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12_31_09 Tonight is New Years Eve.  We had Ox Tail Stew and fresh bread for dinner.  I'll be very happy to see 2009 come to an end.  Let's hope for a better 2010.

Worked on my Tudor Kirtle today.

Happy New Year!

12_29_09 Saw The Young Victoria and really really liked this movie.  Such eye candy for the 1840s!!! and the men are beautiful.

12_29_09  Just had to try this one:

Your results:
You are Beverly Crusher

Beverly Crusher
Deanna Troi
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Will Riker
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Mr. Scott
Jean-Luc Picard
Geordi LaForge
Mr. Sulu
A good physician and a caring parent.
You are devoted to your children
and to your occupation.

Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Quiz

HAHA, I would never have thought of this one for me!


12-25-09 Merry Christmas!   christmas tree 2009

Finished watching all of Battlestar Galatica yesterday.  Finished with all the house decorations, the Dickins Village is up and the stockings were put up and filled!  All ready to go.     dickens village

12-22-09 Got the Dust Ruffle finished.  Now to cover a pillow and get it all boxed up and out the door.  DH got mixed review today. He'll have to wait 3 months to find out if everything was caught..if not then more treatments to follow.

12_21_09 Lights are on the tree and the house smells of Christmas.

Finished all the 2nd season of Merlin.

12_20_09 Got Xmas gifts off to the In-laws and it's due to arrive on Christmas Eve, that is making it a close call.  Hope it really happens through, lots of snow on the East Coast.

Got the Xmas tree into the house and will start to decorate it tomorrow.

Must work on the Dust Ruffle, still needs to be hemmed and mailed off, so it will be late arrival for Christmas.

12_19_09 Almost done with Mother's Dust Ruffle.  Today I took off from Holiday work and had lunch with my friends.  It was a mini-Xmas day for me.  I've come home with Books, DVDs, a custom Plate, thread, spangels and a surger!  Not a bad haul at all.  I love my friends!

12_16_09 Started work on Mother's Xmas gift. Already I've goofed twice on it and it's just panels..yikes!

One daughter is home and the other comes in tomorrow.  Much happyness.  HD is still recovering and we walked a mile today, may have been too much for him though.  When we got back home he didn't want to do anything and got cold to boot.  Thank God for Fleece.

12_15_09 Surgery was successful and he is home and feeling pretty good.  Hardly any pain.  I've started an Xmas gift.  A dust ruffle and I have enough material to make a pillow as well.  Photos to follow.Dust Ruffle

I want to see Young Victoria and I'm getting my 1840s itch back.

I got a folding chair, I'm so excited it's just perfect. I won't use it till March Crown though, but it was 20% off so I could not resist.  Looks very period too. It's Japanese and used at the front entrance to sit on while putting on your shoes then it folds up to be put away.

Photo to follow.

12_13_09 DH can't eat anything today for his surgery tomorrow.  I made 2 hats based off the Medieval Tailor's Assistant.  One is a simple 4 sided hat with a turned up brim (could pass for modern) and the second was a  hood with a liripipe.

Photos to follow.

12_12_09 Another rainy day.  Worked on the Tudor for a little, but I really can't get myself in gear for some reason.

thanksgiving cactus at least the flowers are out it is a thanksgiving cactus.

Wow! just heard some Thunder...very unusual.

12-05-09   Saw this video and had to share. I can't embed it but it's cute.

12-04-09 I need to start making the dust ruffle for my mother's Christmas Gift.

So instead I got out my Tudor and started futzing around with it, which I should not do right now...

12_01_09 Got some bad health news on my DH today.  He'll have to undergo surgery.

Watched the fan film Born of Hope and it's good.  Hard to believe it's fan made. Will put up the link to it tomorrow.(done)

I'd purchased a remnant of black polar fleece for about $6.00 and made myself a quick vest today.  Tomorrow I'll try and add pockets to it.  Took about .5 hr to make.  I'll make another cause it's nice and toasty to wear and super comfortable.

