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A Knight's Tale

Heath Ledger, God rest his soul, stared in this one of his first films.  I think it was the one that started his career. 

This is one of my all time favoriate movies, I love the contemporatry music with the medieval flare.  I love the costumes which have a contemporary feel and the hair is so cool...almost punk.  I don't care that it's not Period!!!, OMG, I'll never be a Laurel with thoses words out of my mouth, don't tell anyone.

Catherdal Gown

This is the dress Jocelyn(Shannyn Sossamon) wears in the Catherdral.  She tells William (Heath) not to win the joust, if he loves her.

Silk Overdress with pin-tucks.  Dyed Blue, Purple (The sleeves were dyed incorrectly but they used the fabric anyway) Sleeves are petal shaped.

Underdress is pale green. Sleeves are short or sleeveless.

Both are V neck.



I purchased some dark green polar fleece from Joann's and want to make a quick gown for the morning camping.  I was going to make a quickie tunic but they really look rumpy on me, so I plan to make Jocelyn's Coat & Hat instead.   I feel good about this inspiration!

I trust it will not take me very long.  October Crown is but 3 weeks away.

There are not many costume sites on this movie (too old I guess).  No breakdown on the making of this coat that I can find.  Here are a few reference photos.

Front View of the Coat

Embrodiery on Back

I'm not sure if I'll use a contrasting color at the bottom.  I was going to make this shorter so that the coat clears the grass and doesn't get all wet in the early mornings.

Hat is actually an old design used into early Tudor Times (early 1520s)
  If this works out, I may just make another coat in the colors of the movie with the embroidery.

I'm finally excited about a sewing project.  I think because it's something I can do that other's are not doing.  I still want to do the jacket, but EVERYONE has jumped on that bandwangon.  I'm not so fast and I suposed I could have had it finished by now, but I've not found a fabric that calls to me for it.

This will be fun.  Fabric is not period but will look like felt and is so very cheap and easy to keep clean!


I purchased 5 yards of dark (rifle) green fleece.  60" wide.  It took about 3 yards in total since I have 1.75+ yards left.  (enough to make a jacket), I'll actually have more since I cut the coat the correct length and have to cut off the bottom and make that part in the brown fleece.

I cut out the fabric:  one piece for the back, two front pieces & two sleeves.  Will make a collar as well.  I have some cotton flannel for lining of the collar and perhaps the hem as well.

The Sleeves and the Main body pieces
2 yds  Brown fleec,e against the green 
lining material  2 yds, against the green
The collar and the brown pinned in place.  I'll have to cut the green off.

I don't know how I'm going to close the coat.  I could purchase some hook & eye tape.  I found out that you should really alternate the hooks, so that the fabric which ever way it twists will always have tension on it.

I'll need something all the way down since this is not really a coat but a morning robe and I don't feel like flashing folks.

Then, I must figure out the pattern for the hat.

I've asked the Tudor Tailor Group it they know what the pattern looks like since I'm not good at oragami.                                         9_18_08

Got busy and cut out the brown fleece, lined it with the green plaid flannel and sewed it to the bottom of the coat.  I'll hand tack the lining to cover the seams.    So it's sleeveless right now and I have to decide what to do with the collar.                                                                          9_18_08

Got the sleeves sewn this morning.

  • set sleeves in
  • trim and sew the lining
  • set in collar
  • closures....?????


Coat is Very Warm & Very Soft....I LUV fleece!!!
Got the sleeves sewn in and I reenforced the shoulder seams with silk taffeta seam binding (What a find that was)

It just has to have the collar attached and the bottom lining sewn down (by hand....)

I'm thinking Maybe I should line the collar or have a double layer of fleece (too thick though)

Finished up the lining today.  Collar is sewn.  It's good enought at this point to wear for the weekend.

I really like the two colors together.  Very comfortable.


The Hat

Kooky as it seems, this hat was worn by people in at least tudor times.  Late 1400s to mid 1500s. 

It's called a Lettice or Miniver Hat.

I found two portraits:

  So I cann't find anyting under a search for Lettice cap or lettice hat.  The Tudor Tailor author Ninya has offered to sell me her pattern.  I think I may just do that, but in the meantime...handy paper & sicssors:
front side
Front looks OK I don't think the back is right since mine is flat across the back.
The back must be pointed, it has a seam!          9_20_08
Yes it is pointed in the back.

Purchased a hand drawn pattern from Ninya (Tutor Tailor)  She is going to come out with another book!

She said she would ship it to me on Monday from England

It may get to me in time.                                    9_20_08

OK the pattern arrived.  I made a mock up

First Attempt

My daughter likes this hat and I'll wear it for this weekend, but I must have put the pieces together in the wrong order.            9_29_08
No pointy edges and neither is the back.  
OK Then... One is supposed to put it on the Correct Way
Is She Smart?! Same Hat , Yup, right side up helps.
Still needs tweeking, but it's getting there.  


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