.

3_11_10  I've not been sick in so long I can't now I'm fighting a sore throat, so I'm coughing and sneezing.  I make a terrible patient.  I'm still going to work on the embroidery on the Square Cloak.

3_9_10 Had two nieces over the weekend and had a lot of fun with them.  Great to catch up.  If you find yourself in Monterey go see the Seahorse exhibit at the aquarium!  Unbelievable.

Now to work on the Square Cloak.

3_4_10 Worked on the Square Cloak.  Making one of these is simple, but it's all the prep-work that takes time.  This will also make a great lap blanket when not in use for the SCA.  If all goes well, I can design some for family members as gifts.

3_1_10 It's my anniversary today!  Had a real blast at Court of Love over the weekend.  The food was fantastic, it was even warm..something that doesn't happen in a feast.  There were half the people from last year, but it was all good fun anyway.

The Menu:

First Course: Beef
1. Bread
2. Beef roast
3. Salad (romaine,spinach, endive,arugalla, leeks,rosemary, fennel,garlic, and mint) with a vinagrette/sauce
4. Beef pie with pine nuts,currants and leeks
5. Carrot coins in a honey/cinnamon sauce

Second Course: Pork
2.Roast Pork served with two sauces: Cerulean sauce and Tournai Cameline
3.Cinnamon Soup
4.Baked mushrooms with cheese

Third Course: Chicken
1.Cabbage chowder
2.Chicken Crowned with eggs
3.Decorated meat balls
4.Pescodde- peas and bacon

Fourth Course: Dessert
1.Pears in Syrup
2.Honey-Pine nut Conserve with candied orange peel
3.Fresh Fruit- Apples, oranges, grapes, etc.
4.Psuedo-hypocras- non alcoholic grape juice with spices

New project will be a cloak.  I have used unfinished bits of wool or linen for them and now I'm going to design a nice one.  Wool lined in purple linen with Inkle trim and embroidery.

2_24_10 finished the haversack yesterday, but ironed it today and packed it up for delivery...yay..glad that is finished.  I have to say, I really like this piece.  I'd want to get it as a gift, so I hope it is received in the same way.

Now...I get to reward myself with Tablet weaving.  I'll be teaching Inkle weaving this weekend, but what I have on the loom will only take me a few hours to finish.

2_24_10 I've spent a lot of time on the haversack.  I'm determined to finish this before I get started on my next Tablet or Inkle so I have incentive to get it done.

2_21_10 Still spending most of my time watching movies and making Inkle, however today I tried my hand at Tablet.

2-17-10 Yesterday worked on my Inkle rather than viking..bad me.  Staid up till 2am and got up at 7am..I'm a bit tired today.

I now have enought trim to make another dress...but what style is the question..trim would indicate a Viking or Saxon Style.

2-13-10 worked on my viking embroidery almost done with the lady.

2_10_10 I was busy, went to a white elephant sale for the Oakland Museum and got a chinchilla fur for $15.00, also got a book on embroidery by Erica Wilson for $4.00 and assorted buckels for my Inkles.  Had a very nice lunch at a Dinner in Alameda and then off to Needle in a hay stack for some silk thread to couch my wool yarn down.

Last night, I more than made up for the fact that I didn't get to dance at the ball.  I went to dance practice and danced for 2 hours almost solid.  I really got a lot of exercise in!  I'm a bit sore this morning even.  I know a lot of people there, so I was very comfortable and had loads of fun. 

So I worked on my embroidery for the haversack.

2-2-10 Worked on more Inkle, I'll have to learn how to pick so that I can make letters and personalize the bands.

1-31-10 Yesterday was the Crosston Ball. This is a Quick Time Video.  I helped with set-up, clean-up and Gate from 11am - 4pm....but I did get to dance!  Their highnesses did show up late and they danced (no court) so that was very fun as well. I took a lot of photos but I don't know if any of the one's I took with the Cannon Rebel (someone elses camera) came out at all.  The few that I took were not very good.  Did meet and talk to another camera person, Jennifer's Father.  I hope to see some of those photos..he's a professional or at least has all that gear.

1_24_09  2010 Made a belt today on my Inkle Loom. 

1/20/10  Had a great weekend last, worked on learning the gold plait stitch...I don't have it yet, but need to practice.  Learned from my dear friend how to warp an inkle loom and read a pattern.  I now know how to make my own trims and here are the ones I've made so far.  Inkle Weaving

It's rained for 4 days straight...the weather people think that this set of storms will bring up our water supply for the summer.  The garage got a leak but not too bad, but it is right over the washer/dryer.  I think some of my cactus in the backyard have gotten water logged.  I hope they won't die.

1/12/10 Got the year right this time..Duh

Going to see Avatar tomorrow in Imax 3D, should be excitingly different.

IkranIkran the Mountain Banchee in Avatar

So I made up a Na'vi name: Taronyu Taw, which means Sky Hunter.

So it is fantastic to watch this movie in Imax 3D!!!

1/11/0910 Had a great time at 12th Night.  Our secret project was presented and Duke Fleig looks great in his new clothes. It was a very good thing that I cut down on the size of the sleeves, they were still a little long for him. 

As for my dress, the silk was a big hit.  I got a lot of compliments on it.  A laurel even commented that she really really liked it!  WOW...very pleased!

1/6/0910 Must start the haversack, March Crown is just around the corner and that's my deadline.

Going to see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow and must squeeze in another showing of Avatar!

I made the skirt larger on my Tudor Dress, but it doesn't look much different, so no photos right now.   Need to hem it and it's wearable. I cut out the false sleeves as well.

1/4/10 Oops! Forgot to post this yesterday...Happy Birthday Professor Tolkien.  Originator of Middle Earth.  He was a tree hugger too.

1/3/10 I have to get used to typing and writing the new date.  Going out to spend our Christmas money, Brunch at the french cafe, Cafe Brioche.

1/2/10 Saw Avatar today in 3D, by all means go and see the film.  It's breathtaking in it's scope of the world Pandora.


The Na'vi are a beautiful people.  "I see you."

1/1/10 Happy New Year.  We had rib roast, roasted yukon gold potatoes, salad, gravy and Robert Mondavi Claret.  Yummy.  Even liked the roast beef sandwiches the following day.






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