11_28_09 The Gem show was fun.  Only spent 2 hrs there but got 7mm pearls (2 strands) 4 strands of 4mm perdoit, saworski crystals that I made into earring for all three of us and two strands of Blue Mt. Jade from Brazil.  Lazing about today watching the Supersizers Go Victorian, Restoration & French Revolution.  The Restoration was bad for you and the French are very good.  Giles lost 10% of his bad cholesterol.

11_27_09 Day after Thanksgiving...lots of leftovers but I must say the Turkey and Stuffing were/are great and I'll be content to eat them for a while.  Then Turkey soup/stock.  Going off to the Gem Show in a few minutes, hope to find some goodies there.  Hope all Americans had a great Thanksgiving Day.

I spent the time while the turkey was cooking, catching up on Season Two of Merlin.

11_25_09 Yesterday I went to the Star Trek Experience at the Tech Museum.  It has so much and they would not allow photos..poo

There were the metal replicas of the Enterprise that Jean Luc has in his office and a replica of his dress uniform and his regular uniform 1st season with his desk quarters, very cool by the way. There was a hall way of the Enterprise, The Guardian of forever which you could walk up and walk through.  The Enterprise D captain's chair and a Klingon captain's chair.  Uniforms from Enterprise, the Original Series (Uhura, Scotty, Dr. McCoy, Spock & Kirk plus TOS Klingon) Lots of props and the most fun of all, for me, A replica of TOS Bridge (not exact, but real close. Designed by the original designers).  Got to sit in the Captain's Chair, Touch all the stations and walk the upper and lower areas and look at the view screen.  If you are a TRECKER or a TRECKIE, It's worth it.  Finally at the end, they had uniforms from the new movie:

Woman Cadet and Men's Cadet, Admiral's Uniform and hat, Romulan Coat, Vulcan Ministers Coat. 

11_17_09 The new Star Trek Movie is out on DVD and Blu-Ray...Wonderful ST lushishness..Of course I purchased it!

Washing some green linen, don't know what I'm going to make yet, but I like the colors. 

11_16_09 Caught up on Supernatural since I missed last weeks episode. Finished all the hem on the 12th Night Silk Norman.  I still have to hem the underdress (got it done)that I have, and since I have time, maybe I'll make another under dress in a color that would be more festive for 12th Night.  This gown could pass for a gown from LOTR as well.

Oh and my badge passed!  It passed last July, but they just posted the minutes so it's official.  I can use my badge on all things that belong to me.

11-14-09 Only the hem to finish on the outer and under gown for 12th night and I'm done on that one.

Went on a long-ishy hike (~5 miles) with Titus.  He was really good and didn't bother people or other he usually does, but one never knows.  He's pretty tired right now and is sleeping.

11_09_09 Not so sore from the hike I took on Sunday.  About 5 miles of up and down and the legs on Monday were hurting.  I'll try to get a good walk in today though.  Sadly, I'm tossing my favorite shoes..they are 8 years old and the tread is very worn.

Still working on the Version II.

Working on the menu for Thanksgiving as well.  Girls come home next week.

Still nothing on the job front, I'm applying to a fair number of positions, but no call backs so far.

11-07-09 Got all the main pieces cut for Version II of the Silk Norman. I hope I don't look like a giant pumpkin in this dress.  I guess I have the option of dying it if I don't like it once finished.  Now I'm trying to figure out what to use for lining.  The bodice doesn't matter, but it's the sleeves...that lining will show.  Going to the flea market this morning, hope to find some pretty pearls or jewels and gifts for family members.

11-05-09 I'm not happy with the gown I'm making for 12th night. It will be great for a camping gown, but not 12th night.  I'm going to pull out the silks today.  Back to the drawing board!  Version II

OK, I caught the dog growling at his water bowl. Apparently there were too many air bubbles in the water and it made him suspicions that something was alive in his bowl.  He finally gave up when I poked my finger in the water and showed him it was OK...what a dork.

