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I got sucked into this movie. It was not what I would have thought I'd like as a movie, I only went for the graphics.  It has a lot of fighting, violence and I don't think I remember breathing much during the film.  I loved it.  The visuals are stunning.  The sepia pallet evokes the ancient Greek Past.  The year is 480 B.C.

The reason I liked Eowyn over Arwen as a character in LOTR is that she stood up and did what she thought best, regardless what others told her to do.  Oops, they both do that ....I know she swings a sword!   Queen Gorgo has to work even harder within the Ancient Greek Culture, but Spartan women are strong and yes...she too swings a sword.

Should I ever achieve the Spartan svelte figure that apparently all the Spartan women have, then I'd love to make one of these Greek Dresses.   Comfortable and cool on very hot days for sure.  Remember to use the suntan lotion.



                                                                         Real Greek Women



This is the dress kept on by pins at the shoulders and a belt.



This is a shawl but large enough to wear as a cloak



The Chiton is a very simple garment.  A Rectangle folded over and pinned at the shoulders.  There are two styles: The Doric and the Ionic.  The Doric being older and the fold over is longer, past the natural waist.  It is assumed that Spartan women wore the Doric and showed a lot of leg (quite the scandal in those days). 

Athenian women were kept locked up almost and away from the eyes of unrelated men.  Too bad that in the end it was the Athenians that developed true democracy.

Spartan women were given an education and plenty of physical exercise, sometimes in the nude like the men.  I think the only reason that Sparta didn't "make it" as a civilization was they were not a democracy and they were paranoid about keeping the Spartan Race Pure.  By about 200BC, only two hundred years from the time of the movie, there were not enough Spartans left, less than a 1,000.

They had a lot of good ideas, like the way they treated their women.  They believed in courtesy to elders.  They scorned riches and believed in keeping physically fit.

                                          300 the Movie by Frank Miller Released March 2007


  Spartan Women    
  The Council Dress that Queen Gorgo wears covers the most.  The dress that we don't see too much of, is the Spartan Women (Leonides Mother) when they take him away for the Apoge.  (In real life the King's sons were exempt)  All Spartan boys had to go through this training from the age of 7yrs to 30.  Between 25 - 30 they were required to marry and start a family. The Spartans were warrior citizens. If all the men in Sparta were like the men in the movie, I think that Sparta would have ruled the world rather than the Romans....is's a thought.  
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