11-03-09 Finishing up the trim on the mourning gown muslin today and It's finished.

11-02-09 Still nothing on the job front.  Worked more on the 12th night gown and I'm going to add more trim to the mourning gown.

10-31-09 Happy Halloween!  Coronet morning court was much fun with the knighting of Mari Alexander Lioness of the West.  Very few women make it to this level.  She is a Pelican, Laurel and now a Knight..Congratulation Sir Mari.

10-30-09 Finally, I cut the bodice out for the 12th night gown.  The finished band of embroidery looks great on it and is just the right size, she had the other one to finish yet. If she doesn't get it to me on time, I'll wear the mourning gown muslin.

10-29-09 I figured out how to make the haversack the way I wanted to...Yeah, it feels good.  It's totally lined.  I made a test one, which will be mine.  The wool is very strong which made it very difficult to turn inside out on the straps..but mission accomplished.  The lining is silk and I put the roundel of my badge on the flap.  I still have to connect the straps to each other and finish one seam and I'll be done.  Will probably do it tomorrow.   Now I know how to make the other haversack, I have to design the embroidery.

10-25-09 Just spent two days in Monterey Bay and Carmel.  What a great area. Beautiful sunny days and great food.  The sound of the waves and fresh air.  Can't wait to go back.  Got some good 12th night gifts too.

10-22-09 Rather than attack the 12th night gown...still thinking about what to do on the sleeve treatment ...I made a Viking Hood & a linen Turban.  A good day for head-ware.

My list:  Haversack for Laurel in Oertha, and 12th night gown.

Embroidery: Started on a napkin with white tree & green tree (my arms)

10-21-09 Feeling accomplished!  Didn't get much sleep last night, but that's OK.  Got my needlebook cases done.  I've completed my very first blackwork project, based on someone elses design and it's counted work.  I've done my own blackwork not counted.  The counted is a lot harder.

10_18_09 Spent Saturday at Coronet and the new heirs have been picked.  They will step up in 5 weeks. Nov. 21st and I'll be there.  I'm getting a bit behind my posts.  I finished the mourning muslin. Going to make a purple taffeta petticoat for it.  Now to work on the 12th Night Dress.  I finished the secret tunic and it is now out of my house. 

10_13_09 Had a great time with my friends at GWW. Will get a write up and photos up soon.  Today winter rains are falling and the wind is whipping everything off the trees, not a wimpy wind but good gusts of 30mph!.  Driving is tricky with many accidents reported this morning.  I gave Titus a bath, bless his heart he doesn't mind going out in the rain when he needs to do his business...very grateful for that.

Yesterday got the neck embroidery done for the surprise tunic.  Now to get to the shoulder seams today.

10_08_09 Will leave for GWW tomorrow.  It's my first War and I'm interested in all the classes and shopping.  Must remember to wear my new apprentice/protégé belt and the mantel as well.

10_2_09 Going to October Crown tomorrow.  Needle worker guild meeting and my apprentice/protégé ceremony as well. Photos to come.

9_27_09 was hot hot hot at the Feast.  I was dying. Duke Fleig won the contest..good for him.  Food was good and their majesties dropped a bomb at their 5 min court!

9_26_09 Today I'm going to a Bardic Feast. I've not been to an event since June.  Hope to catch up with friends I've not seen in a long while.  It's going to be a very hot day though.  I'm in all linen so I hope to stay comfortable...well that may be asking for too much.

9_24-09 Got a first fitting done for the Mouring Gown.  Almost done on this dress.  Then on to the other things I've been putting off, then I can start work on the 12th night dress.

I got the secret project all sewn today..not I have a gazillion seam allowances to do by hand. 

9_22_09 Happy First Day of Fall!  Got sidetracked and I blame it on the Bu-Ray.

The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938 I just love this movie, even before I got into costuming.

9_21-09 No sewing today, worked on a web site all day and it's gratis!

added some photos to the Muslin Page.

9_20_09, While taking a break from the Muslin of the Mourning Gown, I made a needle case with the lining fabric and some left over wool from my caplet.  I don't know why I was so intimidated on making this object, but it was really quite simple.


9_18_09 Got the bodice sewn and the embroidered bands done on the Muslin for the Mourning Gown.  I also just found out that more people got laid off from the company I used to work for and they were really nice people and had been there a really long time (like 10 years or so).  I don't think the economy is doing any better.

9_16_09 The realization hit me today, I don't have enough linen to make my 12th night gown.  I'll have to do a design change.  Add more black strips to the skirt and on the sleeves I think as well. Something like this: 2nd design

If some of the pages on the site are off, apologies, I'm re-formatting them.

I'm working on the finishing hem of the Italian for October Crown...and work on secret project and work on two more web sites! 

9_15_09 Worked on the Mourning Dress some more.  It's starting to take shape.

9_13_09 Back on track, I cut out some pattern pieces for the Mourning Dress.  Still have to do the skirt.  It's so's raining!  It never rains like this till December!

9_8_09 Of course I got side tracked and started work on a Jacket Muslin.  I'm still working on the exact fit for the sleeves, when I made the pattern they were Gi-normus and I'm working on that. Over all it fits well. 

9_2_09  Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes.  No luck yet on the job market, but I expected that.  I'm going to start work on my 12th Night gown and it will be patterned after this gown.  It's about time I started on it. 

8_27_09 spoke too soon, I had a breakdown.  Made some undies.  Good therapy for me. 

8_26_09 I'm back and feeling better each day.  I made some jewelry to go with my Italian dress.  I only have the hem to do and I'm finished.  I could make some sleeves but I can't decide which style to that will wait. 

I'm going to make some bloomers next.  I like them better than a petticoat.  Will make them out of some linen I got from a co-op.  It's apparently from Europe but I'm not sure it's 100% linen and the color which is red is very washed out.  Perfect for underware no one will see.

8_23_09 Yesterday was the hardest day of my life..on Friday, I got daughter#1 off to her college apartment and yesterday daughter#2 and DH drove to her college it was just Titus and I left and I pretty much bawled all day..even ice on the eyes didn't prevent a lot of swelling.  Today, Titus woke me at 6:40 for his morning meal.  After a shower I feel much better.  I'll run an errand as well.

I purchased 4 yds from 100% linen sheer 2.8oz.  I washed it in hot water and put it in the is shedding like crazy.  I've gone over it with a de-linter, I've picked and's still leaving little bits of line everywhere.  I think it's getting more shear and it is feeling much softer. 

8_14_09  working on an italian in terra-cotta & chocolate linen.  I guess I use this with the caplet I made and wear them at October Crown.  Saw District 9, I recommend this movie.  Exec. Prod. is Peter Jackson.  WETA did the CGI, it's gory but this movie has a message.  Well worth watching.

8_8_09 Made a caplet this morning out of wool and bag lined in silk.  Took all of an hour to make from a tracing of a 1950's vintage pattern, but it will work for medieval as well..  Will need a clasp for it. 

8_7_09 Worked on the fur lined coat.

8_6_09 Finished the Brown Under Dress.

8_4_09 working on my resume and reading news on-line saw a link to these: First Watch this:

Then Watch this:

I needed a laugh today and this did it for me!


8_3_09 Well, turns out that the salesman was given 30 days notice so he'll be leaving at the end of the month.  I was given my pink slip today with no notice or severance.  Zip..Nada...No job!

Life is pretty sucky right now.

7_31_09 Turns out the salesperson was given a warning, he had to get his numbers up....we'll see what happens.

Worked on the neckline of the brown underdress.

7-28-09 Today at work was very stressful, they let a salesperson go.  Now I wonder who will be next?!

So to take my mind off it, I've started on the brown underdress for 12th night.

7_19_09  Yesterday I took a class in goldwork from Lucy Barter.

Very much enjoyed the class and learned a lot from her.  Got a lap embroidery hoop made in england and used by the Royal School of Needlework. Got a 6" hoop and #12 sharps as well from her.

just a start.  She has beautiful work and designs.

7_7_09 More Birds: 


7_4_09 Happy 4th of July.  I put bird feeders up a few months ago and we've had several birds show up.  I thought this was so cute, its' the 2nd baby she has brought to our door.

The baby is almost as big as it's mother, they grow very fast I know that this is a different baby because the last one was very loud and annoying (I'd feed it myself) and this one is very quite but she feeds it just as she did the other one.

later in the morning:  I put up a thistle feeder in the back yard yesterday.  Only very small beaked birds can eat out of it, hence, no more feeding the squirrels.  So this morning...


I had to shoot through the screen door, but I could not believe my eyes...a gold finch!

7_3_09 I'm not going to make a dress for October Crown.  I'm going to start work on my 12th Night Dress.  I'll do some embroidery and Isela is making me Armbands. 

I still want to make Arwen's Mourning Dress out of black cotton velvet and make one in linen as well in a different color.

6_23_09 I'm totally psyched, I can now make pdf documents and edit others.  Updated PhotoShop and Dreamweaver as well.  They seem to be very similar to the older versions.  ed note: Forgot to add that at June Crown, I got my favor back. That means I do not have a consort and no one is fighting for me. I'm OK with that for now. (added 8/6/09)

6_18_09  Went back East for a week this month and got to visit family & friends.  Boy I sure don't miss the hot humid weather around DC at all.  Glad to be back home.  Now I'm off tomorrow to June Crown.  Camping nearishy to the coast, so it should be cool in the evenings.  Going to take my Saxons this time.  Maybe I can just take it easy. 

If you have the money, check out Joann's Sale this weekend.   60% off linen, so it's a real good buy.  Make sure you check the labels that you get good linen.  I got some fustan:  linen/cotton blend which is period. 

I didn't have time to finish the fur coat, so I'll just take my polar one and see if I can squeeze the sleeves of the saxon into them.  If not, I'll use the fleese shawl.

6_02_09 I'm working on making a coat from my stash.  I'm starting to get interested in Mongolia.  So I'm making a linen coat in black and the inside will be fake snow leopard.  All from my stash.  I thought I had 6 yards of black linen but when I washed it, It's a  I'm sure I purchased it as 100% linen from JoAnn's but it was labeled wrong for sure.  Either I did it or they did.  Either way, I don't have the receipt to return it and I'm sure I've had it for over a year anyway.  I'll give it to someone who wants it.  Anyway I had barely enough black linen from His Majesty's tunic to make the coat.  Had to do some piece-work but that would have been period too I'm sure.  Should be nice and toasty for a cool evening event.

5_21_09 I didn't take a camera to Mists Investiture.  Things didn't go exactly as I had hopped it would.  I ended up eating with new to me people and they were much fun.  The son of the new Princess was full of great stories about his dad and we shared movie reviews.  Met some people who were just in from Scotland and settled in Santa Cruz.  I gave them my Mists Deputy Chatelaine card and I hope they contact me.  So even if I didn't eat with whom I expected to, I had fun.  The pork dish was very good and there were some sauces that were wonderful.

Mistress Sabrina taught me the correct way to use the lucet..Thank You!

Plans for the weekend are going up to Sacramento to help make a pattern for a Norman Dress.  Guess I'll make one for myself while we are at it.  At least people like the red wool dress I made.

5_14_09 going to Mists Investiture this weekend, it will probably be the last feast I'll be going to in a while.

5_9_09 updated my Star Trek Page & went for my first bike ride in months today.

5_7_09  Go See the New Star Trek Movie!

5_6_09 Updated my Beltane Page with photos of me. Updated Catherine's Page & Jade's Page with photos of them wearing their new clothes.

5_5_09  Happy Cinco De Mayo.  Well, the weekend is over and I can't believe I don't have to work on "The Project".  All the blood sweat & tears paid off.  They both looked wonderful and I overheard comments that they looked so good...I was very happy that I worked on "The Project".

5_1_09 Well off this weekend to Beltane.  Catherine will step down and will release us from Court.  It's been quite the adventure.

4_22_09 Happy Earth Day!  Plant a tree. 

I did plant another Gingko Seed today and I have my little trees growing (bottom of page).

Today I'm giving the clothes to her Majesty.  Opened up the Pages Here.

4_20_09 Got Her's Done!  Now I have to finish his.  I have until May 1st. But this coming weekend is a family BD celebration, so I only have Saturday to really do I don't have the embroidery for the hem.  Last piece to go on, but I should get it sometime this week.  Cutting it a little closer than I'd like, but no choice.  Once this is all done, I'll open up the web pages.

4_18_09 Working on trying to center a rather large piece of embroidery.  It's important I get this right, so it's taking a while.  Went out for breakfast with daughter and there is a nursery right next to the coffee two small hornbeam elms for bonsai and a white tree peony!  OK, must not get distracted...get back to sewing. Must get hem done and all loose threads done on CL clothes...Due date is the 22nd and will give them to her then.  I think I do better with deadlines.

4_15_09 Some items I purchased for gifts came in today.  They are really nice.  I don't know if these particular people read this or not, so I'll not say what it is, but I think they'll be happy with it.  Sorry for the mystery...all will be reveled in time. Her Royal Garb Sleeves are done.  Maybe tonight I can finish up the side seams and pin the hem.  This weekend is slated for His Royal Garb.  I'm still looking at the 22nd (Earth Day) to be done with this project.  Next time I'll stick to one person....what am I saying!!??...must wait a good long while till Next Time.

Making clothes for others is stressful and rewarding.

4_13_09 Oops..fixed the March Crown Link, sorry.

4_11_09 Worked all day on Her Royal Garb.  All the embroidery is sewn on.  Just the Cuffs to finish, then I can sew up the side seams & hem.  Then on to His Royal Garb.

4_6_09 Finished March Crown Page.  Worked on cleaning out the garage this weekend.  I am a packrat.  I even collect rocks from hikes to various places. 

Maybe I'll make a rock garden some day.  Not enough to do much with right now.

My daughter went home from Spring Break...another 6 weeks till I see her again.  Went to a function for the other daughter's University and she is thinking of changing her major to Marine Bio.

Didn't get any sewing done and had a row with hubby. Not a weekend I want to repeat.

4_3_09 Sadly, I've not created the photo albums that I need to for the past few events.  Will work on that.  I'm making a Saxon dress for Beltaine as well as the other Surprise Garb...which is not a surprise anymore..oh well.

My collected seeds are growing and the 'sticks' I've been watering all winter are starting to develop buds for new leaves...yay, my trees (some at least) survived their first winter...again photos to follow.

3_26_08 My last weekend was very busy what with the Crown event. I am now the Mists Deputy Chatelaine and I received my first token, the order of the Queen's Treasure. I got a little treasurer chest. It's for my embroidery napkin & scissor case and the haversack. Gifts the Crown can give out.

Also at June Crown, I'll become an apprentice/ protégé to my triple peer..big times ahead.

3_12_09 Finally worked around the problem of a new file on the server. Got the embroidery page updated with the new things I did. Here is the rose napkin page.

3_8_09 Got sick yesterday, don't know what caused it, but I had a terrible headache and had to go to bed early. Woke with renewed vigor and got work done on the surprise garb I'm making for the King & Queen. I even got to work on some of the embroidery.

I'm having some issues with updating the site. Some files will not transfer and I can't get photos to load properly. Will have to work out those kinks too.

3_7_09 Got to go to the flea Market today. The first time in about 6 months. Spent about 2 hours roaming the stalls and I got a pair of silver earrings with moonstones and a tiny salt spoon that is perfect for the small wooden bowl I got for salt. It's a beautiful day, cool and sunny.

One of the ginkgo seeds I gathered last fall has cracked open a bit and I really hope that means that the tree will germinate. I went ahead and took a sharp knife to the other seeds to see if I can get some germination going. I have them soaking in water. I was given several seeds from the Joshua Tree National Park and they have germinated, so I've got several trays of seeds now.

I have two events to go to: White Shield next weekend and March Crown the following week. Two weeks to finish the undertunics and then I have the month of April to finish the overtunics.

It's been decided, June Crown will be my apprentice ceremony. Lots of folks will be a big deal. Yikes.

3/1/09 Just got back from court of love and we had a great time. Everything ran smoothly, people were wonderful friendly, got to meet with a herald, learned some dances, lost out on the auction and had the most wonderful Feast.

On the way back home, I mentioned that I'd like to learn and get my self on the path of a peer. So, we will discuss it more, but Catherine, Queen of the West, will take me on as a student. If things work well between us, she will take me as an apprentice & protoge With her good guidance, I'll be on my way, it will be a long road. My master work has been in the planning for the past two years already and I've not cut anything out...but it's the journey anyway. If I never become a peer, that is really OK too, because I'll have enriched myself and my skills. I'm very happy!!!

2/24/08 Got my new computer today and I'm in the process of putting all my files back the way I want them. It will take a while, but at least I've got things going on the right track. Just got Dreamweaver installed, but now I have to get all the files loaded onto this new computer. So it will take some time yet before I can update. Working on it though.

2_17_09 Well, I still don't have a new computer yet. We had to cancel the order last week when we noticed we forgot the wireless card, when we called to change it, they said we had to cancel the order! By the time all that occurred, the promotion for $400.00 off was it was off to look for another machine. This time it's a Dell rather than an HP, so I think I'll be happier with it. Needless to say, it will take another week, before I can update the site. I should take this time to figure out a reorganization. I'd like to update the look (this one is over 5 year old now) and I need a way to document my historical clothes better. Right now I have it set up by the year & event I go to, I'll set the new way up by Century: Viking, Anglo Saxon, 14th Century gothic, 15th Century, tudor & Elizabethan At some point, after May I guess, I'll be able to get to design some LOTR dresses as well: Gondor & Rohan

1_26_09 Happy Chinese New Year. 09 is the Year of the Ox
My weekend was fun as I went to the Crosston Ball and got a chance to dance. I made several napkins from scraps of linen & played with my old singer's embroidery stitches. I'm working out how to make a Key Hole Neckline as well. I hope to get along with my special project this week. All the pieces are cut, I just have to get them sewn up to a level waiting for embroidery.
I still do not have a new computer, so I cannot update my pages yet (don't want to hand code those with photos etc.) Maybe next weekend I'll see if I can get a new desktop PC.

1_13_08 A few things: Happy Birthday Faelan.
My computer bit the dust on Saturday with all my files, so I have to wait to get my computer programs back on another computer before I can update again. Currently using a 7 yr old computer and hand codeing this in...not pretty.

1_6_08  Several Projects already for the new year.


  • A rose napkin by April 1st.
  • devise on clothes & coat


  • Pants for my consort by the end of the year.
  • Using the black velvet made a lotr mourning gown
  • Using charcoal black flannel a coat with felt appliqué
  • Using linen, make the surprise garments


Happy New Year...

Had a great 12th Night as Lady in Waiting to the Queen.

Today my device passed..Yay!  Here is the saga on that.

1_3_09 12th Night (to come)



what's Up with That!

middle earth costumes

Sewing Tips w/photos

Bag Lining

French Seams



Norse Tunic




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